Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Top 10 Greatest and Most Famous Love Stories in The World

Love is an endless theme in literature and poetry. In life, everyone wants to find their other half, complete and suitable for their age. For heroes or beauties, this is no exception. They are mostly couples "heroic boys and girls" but long and troubled in love.

The history of the world from its inception to now has recorded many romantic, beautiful but sad love stories. Touching love stories, whether real or just in poetry, bring a lot of emotions and take away a lot of people's tears. Let's review some of the love stories of famous couples in history from ancient to modern times below.


1. Romeo and Juliet

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Romeo and Juliet

This story of "star-crossed lovers," first written and performed as a play in 1597, has been told and interpreted several times — from the Broadway and cinema classic "West Side Story" to the 1996 adolescent picture "Romeo + Juliet."

Romeo and Juliet, a narrative that many lovers can connect to, focuses on the tragedies that accompany the loss of genuine love. Two of literature's most famous clans, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, hail from opposing sides of the Verona lines, and their family's disdain of their love finally leads to their tragedy.

2. Antony and Cleopatra

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Antony and Cleopatra

The love story between Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman general Mark Antony is one of the most memorable, moving and captivating love stories of all time. They fell in love at first sight. Their love, however, infuriated the Romans - an empire wary of Egypt's growing power - indignant. Despite all the threats, Cleopatra and Antony held a wedding ceremony. It is said that, while participating in a battle against the Romans, Antony received false information about the death of his lover, collapsed and collapsed on his sword.

When Cleopatra learned of Antony's death, she was shocked and then took the poison to take her own life, thinking that by doing so, she would be able to meet Antony again in the afterlife. Cleopatra's two servants, Iras and Charmian, also committed suicide with their master.

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3. Napoleon and Josephine

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Napoleon and Josephine

Napoleon's relationship with Josephine, a six-year-old widow with two children, was fraught from the start. Napoleon embarked on a military campaign in Italy only two days after their wedding. Josephine, who remained in Paris, quickly began an affair with officer Hippolyte Charles.

When Napoleon discovered his wife's adultery, he became enraged and soon began his own affair. No additional details about Josephine's affairs have been revealed, but Napoleon's feelings for her had changed. When it became evident that Josephine was sterile,

Napoleon intended to divorce her. He then married Marie-Louise of Austria, who bore him the long-awaited heir. But despite Josephine’s infidelity, divorce, and remarriage, Napoleon’s last words are said to be “France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine.”

4. Paris and Helen

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Paris and Helen

She was someone else's wife, but when Paris, the "handsome, woman-mad" prince of Troy, saw Helen, the woman Aphrodite declared to be the most beautiful in the world, he had to have her. Helen and Paris fled together, igniting the decade-long Trojan War. According to folklore, Helen was half-divine, the daughter of Queen Leda and the God Zeus, who turned into a swan to woo the queen.

We'll never know if Helen existed, but her romantic role in the greatest epic of all time will be remembered forever. She will always be known as "the face that launched a thousand ships."

5. Orpheus and Eurydice

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Orpheus and Eurydice

In Greek mythology, Orpheus was a famed musician and poet. He is well renowned for his lovely music, which enchanted everyone, including stones and wild creatures. He is also recognized for his strong feelings for his wife Eurydice.

Eurydice and Orpheus were in love and young. Their love was so strong that they were nearly inseparable. Their love was so reliant on the other that each thought they couldn't exist without the other. These young couples were having a great time frolicking in the meadows. Aristaeus, the Greek god of land and agriculture, fell in love with Eurydice and relentlessly sought her. While escaping Aristaeus, Eurydice came upon a nest of snakes, which bit her on the legs and killed her.

Orpheus, distraught, sung and played sorrowful songs so mournfully that all the nymphs and gods cried. He went to the underworld on their counsel and, by his music, eased the hearts of Hades and Persephone. They called Eurydice and entrusted her to him on the condition that he not look back at her as she followed him till they were in the higher realm. Thus the two climbed up and up through Hades' huge doors to the road that would lead them out of the darkness.

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6. Tristan and Iseult

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Tristan and Iseult

Isuelt was an Irish Princess, and Tristan was a Cornish Knight. Their love story is regarded as a significant romance with a terrible ending. When Tristan's uncle, King Mark of Cornwall, orders him to accompany Iseult back to Cornwall to marry him, their adulterous relationship begins.

Tristan falls in love at first sight, and Isuelt experiences the same. Despite their feelings for one other, she marries his uncle, King Mark, while continuing an illicit affair with Tristan.

When King Mark learns about the two, he exiles his nephew Tristan from Cornwall but saves Isuelt. After a while, Tristan becomes ill and sends a note to Israel.

Tristan dies of sorrow because Isuelt does not arrive to cure him despite his message. As Isuelt learns of his death, she, too, dies of sadness.

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7. Artemis and Orion

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Artemis and Orion

Artemis is the purest and freshest goddess in the land of Olympus. During a hunting trip, she happened to meet and know Orion, the son of the ocean god Poseidon and an earthly girl. Enthusiastic about archery, the goddess quickly appreciated Orion's hunting talent and his athletic appearance, and soon, love blossomed between the two. The story came to Apollo, Artemis' brother.

Having just experienced a painful love affair with the fairy Daphne and in order to protect her eternal virginity, the god firmly opposes Orion's proposal to Artemis. Apollo challenged the goddess to hit a floating object in the sea. Without hesitation, Artemis raised his bow and fired deadly arrows. But alas, the object that the goddess hit was Orion's head. Zeus then turned Orion into a constellation in the sky. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, once made a vow to never marry to protect her virginity. However, before the talent and beauty of the hunter Orion, Artemis fell in love at first sight. Even so, despite their intense love, hunting, and dinner together, Artemis always followed his oath and never slept with Orion. The beautiful love story of two people was prevented by the twin brother of Artemis, the sun god Apollo. I always thought that no matter how rational Artemis was, sooner or later he would marry Orion. So Apollo took advantage when Orion was swimming far from the shore, seeing from a distance only his head was a small black dot in the water, and went to see Artemis.

Apollo criticized Artemis' archery and challenged her to hit the small black dot moving across the ocean. Infuriated by his brother's mockery, Artemis drew his bow and shot directly at the target Apollo pointed to Orion's head. The arrow flew away very quickly and, of course, killed Orion. When his body washed ashore, Artemis was in great pain and realized that he had killed his lover with his own hands. God grieve and transformed Orion's body into a constellation so that he could be with his deceased lover every night.

8. Marie and Pierre Curie

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Marie and Pierre Curie

The love stories not only appeared in ancient or medieval times, but even in modern times, there are still love stories that people admire greatly. As two famous scientists Marie and Pierre Curie are a typical example. Marie Curie (November 7, 1867 - July 4, 1934) was a famous Polish physicist and chemist. Her love with French scientist Pierre Curie is beautiful and has a happy ending. From a young age, Marie showed her intelligence more than people and was passionate about scientific discovery.

However, at that time, Poland still did not recognize the ability of women, so Marie had to go to Paris, France in 1891 to study at the Sorbonne. Here, the blonde girl spends her time and enthusiasm reading books, studying in libraries or in laboratories. Marie's diligence and hard work caught the eye of Pierre Curie, the director of a laboratory. where Marie works. Empathy plus love for science helped two souls come together. They married in 1895. In 1903, Marie and her husband and scientist Henri Becquerel received the Nobel Prize in physics for their research on radioactivity. In 1911, she continued to receive the Nobel Prize for discovering two chemical elements polonium and radium. When her husband died, Marie was determined to continue her husband's scientific career. She became the first female lecturer at the Sorbonne. She taught until her death in 1934.

9. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Their names may be obscure to most people in the West, but their love generated a world-famous monument - the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal were a loving Mughal royal couple who died while giving birth to their 14th child. Shah Jahan was heartbroken by the loss of his wife and fell into a deep sadness that afflicted him both emotionally and physically. His anguish, however, motivated him to create one of the world's greatest architectural marvels as the ultimate resting place for his beloved wife.

Shah became sick shortly after finishing the Taj Mahal and was deposed by his eldest son. He was incarcerated for the remainder of his life and was buried close to his wife. According to mythology, he wanted to create an exact replica of the Taj Mahal in black marble on the other side of the Yamuna River, but the construction never began.

10. Lancelot and Guinevere

Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in The World of All Time
Lancelot and Guinevere

Lancelot was one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and a wonderful companion, while Guinevere was a lovely and honorable queen.

The love affair between these two is one of Arthurian Legend's most well-known legends. The plot began when Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere.

Despite their most famous love affair, Guinevere sought to keep Lancelot at bay, but only for a short time.

As they were in their chamber together one night, King Arthur's nephews, Agravain and Modred, along with 12 knights, set fire to the chamber and the lovers.

Lancelot managed to escape the flames, but Queen Guinevere was not so fortunate, and she remained trapped. Nevertheless, after a few days, he returned to rescue her and damaged King Arthur's realm by splitting the Knights of the Round Table into two parts - the Lancelot team and the Arthur side.

Though he spared her from the nefarious scheme, she became a nun and stayed in Amesbury until her death, leaving him to live out his days as a humble recluse until his death.


Most of the stories stated above are everlasting, and they served as models for people who supported love and emotions.

Some notable love stories with powerful romanticism include Eloise and Abelard, Layla and Majnun, and Alexander I and Draga Masm.

All of their stories taught us to appreciate, believe in, and value love. Despite the fact that the majority of the stories ended tragically, they never fail to impress and influence aspiring lovers with genuine affections.

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