Top 10 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Learning Tools For Students
Top 10 Most Popular AI Learning Tools For Students

What Do AI Student Tools Entail?

The term "AI tools for students" describes a range of programs and devices that make use of artificial intelligence in order to facilitate, improve, or expedite the educational process. AI-driven solutions, in contrast to traditional digital tools, anticipate, adapt, and personalize learning experiences based on the unique needs and patterns of every student.

Personalized learning: The greatest AI-powered tool can identify the unique qualities of each student. They provide customized content, such as reading materials, tests, or tutorials, according to each student's speed, learning preferences, and style.

Real-time feedback: Artificial intelligence systems for education are capable of analyzing projects, assignments, and presentations and giving prompt response. Students are able to comprehend their areas of improvement immediately, without having to wait for teacher evaluations.

Interactive learning: Chatbots, virtual assistants, and interactive platforms are common features of AI technologies. These features make learning lively and interesting, breaking up the monotony of conventional study techniques.

Data-driven insights: By gathering and analyzing data based on a student's performance, these technologies can help with improved academic planning by revealing a student's strengths, shortcomings, and possible growth areas.

Inclusivity and Accessibility: A lot of AI solutions now come with features that let students with disabilities participate in the learning process. Artificial intelligence guarantees that education remains inclusive with features like voice-to-text and visual aids.

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Top 10 Most Popular AI Learning Tools For Students

1. ClickUp


Unlimited: $7 per user per month; Business: $12 per user per month; Enterprise: Get pricing here. ClickUp AI is an additional $5 per month.

ClickUp has become a leader in the rapidly changing field of digital tools, serving as both a traditional project management tool and an AI-powered force for student achievement. By fusing the most effective organizational tools with the writing power of artificial intelligence, ClickUp is revolutionizing the way students tackle assignments, projects, and group projects.

Students can make difficult assignments more manageable by breaking them down into manageable pieces using ClickUp's education project management software. They can then prioritize and order these activities so they can concentrate on the most important things.

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2. CopyAI

Price: Students would find 2000 words a month in CopyAI's free edition to be more than plenty.

CopyAI's long-form content generator sets it apart. It might assist you in producing excellent content for your scholarly writing. You can obtain excellent and concise work for anything from literature reviews to leave applications, essays, and internship reports.

Thus, you ought to give CopyAI a try if you want to produce content of the highest caliber for your essays, assignments, and creative projects.

3. Upword

Price: free

It can be used by students to condense long lectures and movies into simple, bite-sized content, which will increase productivity and save time. The finest feature is that students are able to create an unlimited number of free AI notes.

However, by providing your card information, you may sign up for their free trial and get access to more features like auto-highlighting, an audio player, sophisticated editing, etc!

4. Tutor AI

Cost: Three queries are available in Tutor AI's free plan, which is rather little.

With the aid of Tutor AI, each student can receive individualized instruction at their own speed and learning style. All that students have to do is type in a topic and choose a subcategory within it. You will have a complete course with in-depth sections underneath in just a minute. Content that is pertinent and educational will appear beneath the lesson you begin. Additionally, there are useful alternatives like "simplify," "examples," "quiz," and "ask a question" under the lesson. The goal of each of these choices is to increase your comprehension of the subject.

5. Brainly

Cost: Free of charge+ $24 annually for each user

Brainly is similar to Reddit for academics. With the help of scholars, professionals, and students all across the world, its database already has more than 250 million responses to any question imaginable.

Brainly's most recent AI capabilities, which were created in conjunction with OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, make use of its extensive knowledge base to provide a more engaging, customized, and effective learning experience.

With Brainly's improved capabilities, students may easily use AI-powered learning resources to help with homework, improve their understanding of the material, and fill in knowledge gaps in the classroom.

6. Knowji

Price: varies according to module. For price, check out the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Knowji is a shining star in the field of vocabulary development and language learning. This AI-powered app offers a distinctive learning experience by fusing the best aspects of pedagogy, cognitive science, and state-of-the-art technology.

Designed with kids in mind, Knowji aims to make vocabulary building—which can be a difficult task—entertaining and fruitful. By using spaced repetition and visual mnemonics, Knowji makes sure that vocabulary is learnt and kept throughout time.

The software makes vocabulary study more interesting and less monotonous with its interactive UI and rich visual and audio information. By preventing overstimulation or underchallenge, the AI-driven adaptation makes learning more effective and fulfilling for students.

7. Fetchy

Price: The sole plan available on Fetchy is the $10 monthly plan. If you would want to give it a try before committing completely, there is a 7-day free trial option available.

Fetchy is an effective AI tool for education, offering more than 50 productivity tools designed to raise instructors' proficiency and productivity. With this application, teachers may focus on more significant responsibilities by streamlining time-consuming processes like creating compelling lesson plans.

Teachers can make better decisions and manage their time more effectively.

8. Otter

Cost: Free (for novices)

Pro: $16.99 per month (for smaller teams and users need additional minutes).

Business: $40/month (for sizable groups looking to share and cooperate) • Enterprise: bespoke pricing (tailored package to fit particular requirements)

There aren't many solutions available that can manage the equally complicated fields of sales and marketing and education. However, does, meeting a typical requirement in lectures and sales meetings—taking notes.

Otter is a great tool for instructors and students who wish to take notes and summarize lectures quickly. Transcribing audible remarks into written language in this manner facilitates the process of gathering and reviewing crucial information.

You may be confident that the AI will keep up with even the fastest speakers because it can perform all of this at 160 words per minute. Furthermore, it's so easy to integrate with other programs and apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

9. Gradescope

Cost: There are two plans for Gradescope: Basic and Institutional. To get users started, there is also a free version of it.

Gradescope is an AI-powered school management tool that assists teachers in grading assignments and examinations more rapidly. It is able to interpret mathematical equations, including fractions, as well as text.

Gradescope uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify teaching tasks and offer insightful data on student performance.

Teachers can group similar student answers together using Gradescope's Assisted Answer Groups function. Additionally, teachers have the authority to grant some students time extensions.

With the help of the AI-assisted grading tool, students can grade assignments, projects, and exams automatically. All of these characteristics simplify the process and lessen the amount of administrative work that educators must do.

10. Wolfram Alpha


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $7.25/month per user
  • Pro Premium: $12/month per user

The introduction of digital instruments has caused a paradigm change in the field of education. Amid an abundance of internet resources, the computational knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha is unmatched.

It goes beyond basic search to provide answers to challenging queries in a variety of areas, catering to the needs of both professionals and students. What makes Wolfram Alpha different is its distinct approach to internet search. Wolfram Alpha computes results instantly, in contrast to conventional search engines that bring up webpages containing potential responses. This implies that students receive clear, concise responses to particular queries, encompassing everything from historical information to mathematical formulas.

In summary

We examined the top 10 AI tools for students in this article. We believe these AI tools will improve your learning and help you continue to be more productive if you're a student.

Which tools were your favorites? As a student, do you currently use any AI tools? Inform us. Salutations and continued education

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