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In comparison to Hollywood films, French films are not as popular. However, if you are a fan of French movies, this is the ideal spot to learn about several websites where you may watch French movies online.

These supplied websites are available via the internet, so if you need to study French, this is an excellent option to do it while viewing movies. Fortunately, there are free ways to search and watch French movies online. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch French Movies
The Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In French

Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In French

1. Netflix


This platform has thousands of movies available. It also contains a feature that allows you to alter the video quality of the movie while watching it, depending on your demands.

Netflix is a famous streaming service that allows you to view movies, sports, and live events from around the world whenever and wherever you choose. It also provides many movie languages such as English, Japanese, Tagalog, and French.

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2. FilmsRIP


This site has thousands of movies available. It also contains a feature that allows you to alter the video quality of the movie while watching it, depending on your demands.

FilmsRIP is a streaming service with a diverse selection of content, and new entire movies are added on a daily basis. It contains both fresh and hard-to-find vintage movies. Another advantage of this website is that it has a simple and basic interface, which is excellent for people who prefer a clean environment. It is not essential to register to watch a full movie, but downloads are only available to members. This website also serves as a family-friendly movie platform. They also have animated movies that are appropriate for youngsters. Overall, it's a lovely place to watch free French movies online.

Why Do People Enjoy French Films?

French films are popular for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the films are frequently designed for adults and deal with serious social topics. Furthermore, French films have a high level of integrity because they are engaged in expressing their own stories. Finally, the French recognize that film is more than just a kind of amusement; it is an integral component of culture.

3. YouTube


You have to admit that YouTube is a veritable treasure mine of videos, especially ancient and rare French films. The best aspect is that many of these films feature English or French subtitles, which is helpful for folks who know no or little French. However, some full movies are clipped into many small videos to avoid being removed by YouTube. If a movie you're interested in is only accessible in parts, you may download all of them from YouTube at once and merge them with the downloader I described before (yes, it also has some video editing features).

Why Is French Film the Best?

French cinema is the best because of its ability to incorporate lighthearted, comedic moments into serious tragedies. French actors are frequently cast in films shot in other countries, notably Hollywood. French blockbuster pictures, which are frequently synced, do well abroad as well, and are even remade in Hollywood in the American style.


YUYU TV is yet another amazing choice for watching free French movies online. Most notably, it has a visually appealing interface and provides English subtitles for French films. It's available on the web, iTunes, Google Play, and a few other devices/platforms. However, it is now only available in the United States and Canada.

What Is the Popularity of French Films?

Films of French origin are very popular in France, accounting for 34.8% of cinema attendance in 2019. This is an increase from the 37.5% share in 2017, indicating that French films are getting more popular in the country. However, American films continue to account for the majority of cinema admissions in France, accounting for 54.1% of admissions in 2019.

5. Arte.TV

This portal has hundreds of French movies. This website also has historical and geographical movies.

Arte.TV is an excellent free French-German television channel that has since expanded to English, Spanish, and a few more languages. You may find a range of interesting documentaries, stories, and movies on this website. Because it concentrates on culture, history, and geography, the films you'll find on it are likely to be classics, global, insightful, or unusual.

6. MYTF1


On this platform, you can access a variety of channels. It also has a wide range of movie genres available for viewing on this website.

MYTF1 is a well-known French movie streaming network that is available online. This website provides a variety of movie genres such as action, horror, romance, and others. It is mostly focused on French movies, therefore if you must watch French movies and content, this is the ideal platform for learning French.

7. Internet Archive


The online Archive is a non-profit online archive organization that offers free access to digitized content such as movies, books, audio, and photographs. It has approximately 20,000 French films in total, which is quite astounding. It includes not only French films, but also TV shows and other content. You can even save the movie for personal fair use.

8. features a lot of intriguing TV shows, documentaries, and series. It serves as a center for several other prominent French TV channels, including France 2, France 3, France 4, and France 5 (not exactly original channel names, but hey, at least they'll stick!).

9. 01streaming

This is one of the few sites that allows you to watch and download movies and TV shows for free and indefinitely. It has a large selection of French-dubbed movies and television shows. Furthermore, each video has many backup servers in case of a broken link, meeting your need to watch French films online for free.

10. Yidio


Yidio, a well-known internet portal, provides a large selection of French movies for free streaming. It was developed by Yidio LLC and launched in 2008, gaining popularity among moviegoers. Yidio has become well-known for its extensive selection of French films, which allows viewers to easily discover and watch their favorite films.

11. Filmfra


This website provides free online French films with French subtitles (films in French with French subtitles). Its collection consists primarily of high-quality classic French films. However, it only provides a limited number of French movies and its download link appears to go to other pages.


Movies are referred to as the "seventh art" in France and are regarded as a form of artistic expression. Many wonderful films are made in French, and French films are popular all over the world. Everyone is looking for a means to watch Free French Movies online.

Stream French movies online for a convenient and viable search if you are a fan of French films or if you are attempting to learn French for whatever purpose.This is due to the difficulty of finding French films in theaters outside of French-speaking nations. Luckily you've got our list of Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch Movies In French.

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