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Don’t judge the whole state based on what you see at the airport. Photo: Travel Pulse

The topics to discuss at a gathering, table etiquette, religious sentiments, all this and much more need to be kept in mind before stepping in a different territory. It is always advisable to know a little bit about the visiting country's history and culture,according to Holiday me.

Here are things you should avoid when you visit New Jersey.

Don’t judge the whole state based on what you see at the airport.

I get it, arriving in the transportation hub of Newark isn’t the best scene for welcoming tourists to New Jersey. The smokestacks, never-ending highways, and unfortunate smells make it seem like you should turn around and go back to where you came from.

I am telling you right now, do not judge the whole state based on the tiny bit you see at the airport. It’s called the Garden State for a reason. Drive 20 minutes from Newark in any direction and you will find yourself in the midst of farmlands, forests and cute towns.

Things You Should Avoid in New Jersy
Don't forget to learn how to navigate a jug handle, learn how to drive. Photo: Philly voice

Don't forget to learn how to navigate a jug handle, learn how to drive.

Don’t arrive in New Jersey thinking you can passively motor down the Jersey Turnpike. The driving here is aggressive and fast, but safe because we all know how to do it. You best know to get out of the left hand lane if you’re going any speed under 85. And you damn well better not accelerate above 25 when you are in a neighborhood (because kids!).

Learn how to navigate a jug handle (kind of like a roundabout). Don’t be afraid to use your horn, and do not come to a complete stop while going through an EZ Pass Toll. Oh yeah, and stay in your car at the gas station — we don’t pump our own gas.

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Don't think deer are cute. Photo: einfon

Don't think deer are cute

If you’re already an out-of-state driver, you don’t need anything else to take your attention away from the road. Unfortunately, a ‘cute’ deer may do just that. There are over 200,000 deer roaming the state just waiting to dart in front of your car or cause an accident due to an out-of-stater’s gawking. Be aware.

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Don't become impatient people. Photo:

Don't become impatient people

They hate the overly irritable people, too, especially on the road. If you honk at the person in front of you the moment the light turns green, you should have your license revoked, plain and simple. But beyond driving, they see the impatience everywhere in New Jersey. Weekend supermarket trips incite their own brand of bedlam. You’re not trading stocks on Wall Street, Steve, you’re waiting for your provolone at the deli. Chill out!

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Don't try to navigate toll plazas. Photo: Expat Aussie In NJ

Don't try to navigate toll plazas

Every New Jerseyan has been there: You’re pulling up to the toll plaza, minding your own business and then you’re nearly side-swiped by the lunatic who realized last-second that he doesn’t have an E-ZPass tag and needs to traverse 13 lanes of traffic to get to the cash receipts spot. It’s usually an out-of-state plate that requires us to pull some sort of vehicular acrobatics just because he wasn’t paying attention. Another tip for you dummies out there: look at the number of the plaza lane you need. You can see it from far away. Match it to the number on the asphalt. E-ZPass is usually on the left. Don’t be the jerk.

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