The unique characteristics on the feet all have special meanings, they can reveal many interesting things about a person's personality, life and career, according to Eastern beliefs.

So what will your toe length reveal about your social status in the next 10 years? Let's find out based on physiognomy.

See the image below, choose one of the 3 answers (A, B, C) corresponding to the type of toe on your right foot that you have.

Toe Length Reveals Your Life in the Next 10 Years
Toe length reveals many secrets about your life

A. The longest toe is on the second foot

A lot of people respect your high social status

This mountain-like toe is called the Greek toe. This proves you have many unique traits, creative thinking, and the courage to deal with problems.

If you look like this, you are not like most people. As soon as you find the right path, you will grow quickly, reach a high position, and earn the respect of many.

People really like how lively and enthusiastic you are at work, and you often take the lead in your team. You will try to do your best as long as you have the chance. The future looks very bright thanks to the work that is being done now.

It's never easy to get to the top of glory; you may have to "scratch and peel off the skin" a few times before you can enjoy the sweet rewards. When you get through tough times, you prove your skills, which earns you respect and love from everyone.

B. The longest toe is the big toe

In 10 years, your status will be a little higher than it is now.

Your social standing will go up a little in 10 years compared to now. You should be happy and content with what you have now.

It's not because you're not good at what you do; in fact, you could have a higher position in the future. I work whenever I feel like it, though, and I just want a quiet life.

There's no need for anyone to remind you to be excited when you're doing your favorite job. You don't want to touch things you don't like and leave them there every day.

In the future, your career won't have many big breaks, but you'll have a lot of luck and not many problems in your life. A lot of people want to be like you, so enjoy the peace!

C. The longest toe is on the third foot

If you don't change, your social standing will go down

How hard or happy the future will be and how well-known you will be in the future all depend on what you do now. For the next 10 years, our path to fame and career will be very dark if we keep being as lazy as we are now.

You act without thinking and don't wait around. Do what you want without worrying about what will happen. The longer this goes on, the more money you could lose and the more likely it is that your career would end.

You can actually get through hard times; you just don't have the drive or haven't found the right path yet. Now take a moment to think more deeply about your skills and interests. If you need to, ask people you know or who have experience to help you.

If you are ready to make changes now, be more risky, and be more extreme, you will get where you want to go in the future. Not great, but better than a lot of people.

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