Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in India
Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in India

India has to be one of the most romantic places in the world. Its beguiling mix of ancient forts, pretty palaces, shimmering lakes and gorgeous beaches is bound to get many a traveller feeling the love.

After looking through social media sites and asking our reader’s opinions, we have come up with a list of top 10 most romantic cities in India where you can feel love in the air and spend your time with your partners.

List of top 10 most romantic cities in India

10. Jodhpur

9. Darjeeling

8. Alleppey

7. Kumarakom

6. Mysore

5. Hampi

4. Tawang

3. Srinagar

2. Pondicherry

1. Udaipur

What are the most romantic cities in India?

10. Jodhpur

Photo:  Holidify
Photo: Holidify

One of the largest cities in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is best-known for the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur is also known as the ‘Sun City’ thanks to the bright and sunny weather all year round and the ‘Blue City’ because of the large cluster of houses painted in blue around the fort. Jodhpur, which was previously known as Marwar, was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajput chief of the Rathore clan.

The city was located on the planned road linking Delhi to Gujarat which enabled it to profit from a prosperous trade in opium, copper, silk, sandals, dates and coffee. Under the rule of Maharaja Umed Singh, Jodhpur grew into an excellent modern city. During the rule of the British, Jodhpur went on to become the largest city in Rajputana. It thrived under the British; its merchants, the Marwaris, prospered and came to occupy a leading position in trade all over India.

Jodhpur has a number of hotels and guest houses for the accommodation of vacationers and travelers.Whether you’re seeking extravagant or budget accommodation. These hotels are well-equipped with contemporary and luxury amenities. Staying at heritage hotels is also a good option if you want to pamper yourself with lavishness and luxury.

Honeymoon is all about being in the arms of your beloved to feel the warmth of oneness. Most of the hotels offer you rooms and suites with air-conditioners to make your romantic sojourn comfortable. But, if you want to explore the city and nearby areas then October through March is the best time to be in Jodhpur. During this period you get optimum day time temperature (25*C) to engage in outdoor activities and relatively cool nights (8*C) for a perfect honeymoon. During summers (April to July) the day time temperature rises to peak 40*C and in the night it remains in the 25*C.

9. Darjeeling

Photo:  Thrillophilia
Photo: Thrillophilia

The previous summer capital of India under the British Raj, Darjeeling has come off age as one of the most sought after hill stations in India. Located in West Bengal, this scenic hill station is the perfect getaway for a romantic honeymoon. Nestled amidst acres of tea plantations, Darjeeling stands at the height of 2,050 meters above sea level, thus boasting a cool climate all year round.

The toy train established back in 1881 is conferred the title of World Heritage Status by UNESCO. The train begins its journey from the plains and rises to over 2000 metres above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the mountains as it chugs along.

Over 86 tea estates in Darjeeling are responsible for producing the worldwide famous 'Darjeeling Tea'. Have a cup of locally brewed chai at the tea estate, or get down amidst the plantations to pluck a few tea leaves yourself; you are free to take your pick!

The third highest peak in the world and the highest in India, the Kanchenjunga peak, is visible from here, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the peak. Some of Darjeeling's most popular attractions include monasteries, botanical gardens, a zoo, and the Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car, which is the longest Asian cable car. Tiger Hill is a fantastic spot to see the sunrise over the mountains in all its fiery glory.

No Darjeeling honeymoon trip is complete without romantic strolls in the verdant tea gardens; tea-lover or not! The gentle breeze, deep blue sky, and the well-arrayed tea gardens will bewitch you anyway. Watch the local ladies pluck leaves softly and flip them to the baskets on their back. Or dig deeper, and learn about the history and processing of Darjeeling tea, something thats made the world fall for its flavor.

8. Alleppey

Photo:  Civitatis
Photo: Civitatis

Alappuzha (Alleppey) is known as ‘the Venice of the East’. Offering the best tourist places in Alleppey, this charming place is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters and is home to a huge network of backwaters and more than thousand houseboats. The houseboats you find in the backwaters of Alappuzha are in fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams of olden times. Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word, ‘Kettu’, means living structures and ‘Vallom’ means boat. In the olden days, kettuvallam or boat with a thatched roof that covers over wooden hulls was used to carry tons of rice and spices.

The modern houseboats are equipped with all the comforts of a good hotel room like air conditioners, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. An uninterrupted view of life in the backwaters fringed with coconut trees can be enjoyed from a houseboat. A perfect place to unwind with its laidback canals and lush greenery. The Alappuzha beach with a 137-year-old pier extending into the sea and an old 17th-century lighthouse built by the Portuguese add to the magic of the place. It is famous for its boat races, marine products, and coir industry.

So get ready to wander around this small but chaotic city center and bus-stand area, with its modest grid of canals. Head west to the beach or in practically any other direction towards the backwaters and Alleppey becomes elegant and greenery-fringed, waning into a watery world of hamlets, punted canoes, toddy shops and, of course, houseboats. Float along and gaze over paddy fields of succulent green, curvaceous rice barges and village life along the banks. Indeed, it is here that nature has spent upon the land her richest bounties.

There is no better way to celebrate love than with Alleppey honeymoon vacation. Following points are the perfect reasons to support the same. The city is famous for its varied attractions suiting the needs of all kind of honeymooners. From backwater cruises and houseboats to bird watching while you canoe, romantic beaches, Ayurvedic couple spa, amazing sunset view and many more to make your trip exciting.

Alleppey has some exotic resorts because of which it has become the best tourist destinations in South India. It has also taken forward the tradition of Ayurvedic spa. Alleppey has some exotic resorts because of which it has become the best tourist destinations in South India. It has also taken forward the tradition of Ayurvedic spa.

People in Alleppey are real foodies. If you are in love with typical South Indian food, the city will live up to your expectations.

7. Kumarakom

Photo: TripAdvisor
Photo: TripAdvisor

Situated 14 km from Kottayam in Kerala, Kumarakom has become synonymous with backwater cruises across the world. A scenic bunch of islands clustered around the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is about 70 km from Kochi (Cochin). Kumarakom is a part of the Kuttanad region, the rice bowl of Kerala and is surrounded by lush paddy fields crisscrossed by canals and the lake. The Vembanad lake has its maximum length and breadth near Kumarakom.

One school of thought believes Kumarakom is derived from the words kuminja and akam; meaning the land formed by accumulation of sediments. According to another, it is a combination of words Kumara and aham (home); referring to the Lord Kartikeya’s temple.

Alfred George Baker is believed to have laid the foundations of Kumarakom by reclaiming 500 acres of wetlands from the Vembanad lake during the 1840s. Arundhati Roy’s Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things is set in Ayemenem or Aymanam village near Kumarakom. The novel has an British character Kari Saipu, who is modeled on Baker. History House, where Baker lived, still stands on the banks of Vembanad.

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall and Bay Island Driftwood Museum are some of the places to visit when you’re in Kumarakom.

A visit to the backwater capital can’t be complete without a stay in the houseboats. Houseboats have single, double or triple bedrooms. Some are equipped with air conditioning units. Living in a houseboat for one night could cost you anywhere between Rs 7,000 and Rs 15,000 from March to October and between Rs 8,000 and 17,000 from November to February.

Kumarakom also offers budget, mid-range and luxury hotels. Resorts and homestays are also available. A considerable number of the resorts are located in south Kumarakom and Kavanattinkara. Several hotels and resorts also have houseboats of their own.

6. Mysore

Photo:  Lonely Planet
Photo: Lonely Planet

Known as the city of palaces, Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka and is located at the base of the Chamundi hills. With its glittering royal heritage, its monuments and its buildings, it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations of south India.

The Mysore Palace has been listed as a world heritage site and is an excellent combination of Indo-Saracenic architecture. With spacious halls and brilliant paintings, the interiors of the palace are just as beautiful as the exterior when lit up on Sundays and festive occasions.

Mysore is best known for its Dussehra celebrations. The palace is lit up and the idol of Chamundi, the family goddess of the Wodeyars (the former rulers) is taken out of the palace in a glittering procession of horses and elephants and dancers.

The musical fountains of the Brindavan Gardens, the quaint Railway Museum showcasing the rich history of railways in India and the Chamundeshwari Temple are just some of the many symbols of Mysore’s eclectic character. Apart from its rich architectural heritage, it is also a thriving center for the production of premium silk, sandalwood and incense. Ashtanga Yoga that is practiced all over the city is also another reason why this city sees so many tourists. Hindu mythology suggests that Mysore was ruled by a demon named Mahishasura, who was defeated by goddess Chamundeshwari.

From budget to mid range hotels, Mysore’s accommodation options are all located in the heart of the city. Most hotels offer attractive sightseeing packages ideal for first time visitors. It is advisable to opt for AC rooms since the city is quite warm.

Mysore Palace or Amba Vilas is a gleaming testimony of India’s exotic and royal past. The expansive palace is filled with lovely surroundings that show the rich culture of South India. Here you can picture yourself and your loved one as a royal couple! Starting from the Throne Room to the dining halls, there is plenty to see here for the couple on their honeymoon.

The fresh air around you, the blue sky above you and greenery enveloping you in its lush charm – what else could a romantic honeymooning couple ask for? The Brindavan Gardens in Mysore along with many other spots can enable you to take long walks, hand in hand, as you explore the charm of this Southern town where there is much exotic beauty. You can also take a trip to the Mysore Zoo for some fun times as you watch animals in their natural habitat. This kind of exploring usually makes for some romantic memories later!

There are many markets like the Devaraja Market which you can explore on your honeymoon. Colours, sights, sounds and smells will greet you as you explore the markets hand in hand, making your way through the narrow lanes and the crowds, with a special glow in your hearts only for each other.

5. Hampi

Photo:  Deccan Herald
Photo: Deccan Herald

Hampi, in the state of Karnataka, India, is the site of the once-magnificent capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hampi was the capital of South Indian Vijayanagara Empire from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi attracts many visitors, many from other countries. For first-time visitors, it is highly recommended to hire a guide to help understand the magic and grandeur of Hampi by explaining its history and associated legends.

Before the fall of Vijayanagara Empire, diamonds were sold on the streets. The main street selling diamonds and other precious stones was surprisingly called Pan Supaari Street. A visitor can still see the exact location of Pan Supaari Street in Hampi, which has been marked with a board by Archaeological Survey of India.

Hampi is well worth at least one visit. The area is simply stunning and you will be in awe of the millions of boulders surrounding the area. However, within this arid landscape lies a little oasis with lush palm, banana, and mango trees nestled near the river.

Hampi is a great place to spend a few days wandering around and discovering the rich, vibrant history while also having a bit of 'your' time.

Hampi hosts the 'Hampi Utsav' (literally 'Hampi Festival') every year during first week of November. It is a visual delight as all the monuments/ruins are lighted in the night and it is a cultural extravaganza of dance and music.

There’s no doubt that Hampi has a very rich history. Having been the capital of the Vijaynagara empire back in the 14th century, ruins of the legendary kingdom stay strewn across Hampi. Once one of the most prosperous cities in the country, Hampi is now quiet as the sun shines down on it. And that makes it the perfect place for a history buff. You can go exploring the multitude of temples that are scattered around. Anejyandri Hill, the alleged birthplace of Hanuman is also situated here and even if you aren’t religious makes for a fun thing to check out. Since Hampi was the second-largest medieval city back in the 1500s, it has a lot of Portuguese and Persian influence. With the right combination of western and eastern influences, Hampi is truly unique.

Hampi is blessed with a very rugged landscape, which means that wherever the eye roves, you can see big boulders. This is something that is very intrinsic to the town. From small rocks to boulders that are as big as cars, they all placed haphazardly throughout. For the adventure junkie, this makes for the perfect place to explore their passion for bouldering. So, grab your loved one and strap on your harness and climb on to the boulders like the monkeys who seem to be omnipresent here.

Hampi’s location ensures that you can catch a brilliant sunset from wherever you are. But we think that the best seats in the house are at the top of the Matanga Hill. It is the highest point of Hampi and is situated bang in the middle of it. After trekking up to the hill, being rewarded with a golden sun setting down on the landscape is insanely rewarding. And it feels even better when you get to share it with your loved one. Right at the top of the Matanga Hill is the Veerbhadra Temple. If you want to go higher up then you can just climb the stairs up to the roof of the temple and watch Hampi in all its glory. But if you prefer the company of other people then you can head to the ‘Sunset Point’ located in Hippie Island and take part in the sunset jamming session.

4. Tawang

Photo:  India Today
Photo: India Today

Nestled in the Himalayas, Tawang is a charming little hill station in Arunachal Pradesh and is considered to be one of the most visited tourist destinations of Northeast India. With a rich culture and history, Tawang houses India’s largest monastery and is a revered destination among Buddhists. In and around the Tawang town, unexplored hiking trails with pine groves and rhododendrons abound. If one travels from Bhalukpong to Tawang, the picturesque town of Bomdila, Tenga Valley or the bewitching Dirang Valley are beautiful stopovers. The places to visit on the way to Tawang include the famous Sela Pass along with Jang and Jaswantgarh en route, where one can take a view of the splendid Nuranang Waterfalls, hot spring, Jaswantgarh War Memorial and the serene lake in Sela Pass.

TAWANG is a sparsely populated town in Arunachal Pradesh, with mesmerising views of valleys and mountains. Perched at a height of 10,000 ft above sea level, Tawang is an ideal honeymoon destination providing the much needed tranquility to newly married couples. The town is immersed in the colours of Tibetan culture, with various attractive monasteries and Buddhist structures scattered all around. It is a perfect bet for couples who wish to explore a distinct culture in the realm of nature.

3. Srinagar

Photo:  Thrillophilia
Photo: Thrillophilia

Ringed by an arc of green mountains, Srinagar's greatest drawcard is mesmerizingly placid Dal Lake, on which a bright array of stationary houseboats and shikara (gondola-like boats) add a splash of color and a unique opportunity for romantic chill-outs. Charming Mughal gardens dot the lake's less urbanized eastern shore; while the old town bustles with Central Asian–style bazaars and a collection of soulful Sufi shrines, as well as a fortress and many historic wooden mosques. Add in a mild summer climate, feisty Kashmiri cuisine and famous local apples, walnuts and almonds, and you have one of India’s top tourist draws.

Except, that is, when communal tensions paralyze the city. Sadly that happens all too regularly, leaving a chance that you'll be stuck in strikes, pro-independence demonstrations and partial curfews. Although foreign tourists themselves have never been seen as targets, you should absolutely check on the latest situation before you visit.

Srinagar remains beautiful the whole year. Not a specific season is mainly preferred by couples for their memorable trip like a honeymoon. As this natural beauty of Kashmir faces limited rainfall and spring filled with blossoms, the best tenure to visit Srinagar is from April to October.

Being the set of an amazingly created mystic garden filled with natural and indigenous scenic beauty, Mughal garden deserves a visit from every tourist in Srinagar. Mughal gardens constitute of Shalimar Nishat and Chasme-e-Sahi gardens. The exquisite architecture of these gardens is impeccable. These gardens were made in the 17th century as a leisure activity performed by Mughals at that time. It will be great to spend time in splendid nature with your partner.

Dal lake is an evident spot for tourists. If you are in Srinagar you should pay a visit to Dal Lake. It is spread in an area of 26 sq.kms. You can observe an amazing wooden craft through carved wooden Houseboats, vibrant Shikaras, and floating gardens. Couples find this place as a romantic destination for experiencing the serenity of nature.

There are many mosques situated in Srinagar that are widely known for its significance in the prophet’s life. Mosques like Jamia Masjid, Hazratbal Mosque are some of the most peaceful destinations for couples. The silvery-white Hazrat Bal mosque is revered for housing a relic, the prophet Mohammad’s hair. Along with this, Jamia Masjid is one of the oldest and biggest mosques in Kashmir.

2. Pondicherry

Photo:  Curly Tales
Photo: Curly Tales

Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry, and commonly referred to as just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India which is bounded by the southern state of Tamil Nadu. This former French colony is a perfect amalgamation of the traditional Indian sensibilities and French architecture, making it a dreamy escape that offers the best of both worlds.

The streets of the French Quarter of Pondicherry, also known as White Town, are dotted with charming mustard-yellow colonial structures with bougainvillaea laden walls. These are interspersed with cosy cafes and chic boutiques that offer delectable French cuisine and beverages. Simply strolling down these streets, can give the traveller an insight into the fairytale charm of Pondicherry.

Topped with authentic French bakeries, bohemian stores and cobble-stoned paths that are delightful for a leisurely stroll or a bicycle ride, Pondicherry has a lot to offer. So head on down to this dream town of the Indian Coast and chug a few beers (at the Union Territory prices; bid adieu to state taxes) or just read a book in one of the quaint cafes.

Come explore the boulevards and rues (the French word for streets) of Pondicherry that will ultimately take you down to the gorgeous seaside promenade, and witness the Bay of Bengal playfully splashing the shores of the famous Rock beach.

Fewer places in India still live up to the fame and beauty they are known for. Of all the places in South India, Pondicherry is a suave destination that steals the heart of every romantic couple. For the feel of a quintessential European vacation plan a Pondicherry honeymoon – a replica of the French way of life and similar colonies. Fill your eyes with the vibrant pigments littered in the street as they embellish the exteriors of the buildings, or sip on the crispy aroma of freshly baked pancakes and brewed coffee as you go for a leisure walk around, Pondicherry is for all the lovely couples out there.

While you are on a honeymoon in Pondicherry, beaches, for sure, would top the list of favorites, but apart from that there is beach facing resorts, restaurants, water sports and plenty of nature’s serenity around that would fill your hearts. Get overwhelmed while bicycling through the colorful alleys or walk on the narrow walkways jutting into the sea as surroundings are completely lit with mild lit setting sun!

1. Udaipur

Photo: Lonely Planet
Photo: Lonely Planet

Udaipur has a romance of setting unmatched in Rajasthan and arguably in all India – snuggling beside tranquil Lake Pichola, with the purple ridges of the Aravalli Range stretching away in every direction. Fantastical palaces, temples, havelis (traditional, ornately decorated residences) and countless narrow, crooked, timeless streets add the human counterpoint to the city’s natural charms. For the visitor there's the serenity of boat rides on the lakes, the bustle and color of bazaars, a lively arts scene, the quaint old-world feel of its heritage hotels, tempting shops and some lovely countryside to explore on wheels, feet or horseback.

Udaipur’s tag of ‘the most romantic spot on the continent of India’ was first applied in 1829 by Colonel James Tod, the East India Company’s first political agent in the region. Today the romance is wearing slightly thin as ever-taller hotels compete for the best view and traffic clogs ancient thoroughfares.

Studded with palaces, full of life, and blooming with love, Udaipur is one city which one can’t just see but feel too. With so much love in the air always and in all ways, the romantic charm of this city offers a special experience to the love birds on a Udaipur honeymoon. So if you’re getting married anytime sooner, or are already planning for a romantic escape with your better half, then a honeymoon in Udaipur is exactly what you need.

And for those who’d like to make their Udaipur honeymoon trip even more special, browse through the romantic, and tailor-made Rajasthan honeymoon packages which can be further customized with all that you’d love to share, experience, and cherish with your loved one.

The peace and quiet of lakes, the pebbled streets, grand palaces, majestic forts, well-manicured gardens, startling architecture, the luxurious resorts, and finest of honeymoon hotels in Udaipur, leave no stone unturned in charming the honeymooners. With a starlit sky, romantic ambience, royal accommodation options, personalized services, and world-class hospitality, the irresistible Udaipur honeymoon places will never fail to cast their magical spell on you!

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