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American Girl dolls have cute accessories, shiny hair, and struggles that many children can identify with. These top choices can encourage your children to express themselves, gain confidence, and use their imaginations.

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Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time
Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls In The History

Why Give Your Child An American Girl Doll?

When it comes to selecting a special gift for your child, there are numerous toys to choose from, which explains why American Girl dolls have been so successful. (The company has sold over 10 million dolls and more than 100 million copies of the accompanying books.) These lifelike and charming items must be worth something, and they are. These dolls are more than just toys; they each have a story, and parents especially appreciate that the accompanying books often celebrate personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and expressing oneself. Each character has a story that children can follow, and through it, they learn important life lessons that most parents hope to instill in their children.

The brand's lineup has grown significantly over the years, now representing dozens of cultural backgrounds and demographics. While children may be most comfortable with what they know, these dolls can help them become acquainted with other cultures and parts of the world. Given that some models have diverse backgrounds, they may even inspire your children to learn new languages, which can benefit their communication skills. Depending on the doll you give your child, he or she may notice a few foreign words in the accompanying book and want to learn more about the character's native tongue.

You can also give the dolls trinkets such as hairbrushes, books, furniture, and a variety of other items to help them imagine their world. Because the dolls are designed to make your children feel attached to and responsible for them, boys and girls will naturally develop a sense of ownership over their specific character's belongings. Between caring for their actual doll and keeping its belongings in good condition, children learn to be proud of the appearance and condition of their own bodies and valuables. Giving your child an American Girl Doll may result in her cleaning up her room and her person more often.

How to Select the Best American Girl Doll for Your Child

While your child's collection of these special dolls will hopefully grow over time, there are some things to consider when choosing her first one. With models available ranging from the colonial era to the present day, you may want to consider which one will pique your child's interest the most. If she has expressed an interest in history, one of the historical models may be suitable. However, if she enjoys trends and new experiences, one from the Girl of the Year collection may be the best option.

While your child's collection of these special dolls will hopefully grow over time, there are some things to consider when choosing her first one:

Dolls have been around since around 100 C.E., so their popularity is undeniably strong. With that in mind, if you want your American Girl Doll to be more of a collectible that appreciates in value, consider one of the older, rarer characters such as Felicity, Addy, or Molly. While an older version may not be as exciting to your child right now, it is a valuable asset that he or she will appreciate later.

Think about how much your child will actually interact with the doll. If your child enjoys brushing and styling her doll's hair, you may want to consider a model with longer hair. If your child enjoys dressing up and changing outfits, consider a newer model with a large wardrobe selection. If a friend's child already has a few dolls, ask if your child can play with them to see which one she enjoys the most. If your child already has a lot of toys and there isn't much room for more, consider getting a mini American Girl doll. If you choose the right model for your child, you will not only provide her with an engaging toy, but you will also be making a small investment, as the value of these dolls tends to increase.

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls In The History

1. Samantha Parkington

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Samantha Parkington is the first doll in the American Girl line; she represents the Victorian era and has been a fan favorite for over three decades.

Samantha Parkington (approx. $131) was one of the original three American Girls, alongside Kirsten and Molly. If you want to start your child's collection from the beginning, you can't go wrong with this classic and ultra-feminine style.


Authentic 1904 outfit with ruffles on sleeves.

Includes manners and mischief book.

2. Kit Kitteredge

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Kit has the advantage of being the only American Girl character with a theatrical film based on her. (There are a lot of direct-to-video and television movies, though.) Being played by Abigail Breslin will automatically boost your ranking! Kit, despite not having the Breslin Bump™️, is one of my favorite characters due to her writing. Biased? Yes, but that's only because I'm not as good a journalist as Kit.

Themes include friendship, resilience, and helping others

Character: Kit Kittredge.

Year: 1930s.

Background: Great Depression Era

Occupation: Aspiring journalist

3. Felicity Merriman

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Felicity Merriman – Felicity, who represents Colonial America, is well-known for her love of horses and independence.

Felicity possesses all of the powers of an American Girl, as well as the title of Supreme Horse Girl, which allows her to rule them all. Felicity appealed to me because I enjoyed PBS Kids' Liberty's Kids, which followed three young teenagers during the American Revolution. That was my favorite time period! Did I like it because of the Felicity books, or did they make me like it? I still don't know the answer to this question, but I was well-prepared for Hamilton years later.

4. Molly Mcintire

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Molly's story is undoubtedly the coolest of the original three American Girls (Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly), and it remains relevant today. Her father is serving as a medic in World War II, and she and her family are adjusting to the rapid new changes brought on by the war. She is an original, which elevates her status here, even though some of the newer stories are more nuanced. However, Molly's story was compelling from the start.

The American Girl characters always have interesting flaws, such as Samantha's lack of class knowledge or Josefina's shyness, but Molly stands out in my mind for being generally bratty, to the point where I didn't like her very much! But it stemmed from being the youngest child in a large family — the only one with no strong memories of their father — and it followed her throughout the series. Molly's friendship with Emily, a British girl displaced by the London Blitz, is the first step toward realizing that she may have it a little better than others. She's matured as a character by the end of the series, and we still consider her arc to be a great example of children's literature.

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5. Kirsten Larson

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl from Sweden who educates young girls about the challenges and rewards of settling in America.

Kirsten Larson is a historically significant American Girl doll that debuted in 1986. She exemplifies the pioneer era and immigrant experience in the mid-1800s. Kirsten Larson is a young Swedish immigrant who has settled in Minnesota with her family. Through her stories, she discovers the difficulties and triumphs of adjusting to a new country and culture.

Key features:

• Released in 1986

• Set in the 1840s

• Author is Swedish American

• Hobbies include farming, cooking, and storytelling

• Six books in the series

6. Addy Walker

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Addy Walker is a former slave who escapes to freedom during the Civil War. She is a courageous and resilient character.

Addy Walker is a popular American Girl character who debuted in 1993. She is an African American girl who escaped slavery alongside her mother during the Civil War. Addy's story depicts her journey to freedom and her struggles to establish a new life with her family in Philadelphia.

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Year of introduction: 1993.

Ethnicity: African Americans

Background: Escaped slavery during the Civil War.

Location: Philadelphia.

Age: Around 9 years old.

Addy Walker's story was inspired by a real woman.

Mary Walker, an adult house servant, escaped enslavement at Stagville, a nearly 30,000-acre North Carolina plantation, by traveling to Philadelphia with her enslaver in 1848. Mary, like Addy, had to leave behind her family—her mother and three children—but, like Addy, she was reunited with some of them after the Civil War ended.

7. Josefina Montoya

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Josefina Montoya represents New Mexico in the 1820s. She is known for her love of her family and heritage.

Josefina Montoya is a historical character in the American Girl series. She represents a young Mexican girl in the 1820s, during New Mexico's Mexican period. Josefina's stories address themes of family, culture, and resilience.

Age range: 8-12 years old.

Representation: Mexican Americans

Time Period: 1820s.

Setting: New Mexico.

Themes: Family, Culture, and Resilience

8. Nanea Mitchell

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Nanea Mitchell is set in Hawaii during WWII and teaches young girls about courage, resilience, and friendship.

Nanea Mitchell is a popular American Girl doll and character from the American Girl doll collection. She represents a nine-year-old Hawaiian girl of Japanese descent from Honolulu, Hawaii. Nanea's story is set in 1941, during the Pearl Harbor attack, and she learns about courage, resilience, and the value of community.

Age: nine years old

Ethnicity: Japanese descent.

Origin: Honolulu, Hawaii.

Historical context: 1941 during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Themes: courage, resilience, and community.

9. Courtney Moore

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Courtney Moore (approximately $150) wears hot-pink leggings and an acid-washed denim miniskirt from the 1980s. Her accessories are some of the cutest you'll find, including a Care Bears sleeping bag and a Pac-Man lunchbox (all sold separately, of course).

Key features:

High side ponytail with a scrunchie.

Crop top with retro graphics.

White pleather boots.

10. Rebecca Rubin

Top 10 Most Adorable American Girl Dolls of All Time

Rebecca Rubin is a Jewish girl who grew up in New York City during World War I. She is known for her creativity and love of theater.

Rebecca Rubin is an American Girl historical character who represents a young Jewish girl living in New York City in the early twentieth century. She is part of the American Girl doll collection.

Year of debut: 2009.

Historical Period: Early twentieth century.

ethnicity: Jewish.

City of residence: New York City.

Family Background: Russian-Jewish immigrants


When it comes to American girl dolls, there are numerous options. The possibilities for the most popular American girl are limitless, ranging from iconic literary and film characters to real-life celebrities and politicians. However, after analyzing our data, we discovered that a few names consistently rise to the top of our rankings.

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