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Mobile apps have made selling clothing and accessories online much more convenient. Previously, the only places to shop were consignment stores and thrift stores. There are currently apps that make the process of designing, planning, and promoting different products easier. They make it easier for you to connect with buyers who are actively looking for different styles. Additionally, they use automation to simplify shipping labels, payments, and other important processes.

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How to Sell Clothes on the Internet

To maximize your profits from selling your possessions, it is recommended that you read these tips before using any of the aforementioned services.

Update your list of items

Before putting your products on the market, make sure you wash or dry-clean them. Polishing shoes and handbag hardware will remove any scuff marks.

Make sure the products are packaged appropriately as well to avoid any creases or damage during transit.

Take crisp, high-resolution pictures

Crisp, well-lit product photos will make your products stand out on platforms where you have to provide your own images among a sea of dimly lit cell phone photos. Place your clothing on a level, even surface and angle a few lamps toward it to reduce shadows.

Are you without a surface, or even a level? A blanket or bedspread in one color will work if it's needed.

Provide an accurate and factual account

Give potential customers thorough information about every facet of the product you are selling. Make use of succinct but thorough sentences. Provide additional information in addition to basic details like the item's manufacturer, dimensions, and condition. Are you wearing your jeans low on your hips? Is the thickness of the fabric high or low? Add particular details.

Items that have been treasured are prone to small scratches or dents. Being upfront about any flaws will protect your seller rating and reputation, which are important things in some consignment circles.

Establish the best price for your clothing items to maximize the chance that they will be bought

Finding the ideal balance—neither too high nor too low—while deciding on the price of your products can be facilitated by performing some competitive analysis. Consider lowering the price if your product isn't selling. Would you refuse to lower the price of your product? Edit your description and photo.

Top 10 Best Shopping Sites To Sell Your Used Clothes Online
Top 10 Most Famous Sites To Sell Your Used Clothes Online

Top 10 Most Famous Sites To Sell Your Used Clothes Online

1. ThredUP

Link: https://www.thredup.com/

Sellers it's a good fit for: Those looking to offload a large quantity of women's and children's clothing.

Only a minimal amount of effort is necessary to receive compensation for delivering something on the website.

ThredUP welcomes a diverse selection of women's and children's clothing brands. Undoubtedly, the website has established a reputation as a platform for exchanging used children's clothing, with a specific section dedicated to young individuals.

Think of thredUP as a nearby consignment enterprise that simply buys your items.

To begin, register and initiate the procedure by submitting a request for a "clean out." Next, generate a printed mailing label from the email and attach it to a box or bag prior to shipping it to thredUp using FedEx or USPS.

thredUP upholds stringent quality standards. Garments must be recently laundered and in pristine condition, either completely new or in a condition that closely resembles new, without any signs of damage, wear, or alterations. thredUP offers compensation based on a portion of the ultimate selling price for clothing items that are approved and listed for sale. Greater financial gains are achieved when dealing with higher-priced items. As an illustration, you will receive a profit margin of 60% to 80% on clothing items that are priced between $100 and $199.99, whereas you will only earn a profit margin of 3% to 15% on clothing items priced between $5 and $19.99.

2. Vinted

Link: https://www.vinted.com/

Vinted is a global e-commerce platform that specializes in the sale of pre-owned fashion items. It operates in multiple countries including the United States, Europe, and Canada. Listing your belongings is a straightforward task. Capture several photographs using a mobile device, select a desired value, and compose a detailed explanation. Purchasers have the option to make secure payments through the application, and the funds are transferred to you upon their verification of receipt. The shipping costs are contingent upon the dimensions of the item, as well as the geographical locations of both the buyer and the seller. After a purchase, Vinted will provide a prepaid shipping label.

3. Poshmark

Link: https://poshmark.com/

Sellers who are looking to sell a diverse range of common items individually will find it to be an excellent match.

Active participation is necessary, involving the submission of images, determination of prices, and organization of shipping.

The Poshmark app and website enable users to list a wide range of clothing and accessories for sale, encompassing clean and well-maintained items for women, men, and children.

Unlike thredUP sales, on Poshmark, you have the responsibility of individually listing each of your products. However, Poshmark's website offers ample assistance to aid you in this process. Poshmark.com advises commencing by uploading well-illuminated photographs of your item. Next, determine the price of the item, offer a comprehensive description, and distribute it.

Poshmark provides you with a USPS shipping label via email once you have successfully made a sale. However, it is your responsibility to package the item for shipment.

Poshmark imposes a fee of $2.95 for transactions below $15 and a commission of 20% on the listing price for transactions exceeding $15. Your share will be disbursed to you three days following the buyer's receipt of the item.

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4. Shopify

Link: https://www.shopify.com/

Shopify goes a step further by allowing you to construct your own store. You have the option of selling your products online, in person, on a website or blog, through social media, or in an online marketplace. You may also modify your products and inventory as well as process payments effortlessly while Shopify handles all of the technological parts behind the scenes. There are also numerous apps and integrations available to improve the operation of your store.

5. Mercari

Link: http://www.mercari.com/

Mercari boasts a user base of more than 20 million individuals, and its software places great emphasis on factors such as price, simplicity, and usability. Each listing requires photographs, a title, a category, and a concise description. Through the application's integrated messaging system, purchasers have the ability to submit bids while vendors have the option to engage in rate negotiations. There is no charge for listing, however, a 10% fee is applied when an item is sold and a 5% fee is charged for cancellations. You have the option to personally handle the shipment of your box or utilize Mercari's cost-effective USPS, UPS, and FedEx labels, which typically offer a 40% discount compared to standard retail rates.


Link: https://www.etsy.com/

Although Etsy is commonly associated with the sale of handmade items, it is also a highly suitable platform for selling clothing. Monetize your meticulously curated collection of vintage (or handmade!) fashion on Etsy's platform, which caters to a community of skilled artisans and vintage merchants.

Etsy enforces a stringent reselling policy, necessitating the explicit declaration of an item's age or attribution to another brand or individual. Attempting to pass off the clothing item as your own is strongly discouraged.

The seller expenses are relatively low: Etsy imposes a transaction fee of 6.5% and a payment processing fee of 3% (in addition to a mere 20 cents per item sold). Etsy will levy a 15% fee if your item is sold through an offsite advertisement. In order to guarantee secure payment processing, the website also utilizes an encrypted payout platform. You will be in esteemed company, as there are more than 1.7 million vendors on Etsy.

7. Collective Vestiare

Link: https://www.vestiairecollective.com/

Vestiaire Collective is a reliable platform for purchasing reasonably priced designer products. Customers will discover an extensive array of choices in diverse circumstances, spanning from pristine items with attached tags to gently used but still in satisfactory condition. Vestiaire Collective offers higher compensation due to the requirement of self-photographing and shipping of products, as well as the opportunity to negotiate with buyers and sellers for more advantageous deals. Vestiaire's sales are non-refundable, eliminating the need for any return transactions. Buyers, in contrast to reseller platforms such as Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace, are not able to make lower offers; any offer they submit must be at least 70% of your listed price. Furthermore, unlike other websites that utilize an algorithm to reduce the prices of items that are not selling in order to sell off inventory, you have the ability to determine the discount that will be applied to your item.

8. Facebook Marketplace

The previously dominant social networking platform has since evolved into a marketplace for buying and selling items, and occasionally, for giving them away without charge. Engaging in commerce on Facebook Marketplace is a logical decision.

There are no charges for selling or taxes to be paid, and you can easily distribute your listing to your network of acquaintances and relatives (as well as other individuals on your friends list). One cannot predict the potential interest of individuals in second-hand denim or previously worn prom dresses.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Marketplace operates as an open platform, but it does impose certain rules and guidelines that users must adhere to. On the social media platform, the sale of services (such as house cleaning), healthcare products, animals, and recalled items is not allowed.

9. The RealReal

Link: https://www.therealreal.com/

Potential beneficiaries of this product are sellers. Entrepreneurs with a keen sense of fashion who specialize in selling high-end clothing and accessories for women, men, and children.

The task only necessitates a minimal amount of exertion, as you simply deliver an item and receive payment from the website.

If you possess high-end items in your collection, valued at hundreds or even thousands of dollars, such as Gucci, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton, The RealReal offers potential assistance in selling them. As per the website's instructions, it is necessary to obtain and print a complimentary shipping label in order to affix it to your package of items. Alternatively, depending on your location, you may have the option to deliver your possessions to a RealReal facility or arrange for a scheduled collection.

The RealReal establishes the price of your belongings by considering market trends, the item's condition, and various other factors. Unlike other online consignment companies, you will not receive compensation for each individual item of clothing. Instead, you will receive a commission for all purchases made during a specific month, beginning at a rate of 20% for sales totaling $99 or less. Commission percentages rise in direct correlation with sales growth. For instance, if you sell an item for $5,000 or more, you will receive 70% of the total amount earned. The payment is scheduled for the 15th day of the subsequent month.

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10. Farfetch Second Life

Link: https://www.farfetch.com/positively-farfetch/secondlife/

Do you possess any designer handbags (perhaps even multiple) that you no longer envision yourself utilizing? Through Farfetch's "Second Life" program, you have the opportunity to exchange it for store credit. Upload a selection of images depicting the bag(s) you wish to sell, await an associate's price estimate, and subsequently arrange a complimentary pickup for your bag to undergo authentication and be listed for sale. What is the most outstanding aspect? Store credit is applied to your account automatically, without the need to wait for it to sell like on other consignment sites. It can be used to update your wardrobe in the future. (A comprehensive compilation of approved bag brands can be accessed at this location.)


Some of these websites include integrated social media and profiles, allowing you to promote your listings on other platforms to reach a bigger audience. So, whether you want to clean out your closet for new outfits, supplement your income, or establish a full-fledged online store, here are the top mobile apps for selling garments from your favorite Android camera phone.

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