Top 10+ Most Popular Keyboard Brands In China
Top 10+ Most Popular Keyboard Brands In China
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China has produced some of the biggest and most well-known names in the keyboard hobby. Many of today's custom keyboards have creative designs pioneered by Chinese keyboard brands.

There are numerous reputable Chinese keyboard makers. These include the names KBDFans, Graystudio, and Percent Studio. Newcomers such as Owlab, Wuque Studio, and Angry Miao have quickly established themselves. Overall, there are many of competent keyboard designers in the Chinese keyboard market.

In this post, we will look at some of the most well-known Chinese keyboard makers.

Top 10+ Popular Keyboard Brands in China

1. KBFfans

KBFfans is undoubtedly the most well-known name in the custom keyboard industry. They have single-handedly contributed to the growth of the custom keyboard hobby by making keyboard kits and accessories readily available at a variety of pricing points. They were also one of the first international stores to just sell bespoke keyboard-related things.

According to their social media accounts, KBDFans most likely began operations in 2017. At the time, KBDFans sold both in-house keyboard kits and items from third-party businesses. However, when the Tofu keyboards were launched, KBDFans went absolutely crazy.

The Tofu, notably the Tofu60, was among the first truly enthusiast-grade keyboards. It was accessible, adjustable, and offered a variety of finishes. At the time of its release, many enthusiasts thought it was the best entry-level option.

2. Graystudio

Graystudio is one of the most well-known high-end keyboard makers in China. The company specializes in creating futuristic-looking, space-inspired keyboards. Graystudio's keyboard designs have become iconic, and the keyboard community considers them endgame-worthy.

Graystudio's product portfolio is less than that of larger keyboard makers like KBDFans. The company also appears to target exclusively to the enthusiast-grade keyboard market, as seen by their high prices and limited availability.

Graystudio currently offers three successful product lines: the Space65 Series, the Think 6.5 Series, and the Space 80 Apollo. Graystudio's first custom keyboard, the Space65, was a 65% keyboard modeled after a spacecraft.

The Space65 group buy was launched in 2018. The Space65 keyboard was a popular choice among fans due to its stunning and distinct design.

3. Epomaker

Epomaker keyboards are renowned for their superior key quality. They use high-quality switches from Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh that are smooth, responsive, and robust. The keycaps are composed of durable PBT or ABS plastic. The keyboards also include N-key rollover and anti-ghosting functions, which ensure that each keystroke is reliably registered.

Epomaker keyboards offer a clean and attractive appearance that complements any workstation layout. They come in a variety of sizes, layouts, and colors, allowing you to select the one that best fits your style and demands. Some keyboards additionally feature RGB backlighting or hot-swappable connections, allowing you to personalize the look and feel of your keyboard. Epomaker keyboards are inexpensive and provide excellent value for money. They cost $40 to $200, depending on the model and features.

4. Percent Studio

Percent Studio is well-known for their high-end mechanical keyboards, which boast unique designs, premium materials, and configurable features. Percent Studio keyboards are designed to give a comfortable typing experience, with smooth and responsive switches, long-lasting keycaps, and ergonomic layouts. Some of their most well-known products include the SKOG Lite, Canoe Gen2, and Alice.

Percent Studio offers a wide range of keyboards to meet a variety of demands and interests. Whether you need a wireless keyboard, a gaming keyboard, a tiny keyboard, or a full-size keyboard, Keyboard has you covered. Keyboards are also noted for their colorful backlighting, which adds flair and excitement to typing. Some of their best-selling items include the K380, K840, and K780. Keyboard keyboards are both economical and dependable, making them an excellent alternative for budget-conscious shoppers.

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The YMDK Keyboard features a clean and simple design that complements any desk layout. It features a metal case and a detachable USB cord for ease transportation. The keyboard comes with a variety of switches and keycaps to suit your preferences and typing style. The switches are smooth and quick, and the keycaps are both sturdy and comfortable to use. The keyboard also features RGB backlighting that can be customized with various modes and colors.

YMDK is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices, and it supports a variety of layouts like QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, and more. The brand's software allows you to program the keyboard with macros and shortcuts. The keyboard features built-in memory to save your settings, so you don't have to worry about losing them when you switch devices. If you want to acquire the YMDK Keyboard, you may do it on Amazon or via the brand's own website. The price ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the options you select.

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6. SolidTek

SolidTek Keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It also supports a variety of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more. To switch between languages, press Fn + Spacebar. The keyboard also has multimedia and shortcut keys for quick access to common functions.

The SolidTek Keyboard is priced about $50, which is really inexpensive given its quality and performance. It has garnered numerous positive consumer reviews across multiple platforms, praising its functionality, durability, and design. The SolidTek Keyboard boasts a sleek and simple appearance, with black and white backlighting. The backlighting offers three degrees of brightness and can be turned off if desired. The keyboard's compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and storage.Meletrix supports up to five profiles, allowing for easy switching between settings and macros. The keyboard also includes a dedicated media control panel, which allows you to change the volume, mute, play, pause, and skip tracks without disrupting your workflow.

7. Meletrix

The Meletrix Keyboard costs $99.99, which is cheap for such a high-performance keyboard. Customer feedback is mostly excellent, with many users praising the keyboard for its quality, functionality, and aesthetics. The keyboard also comes with a one-year guarantee and a helpful customer support team to assist you with any issues or inquiries.

Overall, the Meletrix Studios Keyboard is an excellent keyboard that will delight both gamers and professionals. It has a number of advantages, including its design, durability, compatibility, customisation, and memory.

8. Akko

Akko is a well-known brand among gamers and custom keyboard lovers. The company began as a competitor to high-end prebuilt keyboards like Ducky and Varmilo. Like those two firms, Akko placed a high value on developing visually beautiful keyboards that did not sacrifice typing comfort.

As custom keyboards became increasingly popular, the brand began to provide hot-swap keyboards. In 2021, the brand finally made the transition to full-fledged bespoke keyboards with the Designer Studio Series.

9. Wuque Studios

Wuque Studios is another manufacturer that is gaining popularity in the custom keyboard market. The Ikki68 Aurora, released in 2020, marked the brand's entry into the custom keyboard industry. However, Wuque Studios has subsequently created a variety of new higher-end keyboards, demonstrating their expertise in keyboard design.

Their first keyboard, the Ikki68 Aurora, was the company's take on a budget 65% keyboard. Of course, KBDFans pioneered the trend of producing high-quality budget keyboards with the KBD67 Lite.

The Ikki68 Aurora was a great hit due to its high-end features. These included the ability to use several layouts, complicated gasket mount design, the use of a polycarbonate (PC) housing, many accessories, and many other features. Many prominent multimedia makers, including Alexotos and Badseedtech, lauded the Ikki68 Aurora.

10. Owlab

Owlab keyboards are manufactured from durable materials such as PBT plastic and aluminum. They also use mechanical switches that provide both tactile feedback and a pleasant sound. Owlab keyboards also have swappable sockets, which allow you to swap the switches without soldering.

Owlab keyboards are also recognized for their beautiful designs. They provide a variety of colors, sizes, and layouts to pick from. Keyboards come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, curved, split, and ergonomic. Owlab keyboards additionally have illumination, wireless connectivity, and programmable keys. Accessory options for your keyboard include keycaps, cables, cases, and stabilizers.

11. Angry Miao

Angry Miao is one of the most widely discussed brands in the keyboard community. Li Nan, a former Meizu executive, launched the brand. Angry Miao intends to change the mechanical keyboard business by introducing a previously unreleased model.

The Cyberboard represents the culmination of the brand's efforts. What made this keyboard so popular was the LED matrix behind it. This LED Matrix singlehandedly elevated keyboard personalization to a new level.

In addition to its opulent features, the remainder of the keyboard is well-designed. The general design of the Cyberboard clearly demonstrates the company's smartphone/consumer tech heritage. In addition, the Cyberboard includes a fully customizable keyboard.


Chinese keyboards are popular among those who frequently type in Mandarin or Cantonese. These keyboards have a regular QWERTY layout but have extra keys for quickly entering Chinese characters. The keys are labeled in both English and Chinese characters, allowing multilingual users to easily switch between languages. Some models additionally have touchpads or trackballs for added convenience. Chinese keyboards are available in both wired and wireless versions, and they are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Overall, these keyboards are a must-have for anyone who frequently types in Chinese.

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