Studying education helps international students perfect their pedagogical knowledge of the international environment, opens up opportunities for international students to teach at any institution around the world, is extremely important work. with profound humanistic meanings, to shape the lives of both students, young people or even intensive training programs for working people.

The first step in pursuing a major in pedagogy is to find out if this path suits your personality and strengths. Let KnowInsiders learn about pedagogical majors, career opportunities, specific skills and necessary subjects throughout the study and research process!

The study programs when studying education in the US

Education is a popular major for many college students. International students looking for work in the education sector have a wide range of career options and opportunities for rapid advancement. Education is a broad discipline and students will have a better chance of finding rewarding careers in education if they identify exactly what they are looking for in a job and where their skills lie. .

For the most part, education in the US is divided into four categories: early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, and adult education. Each genre requires different skills and offers unique experiences. International students studying education in the United States will have to choose one of several types of concentration before earning a degree.

Pedagogical training majors in the American university system include the following majors:

- Preschool education: kindergarten and primary school.

- Psychological development of preschool age.

- Primary education

- Pedagogy majoring in English.

- Mathematics Pedagogy.

- Pedagogy of Biology.

- Chemistry Pedagogy.

- Pedagogy of Ly.

- Pedagogy majoring in Social Sciences.

- Pedagogy of Physical Education.

- Technical pedagogy and vocational training.

- Pedagogy of foreign languages can be mentioned as French, Spanish, German...

Opportunities for graduates education and teaching majors in the US

Average teacher salaries can range from $25,000 to $80,000 depending on the district and level of experience. Some teachers can earn extra income by teaching in the summer, becoming after-school counselors, or teaching advanced certifications.

Many times private school salaries are lower than public school salaries, but that will always depend on the district and the school system. Often primary and secondary education teachers earn more than preschool teachers.

Best Schools for Education Majors and Teaching in The US

1. Stanford University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Education Majors and Teaching in The US Today
Stanford University


Stanford University is one of the most famous universities in the United States, located in the state of California, the West Coast of the United States. Stanford University's school of education has 53 full-time faculty assistants, full-time tuition for international students majoring in master's education is $ 45,729/year. The university's postgraduate training level has up to 10 main areas, for both master's and doctoral levels.

The school's curriculum emphasizes a combination of theory and practice for candidates at the master's level in the program of study. In addition to the classroom programs, students have many opportunities to put their own lessons to the test at East Palo Alto Academy—a charter school run by the university—or volunteer for activities. community at the Stanford Haas Center for Public Service. There are also other student organizations that students can join such as: Working Group on Education Policy and Equality.

The school's outstanding majors can be mentioned: educational policy, educational administration, educational psychology, primary education, secondary education.

2.Harvard University


The Harvard University School of Education emphasizes practical knowledge, from teaching, policy making to research. Students can complete a master's degree in education majors (such as general education and international education policy) in as little as one year. The university's doctoral program is usually 3 years.

Doctoral students can choose to study for 1 or 2 semesters in a program of attendance at the University of California, Berkeley's school of education. Outstanding majors of the school can be mentioned: Education policy, educational administration and higher education administration. Full-time tuition at the school is about $43,280/year.

3. Johns Hopkins University


As one of the top schools in the country for education according to U.S. rankings. News & World Report, the school is working to transform the nation's education system through an interdisciplinary approach that combines research and instruction to model teaching, administration, and leadership. and development policy.

The school's goal is for its students to have the most innovative tools and effective methods to promote learning. The university's three centers (the Center for Research and Innovation in Education, the Center for Social Organization of the School, and the Center for Educational Technology) produce nationally recognized scholars in the field. field of educational research and is among the recipients of grants from the U.S. Department of Education for programs aimed at improving educational outcomes for students.

4. University of Wisconsin-Madison


The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) School of Education provides programs for students interested in pursuing careers in education at various levels. UW-Madison offers Bachelor of Science Education (BSE) degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Elementary Education, and Special Education to undergraduates. Art Education, Dance, Educational Studies, Kinesiology, Physical Education, and Theatre and Drama are all Bachelor of Science (BS) programs that lead to teacher certification. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in Art and Dance are also available, which can prepare students for teacher certification in these fields. Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Psychology, and Special Education may be of interest to graduate students.

The School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a wide range of specialties from educational leadership programs to policy analysis, educational psychology, counseling and education at the primary, secondary, and educational levels. special. Tuition for international students at the school for full-time graduate level is $25,197/year.

5. Arcadia University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Education Majors and Teaching in The US Today
Arcadia University


This is a private school located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Arcadia belongs to the group of leading private schools in the United States.

Arcadia University offers a wide range of pedagogical programs spanning all areas: elementary pedagogy, secondary pedagogy and specialisations. The training program at Arcadia lasts for 5 years. Upon graduation, students are guaranteed to have expertise in teaching techniques, special pedagogy or secondary pedagogy.

The school also offers the opportunity for students to study for a dual degree.

6. Boston University


This is the only school that offers a comprehensive pedagogical degree in the United States.

In the first year of studying in the US as a teacher at Boston University, students will participate in the course "First-year experience" to think about their goals and future plans. Students will learn about social relationships, ethics, values, mental health and more. After the first year, students will choose for themselves one of the school's two main fields of study, primary or secondary pedagogy, or choose an interdisciplinary.

Boston College's Lynch School of Education offers undergraduate majors in elementary and secondary education, as well as a wide range of graduate programs. International higher education, curriculum and instruction, and educational leadership are among the master's level programs available, while doctorates are available in applied developmental and educational psychology, educational research, measurement, and evaluation, among other fields.

Boston College has ranked graduate specializations in curriculum and instruction, elementary teacher education, and student counseling and personnel services, and has a graduate education school that is tied for 22nd place in the 2020 U.S. News and World Report rankings.

7. University of California, Berkeley


The University of California, Berkeley, like other US universities, does not offer an undergraduate education major, but students can choose to minor in education. The Graduate School of Education then offers full education courses at the postgraduate level.

The master's degrees are available in two formats: 20 semester units with a master's thesis or 24 semester units with a written exam.

There are two doctoral degrees in education. The doctorate of philosophy program is designed for those who want to conduct research, whereas the doctorate of education program is designed for those who want to advance their professional careers in education. The latter, which typically includes two years of field-based coursework, focuses on educational leadership, human development, and program evaluation and assessment.

8. Vanderbilt University


Students can pursue programs in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education at Vanderbilt's Peabody College. Future teachers will gain classroom experience early in college, and in most cases, students are required to pursue a non-education second major in order to gain knowledge in other areas. Undergraduates in Special Education complete 500 hours of classroom experience in Nashville and elsewhere.

Peabody also offers 21 master's degrees, two Ed.D. tracks, and six Ph.D. programs. Fortune ranked the university's online education doctorate first.

9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers two bachelor's degrees in education, one in elementary education and the other in secondary education. Students who complete the elementary program earn a bachelor's degree in education. Beginning in a student's junior year, the secondary program lasts three terms and allows them to graduate with both an undergraduate degree and secondary teacher certification.

A master's degree in higher education examines institutional research, public policy, and student access and success. The educational studies program includes courses in design and learning technologies, among other things.

The doctoral program in education and psychology, educational studies, English and education, or higher education is available. Graduates have gone on to careers as education consultants, policymakers, and researchers.

10. University of Georgia

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Education Majors and Teaching in The US Today
University of Georgia


Students can earn an Education Specialist (EdS) degree at the University of Georgia (UGA) in one of 12 concentrations, including Art Education, Elementary Education, Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development, Reading Education, Children's Literature, and Language Arts, and Special Education. There are opportunities to further specialize within the concentrations in areas such as curriculum theory and design, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and educational research. Students typically take 30 hours of coursework, with courses spread across the concentration, emphasis, and research areas.

Students must already have a master's degree to be considered for admission, as is common with EdS degrees. Enrolled students are assigned a faculty advisor who will guide them through the program's academic requirements. Qualified students can apply for graduate assistantships, scholarships, and other financial aid packages.

11. Michigan State University


In 1902, Michigan State University established its first formal course in education, which later became the School of Education in 1952.

The College of Education is divided into four departments: counselling, educational psychology, and special education (CEPSE), educational administration (EAD), kinesiology (KIN), and teacher education (TE).

Each of these departments provides courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhD candidates, with some offering online courses as well.

MSU is now one of the largest institutions in the United States in terms of enrollment, with over 50,000 students spread across a 5,200-acre campus in East Lansing. Its alumni number over 540,000 and are spread all over the world.

12. University of Washington


The University of Washington College of Education provides traditional master's and doctoral degree programs for teachers, administrators, and clinicians, as well as some unique programs for students interested in pursuing specializations. A yearlong master's degree in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership, for example, is offered in collaboration with the university's Foster School of Business as a program for future sports administrators.

Undergraduate studies in areas such as Early Childhood & Family Studies; Education, Communities & Organizations; Education, Learning & Society; and more are available through the UW College of Education, which is taught by nationally recognized faculty. Future teachers can prepare by participating in a Seattle Teacher Residency, which includes a year-long classroom apprenticeship as well as integrated, graduate-level coursework.

UW works with a variety of schools across the state to address real-world educational challenges in order to prepare future generations of educators to be change agents.

13. University of Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of educational options such as languages, education or public policy of countries around the world... The school is part of a large public school system, so students can take advantage of the program. related programs of schools in the system in agricultural pedagogy, health and physical pedagogy, or music and art pedagogy. In order for students to get as much practice as possible, the University of Pennsylvania requires two internships and one practice course in each pedagogical major.

Submatriculation is another option. Full-time juniors and seniors may take up to four GSE courses, applying them to both degrees and starting graduate work early.


The US is a country that is highly appreciated for the quality of its education, and American degrees are recognized worldwide. Above is the most basic information and top the best schools about studying American education and teaching. Depending on your study ability and budget, you can choose the right school for you.

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