Top 10 Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol And Diesel In Canada. Photo: knowinsiders.
Top 10 Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol And Diesel In Canada. Photo: knowinsiders.
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What are the fuel prices in Canada?

Average gasoline prices had increased between June 2 and June 3, 2022, reaching 200.5 Canadian cents per liter. This reflects the uncertainty faced by the crude oil market as economic sanctions are taken against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Retail price for regular gasoline in the country had increased throughout the past years, as reported.

In Canada the price of gasoline (petrol) is expressed in Canadian dollars per litre and includes all applicable taxes. You can find out prices at various gas stations in a given town by consulting Gas Buddy (which needs converting from U.S.$/gallon) or (which is in CAN$/litre).

Today's Average Yesterday (Avg.) Week Ago (Avg.) Month Ago (Avg.)
203.3/L 200.5/L 194.5/L 181.9/L
Likely to rise

According to, Canadian federal and provincial gas taxes are more than twice as high as those in the US. Outside of taxes, historical price data shows that the price of gasoline in Canada is very similar to the US. Canadian gas taxes not only vary from one province to another, but also from one region to another. Outside taxes, gasoline prices are similar across Canada.

So what’s up with the price of gasoline? That’s always a hot topic, but contrary to popular belief, gasoline is one of the most competitively and transparently priced consumer products. So how is gasoline priced? There are four factors:

-Crude oil prices: As a commodity that trades in world markets, crude oil prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Global economic conditions, geopolitical or military events and other factors can all affect the price.

-Wholesale prices: The wholesale price of refined gasoline is also a factor of supply and demand. World events such as refinery incidents, extreme weather, or changes in demand play a role in determining the wholesale or commodity price.

-Retail mark-up: most retailers are independent business owners, so they are able to competitively set their own margins, but the retail price still tends to fluctuate along with wholesale prices. As margins on fuel are typically very low, retailers often add services such as a car wash or convenience store to help them meet their overheads.

-Taxes: an average of 47 cents per litre at the pump. These taxes include federal and provincial taxes, and some municipalities charge an additional local tax. Gas prices at the pump are typically lower in the US because of the difference in taxes.

The price we pay for fuel at the pumps is affected by a variety of factors, including:

-The global price of crude oil - the oil price chart below shows how this is changing

-Supply and demand for crude oil

-Refinery production and capacity

-The pound to dollar exchange rate, as refined fuel is sold in US dollars

-Distribution costs

-The margin fuel retailers decide to take

-Fuel duty charged by the Government

-VAT charged at the end of every forecourt fuel transaction


List of top 10 cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Canada

Visitors to Canada from more densely-populated countries may be surprised to find that some sections of heavily-travelled Canadian highway can have as much as 100 km (60 miles) or more between gas stations. It's unwise to assume that there will always be a gas station nearby when you need to refuel. If you are doing substantial amounts of highway driving, you need to either plan your fuel stops as part of your route planning, or consider refuelling when your gas gauge reaches the half-full mark.

In January, as the star reported, gas prices started spiking across the country, and by February began shattering records as prices at the pumps soared.

At the same that COVID-19 restrictions started to lift and people began moving around again, driving up demand for gas to pre-pandemic levels, an escalating situation in Ukraine and a flurry of international sanctions on Russia put pressure on an already strained supply and sent international crude prices into a tailspin.

Experts say the hardest hit by high gas prices are low-income Canadians who are more likely to spend a sizable chunk of their income on transportation and are less likely to afford electric vehicles in order to offset rising costs.

Top 10 Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol And Diesel In Canada

Here are top 10 cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Canada that we summed up:

1. Alberta

2. Saskatchewan

3. Manitoba

4. Northwest Territories

5. Ontario

6. New Brunswick

7. Nova Scotia

8. PEI

9. Quebec

10. Newfoundland


What are the cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Canada?

Russia’s war on Ukraine has been rapidly increasing the price of oil on supply fears, and the impact is falling on consumers at the gas pump.

For some there is the option of deciding to use public transport to get to and from work, for example, but many of us have to drive to work as the distance is simple too far, which makes it important that you are not paying over-the-top prices at the pumps.

Therefore, in this article we will keep you informed when it comes to the current situation with gas in Canada and where you can find the cheapest prices at gas stations.

1. Alberta - Regular Gas Price: 179.1/L

Year-over-year, retail gasoline prices in Canada are up 55 per cent, according to GasBuddy’s website, and prices could continue to rise in the coming weeks as summer demand has the potential to send prices even higher and put pressure on already unstable markets. The most affordable gas could be found in Alberta, where prices at the pump averaged $1.69 per litre, followed by Saskatchewan at $1.86 per litre.

-Co-Op in Mayerthorpe (4201 52nd St Mayerthorpe, AB): Regular 165.9¢

-Costco in Calgary (12905 Buffalo Run Blvd): Regular 167.9¢

-AFD Petroleum (5213 50 St Wabamun, AB): Regular 168.9¢; Diesel: 180.9¢

-Costco (2584 46 Ave E Nisku, AB): Regular 169.9¢

-Tempo (21348 AB-14 Sherwood Park, AB): Regular 170.9¢; Diesel 178.9¢;

-CO-OP (100 Deer Valley Dr, Leduc, AB): Regular 171.9¢; Diesel 179.9¢;

-Hughes in Spruce Grove (24 South Ave, Hughes in Spruce Grove (24 South Ave): Regular 172.9¢; Diesel 183.9¢;

-Mobil @ extra foods in Drumheller (1252 AB-9 S ): Regular 172.9¢; Diesel 186.9¢;

-Shell in Edson (4208 2nd Ave): Regular 173.9¢; Diesel 181.9¢;

- Centex in Calgary (8210 Edgebrook Dr NW): Regular 173.9¢; Diesel 178.9¢.

2. Saskatchewan - Regular Gas Price: 194.9/L

-Regina Cabs in Regina (3405 Saskatchewan Dr): Regular 183.9¢;

-Regina Messenger in Regina (1609 Halifax St): Regular 185.9¢;

-Petro-Canada in Humboldt (740 Main St): Regular 187.8¢; Diesel 189.9¢;

-Costco in Regina (2110 Anaquod Rd): Regular 187.9¢;

-Klein's Food Mart in Regina (1005 Pasqua St): Regular 187.9¢; Diesel 195.9¢;

-Klein's Food Mart in Regina (1005 Pasqua St): Regular 187.9¢; Diesel 195.9¢;

-Gas Plus in Saskatoon (209-2750 Faithfull Ave): Regular 188.9¢; Diesel 196.9¢;

-Costco in Saskatoon (115 Marquis Dr): Regular 188.9¢;

-CO-OP in Warman (35-810 Centennial Blvd): Regular 192.9¢; Diesel 199.9¢;

-Extra Foods in Meadow Lake (828 9th St W): Regular 192.9¢; Diesel 195.9¢.

3. Manitoba - Regular Gas Price: 196.8/L

-Esso in Morden (25 Thornhill St): Regular 169.9¢;

-Esso in Traverse Bay (104008 PTH-59): Regular 193.9¢; Diesel 207.9¢;

-Esso in Winnipeg (1693 King Edward St): Regular 193.9¢; Diesel 209.9¢;

-Domo in Winnipeg (314 Wardlaw Ave): Regular 194.5¢;

-Petro-Canada in Virden (240 Frontage Rd): Regular 194.9¢; Diesel 206.9¢;

-Esso in Treherne (226 Hwy 2): Regular 194.9¢; Diesel 206.9¢;

-Highway Market 6 in Warren (1 Progress Way): Regular 195.7¢; Diesel 207.9¢;

-Tyndall Power Products in Tyndall (5 Oakes St): Regular 196.5¢;

-Shell in Winnipeg (3393 Portage Ave): Regular 196.9¢; Diesel 200.9¢;

-Co-Op in Winnipeg (345 Osborne St): Regular 196.9¢; Diesel 209.9¢.

4. Northwest Territories - Regular Gas Price: 197.9/L

-GasBuddy Test Station in Fort Good Hope (123 Main Street);

-Midnight Petroleum Cardlock in Yellowknife (125 Eagle Dr): Regular 191.9¢; Diesel 203.9¢;

-Shell in Yellowknife (482 Range Lake Rd): Regular 192.9¢; Diesel 209.9¢;

-Gastown in Yellowknife (356 Old Airport Rd): Regular 194.1¢;

-Shell in Hay River (Main St): Regular 194.9¢;

-Co-op in Yellowknife (321 Old Airport Rd): Regular 195.9¢; Diesel 209.9¢;

-Monkey Tree Gas Bar & Car Wash in Yellowknife (481 Range Lake Rd): Regular 197.9¢;

-Esso in Hay River (921 MacKenzie Hwy): Regular 204.9¢;

-Shell in Hay River (890 MacKenzie Hwy): Regular 204.9¢;

-Esso in Yellowknife (5000 Forrest Dr): Regular 209.9¢.

5. Ontario - Regular Gas Price: 209.6/L

Top 10 Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol And Diesel In Canada
A man walks a dog past a gas station in Toronto, Canada, on Oct. 16, 2021. Gas prices across the Greater Toronto Area hit a record high in recent days, according to local media. (Photo by Zou Zheng/Xinhua)

-Gen 7 Fuel in Alderville First Nation (8754 CR-45): Regular 178.9¢; Diesel 206.9¢;

-Peters Petro in Moraviantown First Nation (14615 Selton Line): Regular 183.0¢;

-Oasis Fuels in Golden Lake (343 Kokomis Rd): Regular 184.9¢; Diesel 205.9¢;

-Oasis Gas and Variety in Ohsweken Six Nations (1824 Fourth Line): Regular 185.6¢; Diesel 188.9¢;

-Terry's Gas and Variety in Curve Lake (1420 Mississauga St): Regular 185.9¢; Diesel 184.9¢;

-Maitland Gas & Convenience in Muncey First Nation (46 Maitland Dr): Regular 185.9¢; Diesel 174.9¢;

-Bear Creek Express in Muncey First Nation (590 Melbourne Rd): Regular 185.9¢; Diesel 187.9¢;

-Kokomish in Golden Lake (153 Kokomis Inamo): Regular 185.9¢; Diesel 206.9¢;

-Styres in Ohsweken Six Nations (1987 Chiefswood Rd): Regular 187.6¢; Diesel 184.9¢.

6. New Brunswick - Regular Gas Price: 208.6/L

-Wilsons in Shediac (158 Main St): Regular 203.5¢; Diesel 215.5¢;

-Irving in Edmundston (191 Victoria St): Regular 207.4¢; Diesel 210.6¢;

-Petro-Canada in Edmundston (160 Blvd Hebert): Regular 207.8¢;

-Canadian Tire in Fredericton (1025 Prospect St): Regular 207.9¢;

-Shell in Petitcodiac (11 Smith St): Regular 207.9¢; Diesel 207.9¢;

-Irving in Dieppe (64 Champlain St): Regular 208.1¢; Diesel 220.4¢;

-Superstore in Tracadie-Sheila (3455 Rue Principale): Regular 208.2¢;

-Ultramar in St Stephen (9316 Route 3): Regular 208.4¢; Diesel 220.5¢;

-Irving in St Stephen (5 NB-170): Regular 208.4¢; Diesel 220.2¢.

7. Nova Scotia - Regular Gas Price: 208.8/L

-Irving in Hubbards (90 Main St): Regular 103.9¢;

-Wilsons in New Glasgow (307 Marsh St): Regular 204.2¢; Diesel 203.2¢;

-Wilsons in Halifax (289 Herring Cove Rd): Regular 204.5¢;

-Shell in Halifax (5 Ruth Goldbloom Dr): Regular 208.0¢; Diesel 196.6¢;

-Superstore in Halifax (3601 Joseph Howe Dr): Regular 208.0¢;

-Irving in Dartmouth (275 Baker Dr): Regular 208.0¢;

-Esso in Dartmouth (160 Main St): Regular 208.0¢;

-Petro-Canada in Elmsdale (291 NS-214): Regular 208.0¢; Diesel 201.4¢

-Irving in Dartmouth (575 Main St): Regular 208.0¢; Diesel 204.1¢;

-Shell in Digby (256 NS-303): Regular 209.0¢; Diesel 210.4¢.

8. PEI - Regular Gas Price: 212.9/L

-Wilsons in Souris (3212 E Point Rd): Regular 211.0¢; Diesel 211.7¢;

-Petro-Canada in Summerside (519 Granville St): Regular 213.0¢; Diesel 213.7¢;

-Irving in Winsloe (537 Malpeque Rd): Regular 213.0¢;

-Esso in Borden-Carleton (141 Abegweit Blvd): Regular 213.0¢;

-Ultramar in Charlottetown (320 Capital Dr): Regular 213.0¢;

-Shell in North River (58 Trans Canada Hwy): Regular 213.0¢;

-Irving in Souris (63 Main St): Regular 213.0¢; Diesel 213.7¢;

-Shell in Summerside (671 Water St): Regular 213.0¢; Diesel 213.7¢;

-Coast Gas in Summerside (415 Sherbrooke Rd): Regular 217.0¢; Diesel 218.8¢.

9. Quebec - Regular Gas Price: 217.6/L

Top 10 Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol And Diesel In Canada
A tanker truck delivers fuel at a gas station in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, on March 4, 2022. Gas prices have hit record-breaking highs in Canadian cities, Natural Resources Canada revealed on Friday. (Photo by Zou Zheng/Xinhua)

-Shell in Lavaltrie (551 Rue Notre Dame): Regular 195.7¢;

-Petro-Canada in Lavaltrie (102 Ch de Lavaltrie): Regular 195.7¢;

-Mohawk Gas Bar in Kanesatake (520-A Rang Ste Philomene): Regular 198.9¢;

-Ultramar in St-Etienne-des-Grès (1410 Rue Principale): Regular 203.4¢; Diesel 222.4¢;

-Petro-Canada in Saint-Roch-de-L'Achigan (601 J-Oswald-Forest): Regular 203.9¢; Diesel 237.9¢;

-Couche-Tard in Rawdon (3217 1ière Ave): Regular 203.9¢;

-Sonic in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton (2531 Rue Principale): Regular 203.9¢;

-Ultramar in Grenville (1868 Rue Principale): Regular 204.7¢;

-Dépanneur 343 in Saint-Colomban (343 Côte Saint-Nicholas): Regular 204.9¢; Diesel 222.9¢;

-Esso in Coteau-du-Lac (61 QC-201): Regular 205.9¢; Diesel 229.9¢.

10. Newfoundland - Regular Gas Price: 217.2/L

-Costco in St John's (75 Danny Dr): Regular 212.9¢;

-North Atlantic in St Johns (10 Tailwind Dr): Regular 217.2¢;

-Irving in St Johns (32 Frecker Dr): Regular 217.2¢;

-Canadian Tire in St Johns (46 Torbay Rd): Regular 217.2¢;

-North Atlantic in St Johns (86 Thorburn Rd): Regular 217.2¢;

-Irving in Corner Brook (1 Mill Rd): Regular 217.9¢;

-Ultramar in Corner Brook (67 West St): Regular 217.9¢;

-North Atlantic in Clarenville (132 Trans Canada Hwy): Regular 218.9¢;

-Esso in Stephenville (20 Main St): Regular 218.9¢.

Here are some tips to help you save the energy while driving:

1. Check your tire pressure. Often.

2. Get the right octane gas for your car

3. Get a tune-up

4. Don’t idle

5. Minimize drag

6. Don’t speed

7. Make fewer trips

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