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U.S. home prices took off in 2021 as buyers competed for a limited number of houses, driving prices skyward in the nation’s most expensive ZIP codes, according to real estate data provider Property Shark.

The report found that, for the first time ever, the top 10 priciest ZIP codes all surpassed $4.4 million when it came to the median home sale price. This is the first time that has happened. And 30 of the top 100 priciest zip codes have median prices of over $3 million, more than twice the number of areas at that price last year.

The list included ZIP codes from 10 states and California dominated the list of the top 100, taking 70 percent of spots.

While home prices went up everywhere across America, the top 100 zip codes are only in 10 states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, New York and Washington.

Top 10 Most Expensive Zip Codes In America

(Ranked By Property Shark)


Zip Code




2021 Median Sale Price




San Mateo County






Suffolk County






Suffolk County






Marin County





Miami Beach

Miami-Dade County





Beverly Hills

Los Angeles County





Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara County





Santa Monica

Los Angeles County





Los Altos

Santa Clara County






King County



There's no question that some parts of the country cost a whole lot more to live in than others—whether they be idyllic small towns or high-end big city hot spots. The term "expensive," however, can be relative to a certain degree and mean different things to different people. But we wanted to find the most expensive zip code in the country, where there would be no disagreement on using the aforementioned term.

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1. 94027-Atherton

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Reaching a new record median sale price at $7,475,000, Atherton’s 94027 remains the #1 most expensive zip code in the U.S. for the fifth consecutive year — nearly $2 million ahead of the runner-up. Not only that, but the billionaire favorite also saw its median rise 7% Y-o-Y, suggesting that this exclusive enclave may continue to retain its leading position in the future.

Atherton, California, located in San Mateo County, is a small town located about 30 miles south of San Francisco and only about 12 miles north of Silicon Valley, according to Google Maps.

Given its close proximity to the heart of the tech industry, Atherton has become a small town for people with big money, and the zip code has been home to tech billionaires like late Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, former HP CEO Meg Whitman, and Google chairman Eric Schmidt, according to Business Insider. And those are just a few of the many rich and famous who have called one of the neighborhood's mega mansions home at one point or another.

2. 02199-Boston

Boston’s 02199 was conspicuously absent last year due to depressed sales activity during the onset of the pandemic — despite that it historically features one of the highest median sale prices in the U.S.

However, the Prudential Center area of Back Bay returned in 2021 with a $5.5 million median sale price — its highest figure yet. Consequently, Boston’s 02199 became the #2 most expensive zip code nationwide, outpacing even ultra-exclusive Hamptons enclaves.

Zip 02199, which covers the Prudential Center area of Back Bay, usually ranks among the country’s most expensive areas, but was conspicuously absent in 2020 due to depressed sales activity. However, in 2021, zip 02199 returned not only to its highest position yet at #2 nationally, but also reached a new pricing record with a $5.5 million median sale price, according to Property Shark.

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3. 11962- Sagaponack

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Similarly, another well-established presence among the priciest zip codes in the country, Sagaponack’s 11962 was this year’s #3 most expensive zip code, dropping from the runner-up slot it held for three consecutive years, despite a 29% Y-o-Y price uptick that raised its median sale price from $3,875,000 to $5 million. It was also the only zip from New York state to rank in the top 10, as NYC lost further pricing ground, failing to rank a single zip among even the top 20.

The Hamptons’ 11962 in Sagaponack was the #3 most expensive zip code in the U.S. And, although its median sale price of $5 million was up 29% Y-o-Y, Boston’s Back Bay pushed it down one position, ending Sagaponack’s three-year reign as runner-up to the priciest zip code in the country, cited CNN Wire.

4. 94957-Ross

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In Ross, Calif., 94957 retained its previous year’s position at #4 with a $4,583,000 median sale price, the result of a 27% Y-o-Y increase. A favorite of Silicon Valley executives and celebrities, this marked the first time that Ross surpassed the $4 million pricing mark.

Ross, a California town of 2,550 residents, is located in Marin County, approximately 18 miles north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a small town of only 1.6 square miles and is known for its restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and idyllic atmosphere. Rich and powerful figures such as Sean Penn, Julia Child, and Gov. Gavin Newsom have all called Ross home at one point or another.

5. 33109- Miami Beach

Down south, Florida’s perennially pricey 33109 zip in Miami Beach’s Fisher Island was on the upswing compared to last year, climbing all the way from #23 to #5 nationally. And, although it wasn’t the highest position yet for the popular celebrity location (having been the #3 most expensive in the U.S. in 2017), the exclusive 33109 zip nevertheless reached a new pricing peak in 2021 with its $4,475,000 median. That came as the result of a 66% Y-o-Y price surge — the third-sharpest increase among the country’s 100 leading zip codes.

The 5-digit postal code areas contain of the following characters and features:

1xxxx : The first digit represents a particular part in the USA. Number 1 features the states Delaware (DE), New York (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA)

115xx: The second and third digit feature a specific Sectional Center Facility (SCF). The number 115 features Western Nassau

11560: The fourth and fifth digit represent a specific area, city or village

6. 90210-Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California, is perhaps the most famous zip code on this list, thanks to the wildly popular '90s drama that named it.

Located in Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills has a population of approximately 33,274 residents and average household income of $195,716, according to 2021 estimates by World Population Review.

7. 93108- Santa Barbara

A special note goes to Santa Barbara County, which increased its presence from just one zip code in 2020 to five in 2021. Its top zip code was 93108 in Santa Barbara’s exclusive enclave of Montecito — home to the likes of Oprah and former royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — which claimed #7 overall with a $4,103,000 median, following a 40% Y-o-Y pricing jump.

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8. 90402-Santa Monica

Located in Los Angeles County, about 15 miles west of downtown L.A., Santa Monica boasts nearly four miles of beaches, award-winning restaurants, luxury shopping, a vibrant art scene, and the famous Santa Monica Pier, home of the world's only solar powered Ferris wheel.

9. 94022-Los Altos

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Photo Shutterstock

Los Altos, California—also located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County—is a residential community about 40 miles south of San Francisco known for its large plots of land and expensive, modern homes, particularly in the Los Altos Hills section of the town. It's no surprise that one of its many famous and powerful residents includes Google founder Sergey Brin.

The current postal code (postal codes) range of the United States (US) is: 00001 – 99950. The lowest postal code area is 00001. This is the N Dillingham area in Alaska. The highest postal code area is 99950, which is also in Alaska. This area features Ketchikan.

10. 98039-Medina

Medina’s 98039 reached its highest pricing point with a $4 million median. This was the result of a 24% Y-o-Y increase that helped the tech-billionaire favorite remain among the most exclusive zip codes in the U.S., ranking as the #10 priciest. It’s also worth noting that 2021 marked the sixth consecutive year that Medina’s 98039 was the undisputed leader of expensive real estate in the Pacific Northwest.

San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York City Hold Highest Concentrations of Exclusive Zips

For the fifth year in a row, San Francisco had the highest concentration of expensive zip codes of any city, ranking seven among the top 10. It was followed by Los Angeles and NYC, with six zips each. However, while San Francisco led the way, most of its zip codes were actually in the bottom half of our ranking: Its priciest zip (94123) placed at #46 — down 10 positions compared to 2020, despite a 7% uptick in its median. Covering the iconic Marina District, 94123 featured a $2,307,000 median sale price.

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