Thailand is a country with many different cultures and is well-known for its warm beaches, lavish royal palaces, historic sites, and shopping centers. It places a strong emphasis on providing top-notch service in hotels, malls, and restaurants. There are a staggering number of malls in Thailand, especially in Bangkok! There are many malls in Thailand that can accommodate various lifestyles and price ranges.

In Thailand, the mall culture is prevalent, and young people frequently put on makeup and dress elegantly to visit the mall. Locals visit the mall every weekend to catch up with friends, eat a variety of foods, take lots of selfies, watch a movie, eat some more, and take more selfies. Even parking spaces for supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris exist!

Shopping malls in Thailand. Photo: KnowInsiders
Shopping malls in Thailand. Photo: KnowInsiders

What Are The Biggest Shopping Malls in Thailand?

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1. Icon Siam Mall

Icon Siam Mall

This shopping center is known as the "mother of all malls". It has 500 stores and 100 restaurants, with eateries from more than 30 different nations, bringing you the best of all worlds in a single mall. The shopping center, which has this many stores and is in Bangkok, is the best in Thailand.

In this mall, you can find everything from international Haute couture brands like Dior and Luis Vuitton to Thai designer outlets and casual brands like H&M. The floating market is located on the ground floor of the building, which has six floors of retail space. Along with these impressive features, the mall also has pavilions, long-tail boats, and temples.

2. Siam Paragon

Photo: Yeudulich
Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is yet another of Thailand's finest malls. This mall has a very logical and condensed layout. The best shopping center in the world is frequently cited as being this retail behemoth. The mall is, in fact, known as the "pride of Bangkok". Additionally, a few of Thailand's top-rated villas are located close by to this mall. Siam Paragon has its own supermarket in addition to other amenities like a movie theater, convention center, international food court, and bowling alley.

One of Thailand's biggest malls, and a must-see location while traveling there. Want to check out some well-known malls? Well, the answer to your question is this mall. an upscale mall with over 250 stores.

3. MBK Center

MBK Center

This mall, which is tucked away in Bangkok, is a haven for everything inexpensive. There are tons of great deals, delicious food, and exceptional services everywhere you look. The only mall in Thailand that allows you to test your negotiating skills is probably this one. The service it provides, boy. It's time to control this shopping mall, so put on a pair of comfortable shoes and put your poker face on.

The layout of MBK Center differs from that of other shopping centers in Bangkok, Thailand. Everything is covered, from handicrafts and accessories to dried foods and tea powders. The best bargaining experiences come from browsing through store aisles, which is the most enjoyable part of shopping.

4. Emquartier


The EmQuartier is the newest and possibly most opulent shopping center in Bangkok. The EmDistrict, which is being built as a supplement to the already-existing Emporium, will include a number of malls, the newest of which is the EmQuartier. Luis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, Diane Von Furstenburg, Jimmy Choo, and countless other international fashion and beauty brand names can be found here. There are a lot of sales around the holidays, and there is always a festive mood with music playing and bright lights flashing.

In addition, the mall has a Helix Zone with a wide variety of eateries, including a cheap food court and restaurants serving everything from Mexican food to New England seafood. The mall features a luxury fitness center, an IMAX theater, a gourmet food market, a multiplex movie theater, and even a waterfall in addition to retail space. If you need to burn more calories after shopping, this Virgin Active Fitness gym has the highest-quality training equipment and an altitude training room. For years to come, shopaholics should be satisfied.

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5. Central Embassy

Photo: Time Out
Central Embassy

Bangkok's Central Embassy is an opulent lifestyle mall with an impressive selection of upscale designer shops, fine-dining establishments, swanky movie theaters, and the lavish Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel. This shopping center, which is in the heart of the city, is connected directly to the Ploen Chit BTS Skytrain Station and features a futuristic design and a minimalist white interior.

Numerous high-end retailers can be found in Central Embassy Bangkok, including Gucci, Prada, Versace, Chanel, and Givenchy. You won't need to sift through mounds of untucked clothing or outbid price-conscious buyers at everything-must-go sales.

As you ascend, you'll discover a striking Vivienne Westwood store, along with Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen. Common high-street brands like Fred Perry, Oakley, Lacoste, Uniqlo, and Zara are featured in the higher levels.

Each of the six main shopping floors has a large, open concourse, making the atmosphere generally quite tranquil (even during busy hours). On the seventh floor of the mall, there is a private movie theater called The Embassy Diplomat Screens. 37 floors above Central Embassy and the rest of Bangkok is where you'll find the Park Hyatt Hotel.

With direct connections to the nearby Central Chidlom Mall on Level 2 and the Phloen Chit and Chit Lom BTS Skytrain Stations, Central Embassy is also one of the city's most practical shopping centers.

6. Central World

Photo: Thousand Wonders
Photo: Thousand Wonders

One of Bangkok, Thailand's largest shopping centers is this one. The largest shopping district in Asia is thought to be in the central world. The mall's layout is based on the idea of street shopping. The mall caters to the lifestyles of young urbanites, families, and teenagers; it is much more than a typical shopping center.

All age groups can find something to do at the mall. Ice skating, shopping, a kids' area, and much more are available for enjoyment and exploration. The best thing about the mall is that it provides an unmatched variety of goods and services at costs that make shopping enjoyable again.

7. CentralPlaza Khon Kaen

Photo: My Entertainment Hub
Photo: My Entertainment Hub

It was inaugurated in 2009 and is situated at the intersection of Mittraphap and Srichan roads in Khon Kaen's Muang District. It has about 250 shops and services, 2500 parking spaces, 6 levels, and a floor area that is roughly 186,000 square meters in total. The two main draws in this mall are the Robinson Department Store and SF Cinema City.

CentralPlaza The largest and most up-to-date lifestyle shopping center in the Northeast, Khonkaen features a green building design that conserves energy. Its architecture is influenced by Northeastern art and culture. There are over 250 retail stores, fashion boutiques, restaurants, a bowling alley, SF Cinemas City, Robinson Department Store, and a sizable convention center inside. The project's diversity and completion have made Khonkaen province the epicenter of educational activities, governmental institutions, and commercial establishments in Thailand's northeast.

8. Seacon Square

Photo: Wikipedia
Seacon Square

More than 400 specialty stores can be found in Season Square, along with 15 anchor stores like Tesco Lotus, Robinson Department Store, Seacon Fashion Mall, Office Depot, and Tops Supermarket. The fourth floor of the mall is a food court with about 30 kiosks serving Thai and Asian cuisine. A food market with 20 vendors selling street food and regional snacks offers a concept of street-side dining on the ground floor.

One of Bangkok's largest hubs for computer devices, parts, and accessories is the IT section at Seacon Square. On the third floor, Klongtom Seacon sells a variety of electronic components, toys, watches, cellphones, and Hi-Fi gear. The 5,000 sq m Seacon Fashion Mall and Siam Seacon on the second floor has over 300 boutiques by designer labels and regional independent brands if you're looking for clothing and fashion accessories.

9. Terminal 21

Photo: Khám phá Thái Lan
Photo: Khám phá Thái Lan

With its innovative concept that unites several well-known cities under one roof, Terminal 21 brings the desire to travel the globe to downtown Bangkok. Find yourself exploring Tokyo City's maze of stores, strolling down Carnaby Street in London, finding a deal in an Istanbul souk, or picking up something to satisfy your stomach's growling at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

The curvilinear glass and steel façade of Terminal 21, which is a part of the same structure as Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit, resembles a modern airport, and the theme is carried through once you enter. The arrivals in specific cities are indicated by floor signs, electronic display boards are reminiscent of the flight information screens at airport terminals, and the information desk receptionists are dressed in flight attendant uniforms.

10. Limelight Avenue

Photo: Phuket.Net
Photo: Phuket.Net

The mall is conveniently located in Phuket. Modern retail space can be found at Limelight Avenue. There are sufficient little shops, eateries, bars, and other services here to make your life simple. The students can perform for an audience in front of a music store and school that has chairs outside.

The mall's retail establishments, which sell items like clothing, accessories, toys, and souvenirs made of local crafts, are its main draw. In the vicinity of this mall are some of Thailand's finest hotels. It also has salons that specialize in acrylic nails, spas, and shops that help you feel beautiful. You can find the pool at Limelight next to the escalators.

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