The Vietnamese Man Who Owns A Fighter Jet and Many Missiles
The Vietnamese Man Who Owns A Fighter Jet and Many Missiles

Hidden in the campus of the Kim Chinh brick factory (Kim Son, Ninh Binh), Kim Chinh Museum is almost only known to locals, although there are over 1,000 unique war artifacts. There are artifacts that can only be seen in military museums...

Mr. Duong Van Don - director of the museum shared: "I started collecting artifacts from about 2008, all of which stem from my grandfather and father who are both veterans and both of them also keep some memories. war objects in the past. When I was a kid, I loved to look at those things, and gradually as I grew up I became more and more passionate. Later when the job at the brick factory was stable and the economy was better, I started searching and collecting; the main purpose was passion, but later I realized that the number of artifacts that I own is very large, there are rare things and now my biggest wish is to bring this museum out. downtown, using the museum as a historical education point for the younger generation..."

In addition to his passion for collecting memorabilia, Mr. Duong Van Don also collects a lot of antiques from the war years and the subsidy period.

Wings of the old Soviet MIG - 21 aircraft. Photo: CAND
Wings of the old Soviet MIG - 21 aircraft. Photo:People Police Newspaper

Mr. Don owns many different types of bombs from the anti-American resistance war, with the largest bomb weighing about 3 tons (bombshell). Mr. Don shared that in the process of collecting wartime bombs and bullets, there were many rare and poisonous fruits that were not intact, so when he brought them back, he had to study and reconstruct the tail or the head.

Mr. Don has a photo gallery of outstanding leaders, generals... of the country and the world. On a large table of many square meters are banknotes and dong of our country through the periods, regimes, and money from 20 countries around the world displayed under transparent glass to attract viewers. Types of rice books, food stamps during the subsidy period... recalling a difficult time when the country tightened its belts to fight the enemy.

In the large houses, although there are still steel frames and corrugated iron roofs, the owners have displayed a variety of artifacts.

Photo: danviet
Photo: danviet

Massive and surprising is the exhibition area of ​​war artifacts: military uniforms and shoes of many countries in the world from soldiers to generals, showing his passion for collecting in recent years. Various types of ammunition, bombs, torpedoes, five torpedoes, artillery shells amounted to nearly a thousand artifacts ... showing a period of decades of war against the French, against the US, our army and people bravely endured. sacrificed and bravely fought against the enemy. Today, this place has been licensed by the People's Committee of Ninh Binh province with the name "Kim Chinh Museum" and is open to operating on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm at hamlet 9, Kim Chinh commune, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. . Visitors can also see first-hand how workers perform visual operations such as grinding rice, pounding rice, sawing wood, knitting, and gradually sieving. All of them are skilled workers in the production line of handmade bricks, mechanical...

Photo: CAND
Photo: People Police Newspaper

Mr. Duong Van Don, born in 1965 in Ninh Giang commune, Hoa Lu in a poor farmer family with many children. He only finished 7th grade, then dropped out of school and went to work.

As a child, he was attached to fields and rivers, so when he went to work, he chose the profession of river transport. His cargo ship has reached India, Bangladesh, Cuba, China, Indonesia, etc., where he chose Kim Chinh - Kim Son to open the kiln. brick. 8 facilities were built, production was stable, he assigned his descendants to manage.

He personally retains 2 facilities operating in parallel with waterway transport and a museum displaying ancient and contemporary artifacts. Mr. Don is a talented man who loves art and culture.

He writes poetry, short stories, autographs, and essays. He is good at sports: volleyball, shuttlecock, table tennis, dancing, cheo singing, chau van singing…

His wife and 3 children are also good at these subjects. People don't call his family a family of sports - culture and art.

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