Even the poorest Americans can still afford to send their children to several of the most prestigious private schools, despite growing sticker prices. Contrary to common assumption, data indicates that because of their need-blind admissions policy and significant financial aid packages, the most selective schools and universities are frequently the most inexpensive choices for low-income families.

Nonetheless, a lot of low-income families only consider institutions that appear to be less competitive and more affordable because they are scared off by the high stated tuition costs.

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Top 10 Cheapest Private Colleges In The US By Net Cost

What Are the Reasons Behind the Lower Costs of Cheap Private Colleges in the US?

The following list of colleges has an average annual cost of $5,222. The majority are significantly less expensive because they are public institutions that receive funding from local and state governments.

On our list, there are a few private universities that have made it a priority to provide affordable education, though. For instance, Berea College in Kentucky offers free tuition since all of its students participate in a work program to pay for their education.

Top 10 Cheapest Private Colleges In The US By Net Cost

1. Berea College

$5,222 annual net cost

The first coeducational and interracial college in the South was Berea College, a Christian-affiliated institution situated in Appalachia. The college is well-known for its goal of giving students from low-income backgrounds access to higher education. Berea does not charge its students the full listed price because of this.

Rather, Berea depends on contributions, endowment income, and financial aid to pay for enrollment. As a requirement of their aid package, all students must work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

2. Idaho's Brigham Young University

Net annual cost: $6,698

At under $9,410, Brigham Young University-Idaho has the lowest reported total cost of attendance of any university on this list. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded BYU-Idaho, which is one of the few universities on this list with a religious affiliation. Students are expected to abide by an honor code based on their faith at school.

BYU-Idaho offers a wide range of academic programs, including business, engineering, humanities, and performing arts. With 51,881 undergraduate students, BYU-Idaho likewise has the highest enrollment on this list.

3. Heritage University

The net annual cost of Heritage University is $6,850.

Located in Toppenish, Washington, on the Yakama Indian Reservation, Heritage University is a private university.

This modest university offers popular degrees in psychology, elementary education, and social work and youth services.

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4. College of the Ozarks

$7,195 is the annual net cost

Another college that gives most of its students free tuition is College of the Ozarks, which also has plenty of work-study options to help with extra expenses. Located near Point Lookout, Missouri, College of the Ozarks is a private institution of higher learning.

This well regarded small-sized college offers popular degrees in psychology, business, and nursing.

5. Franklin University

$7,201 is the annual net cost

Franklin, a private institution in Columbus, Ohio, with an average net cost of just $7,201 annually, completes our list of the top five least costly private colleges in the United States. The purpose of this college's founding was to serve the needs of non-traditional, somewhat older than average college students. It offers a large number of degrees entirely online.

6. Kentucky Mountain Bible College

$7,235 per year net

Kentucky Mountain Bible College, or KMBC, is a private, religious college near Vancleve, Kentucky, as its name might imply. Numerous graduates go on to serve as pastors and missionaries all throughout the world. The net cost of attendance on average is only $7,235 annually.

7. Magdalen College

$7,933 is the annual net cost

Located in Warner, New Hampshire, Magdalen College is a private liberal arts college.

This extremely small university only offers Liberal Arts and Humanities as a major.

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8. Peirce University

Net annual cost: $8,382

Peirce is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based private institution with an emphasis on adult education.

This university has a 100% acceptance rate for popular majors like business, paralegal, criminal justice, and law enforcement administration. Students might choose to major in paralegal studies, general studies, business, healthcare, or IT.

9. Rust College

$8,924 is the net annual cost

Located in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Rust is a private historically Black college or university (HBCU). With the United Methodist Church, it is associated. Rust College is a liberal arts college in Holly Springs, Mississippi, that was established in 1866.

This mill-sized university has a competitive acceptance rate and offers popular degrees like broadcast journalism, biology, and kindergarten and preschool education.

10. University of the West

$8,968 is the annual net cost

The University of the West is a private Buddhist college in Rosemead, California, that was founded in 1990.

At this modest university, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Business, and English are the most popular majors.

In Brief

Families are placing a greater emphasis on financial issues when their children choose colleges because incomes appear to be staying stagnant and college fees are rising.

Furthermore, the amount of debt incurred from student loans is rising, and young individuals are concerned about graduating with enormous debt. This explains why a large number of students want to attend one of the least expensive universities in the country.

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