Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Top 10 Hottest Cities To Travel in 2022 - by Lonely Planet

This year, in Lonely Planet's Best to Travel list, the travel group published its top 10 countries, cities and regions to visit next year on Wednesday.

It said this year’s rankings place particular emphasis on the “best sustainable travel experiences” in order to cater for demand for “more responsible travel”. Below is the top 10 cities on that list!

What is the best city in the world for travellers?

1. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is the number one city to visit in 2022 according to publishers Lonely Planet.

Absence clearly makes the heart grow fonder. Almost 600 days after New Zealand closed its borders to international tourists, the city is being championed as the top destination for post-pandemic travel.

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
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Conservation islands such as Tiritiri Matangi and Peter Gordon's Māori kai and Pacific food school Homeland are named as uniquely Auckland experiences but also sustainable destinations that any city would be lucky to have. The city's outdoor spaces, variety of activities and Covid response has provided a beacon of hope for tourists planning their return to international travel.

Whether that's a 35-minute ferry ride to Waiheke or a drive north to Kumeū, Oliver says Auckland's accessibility to these regions is something that other world cities can only dream of. The eyes of the world have been on Auckland particularly during the America's Cup, record-breaking concerts in Eden Park and in the run up to the Women's Rugby World Cup in 2022.

Nick Hill, CEO of Auckland Unlimited, described the Best City title as "a real shot in the arm and informs our plans for welcoming visitors back from elsewhere in the world".

The return of international visitors might still be some way off but the more immediate value might be a change in how Kiwis see the city.

2. Taipei, Taiwan

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: The Straits Times

Taipei is now one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, with Taiwan’s capital city seeing tourist numbers increase dramatically over the last decade in particular. Whether it’s the amazing buildings or the unique shopping experiences that form part of the attraction, here are twelve reasons we believe Taipei warrants a place on your travel bucket list.

It matters not what neighborhood your hotel is in or how close it is to a night market, take a walk down a Taipei street, and within fifty paces you’ll find a street vendor selling something delicious on a stick. The street food in Taipei is beyond compare.

The perfect hosts, the people of Taipei are so eager to engage with their tourist visitors that it’s not uncommon for locals to strike up conversations with a complete stranger in the street. This is particularly true if said stranger is entangled in the accouterments of a tourist and looks quite lost.

3. Freiburg, Germany

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: The Culture Trip

Nestled in a corner of southwestern Germany that is so close to both France and Switzerland that people regularly cross the border for a bit of shopping, Freiburg im Breisgau (not to be confused with Freiburg an der Elbe in Lower Saxony) is a small city in the famous Black Forest.

Reportedly Germany’s warmest city, with some 2,000 hours of annual sunshine, Freiburg dates to 1120, when it was founded as a free-market town. Along cobbled streets and ancient gates, colorful medieval houses snuggle close together between a river, a canal, and a really tiny stream. The lively historic squares full of cafes and restaurants, beer gardens, and shops and boutiques make Freiburg the perfect place to spend a long-weekend getaway.

And, with the Black Forest just outside the city limits, you can easily combine a wellness or hiking vacation with a bit of a city break.

Top 10 Hottest Countries To Travel in 2022

4. Atlanta, US

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: GetYourGuide

In the heart of the South, Atlanta has a decidedly cosmopolitan and fast-paced ambiance, attracting visitors with its thriving restaurant scene and abundant cultural attractions. People from all over the country have relocated to this commercial hub, contributing to the city's unique feel. The new Atlanta is progressive and eclectic: Museums and performance venues bring in the culture hounds, just as verdant parks attract outdoorsy types. Meanwhile, families flock to the city's larger-than-life aquarium and World of Coca-Cola.

Whatever your preferred vacation, you could easily spend the brunt of a two- or three-day trip in the downtown area, exploring the most popular and best things to do. In the evening, migrate to the trendy Buckhead and Westside neighborhoods for a taste of Atlanta's thriving restaurant scene and hopping nightlife. If you're short on time, sign up on for one of the best Atlanta tours for a crash course in the city's top sights.

5. Lagos, Nigeria

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
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Infamous for being the most expensive city in Nigeria, it is also exploding with its art and music scene. Despite the extreme traffic jams, heavily populated areas, and busy streets, this city has something to offer to everyone. With tons of entertainment options and things to do, every experience is bound to be unique. So is this city worth a visit? Most definitely! I suggest you start planning your trip and secure cheap tickets to Lagos. With that being said, here are some of the top reasons to visit Lagos Nigeria the vibrant city.

Lagos is surrounded by water and you know what that means? Amazing beaches! These scenic, sandy places are perfect for picnics and beach sports. The powdery white sands, with vibrant blue water and palm trees, make them quite picturesque. The best part is that they aren’t that crowded, except on weekends and public holidays.

Taking place in New Afrika Shrine in Lagos, this is basically a birthday celebration in tribute of the late Afrobeat musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The history behind the event and the general features of the musical concert makes it a huge event.

6. Nicosia/Lefkosia, Cyprus

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: Visit Cyprus

From superb beaches to beautiful landscapes, through to delicious cuisine and a vibrant cultural scene, Nicosia in Cyprus is the place to visit if you want a truly remarkable Mediterranean experience. If you’re planning a trip, here’s our pick of the top things to see and do in town.

You don’t have to pay to enjoy a tour in Nicosia. The city’s tourism department and licensed tour guides take visitors beyond the gates of the city into traditional neighbourhoods in scheduled excursions in small city buses free of charge. You will get out of the bus and explore some neighbourhoods on foot.

Due to its unique location, Cypriot cuisine has Southern European, Middle East, and Balkan influences. You will also find Arabic, Turkish, and Greek as well as international dishes here.

7. Dublin, Ireland

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
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You’ll never run out of things to do and see in Dublin City – there’s just so much happening all year round. Every month there seems to be a completely new list of events, concerts, matches, exhibitions, shows and other things happening in Dublin, many of which you won’t find in any other city. Have a look at Visit Dublin’s list of what’s on in Dublin.

Just outside the city, along the coast and easily reached by the DART railway, are some truly beautiful seaside towns. Head north to visit Howth and Malahide or go south to Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey or Killiney.

Dublin is a city that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is always ready to make you smile. From the ready wit in the pubs and the charm of the street traders to the humour of the Leprechaun Museum and the fascination of the Little Museum Of Dublin, you’ll love it all.

Top 10 Best Big Cities For Traveller In The World Top 10 Best Big Cities For Traveller In The World

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8. Merida, Mexico

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: Road Affair

Merida is the capital of Yucatan. Most people across Canada and the United States are familiar with the Yucatan and many people head there for beach getaways. But most people miss out on Merida, making it something of a jewel hiding in plain sight.

Plaza Grande is the main square in Merida and its unofficial centrepiece. It has a significant amount of greenery and sitting space, making it ideal for hanging out in an afternoon. Historical landmarks like the cathedral lie right next to it, making it a good starting point for a walking tour.

It’d be a missed opportunity to visit the Yucatan and not spend at least a day at the beach. Luckily, there are several good ones near Merida. Progreso is a quiet fishing village around 50 minutes to the north of Merida. It has a white sand beach and several good restaurants known for their fresh seafood.

9. Florence, Italy

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
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Florence, or Firenze, is the capital of the famous Italian region of Tuscany. It is one of the most visited cities in Italy, attracting approximately ten million tourists every year.

Florence was founded in the year 59 BC by Emperor Julius Caesar. He named the Roman settlement Florentia and used the area as a large Roman army camp. Something you can still see in the street map of Firenze even now. Florentia was especially important, because it was on the Arno River and as a result a fertile valley for the Roman troops.

During a city break Florence you can attend a number of well-known events. For example, on Easter Sunday, the Florentines have the Scoppio del Carro, detonating a decorated bullock cart in front of the Duomo to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. In addition, on the Sunday after Ascension, there is the Festa del Grillo, where singing crickets are sold in the Parco del Cascine to spread happiness.

10. Gyeongju, South Korea

Top 10 Best Cities To Travel Around The World
Photo: TGroup

Gyeongju is now referred to as “the museum without walls” and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea, especially for visitors who are interested in the cultural heritage of the Silla dynasty and the architecture of the Joseon dynasty.

If you’re a foodie and wondering about the cuisine, food in Gyeongju is generally typical of the cuisine elsewhere in Gyeongsang province. However, they do have local specialties that include Gyeongju bread, a red-bean pastry, and beopju, a traditional Korean liquor.

If you’re looking for seafood dishes though, head to Gampo-eup, a coastal town on the east district of Gyeongju where you can enjoy fresh seafood and jeotgal (fermented salted seafood). You’ll find hundreds of seafood restaurants along Gampo Harbor where you can get raw fish dishes, abalone soup, grilled seafood, and more.

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