The Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love and Financial for 2021
The Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love and Financial for 2021

The zodiac signs who don’t want to be idle, but need a change in their lives are the lucky signs of 2021 because they have the planets on their side.

Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love for 2021

Aries - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

Aries, you’re going to start Spring off with a bang. On March 21, both the Sun and Venus will sit in your fiery, driven sign. When planets are in the same sign—known as being “conjunct”—the energy of that particular sign is enhanced. The Sun rules your truest being, the part of you that doesn’t really change, no matter how old you are or where you end up in life.

Venus controls love, money, and sex, and the way your react to romance and sexuality. To have this conjunction on the same day as the Spring equinox is rather auspicious for your love and sex life—the vernal equinox is a fertility festival in many pagan traditions! Channel that Aries passion and enjoy yourself: 2021 is going to be a saucy year for you.

Since the beginning of the summer and until August, the Aries people have chances to meet potential romantic partners, suitable for a long-term relationship. Those who already form a couple will think of making the relationship official and rediscover long forgotten thrills. Professionally and financially, successful months are in sight, so act with more courage when you feel you have a good idea.

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Taurus - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

Taurus, this year, you’ll be getting a little help from Mercury. Towards the end of April, the planet of communication is going to teach you a lesson about speaking your mind. Aries season (the one-month cycle that comes right before yours) can be rough for you—Spring rolls around and everyone starts new projects and gains momentum. You just want to chill and take the seasons in stride!

On April 19, which is the very first day of your season, Mercury and Sun join hands in your sign, enhancing your ability to communicate and tell the world what you really want: radical softness and self-care. Let 2021 be the year you stop caring about the grind (don’t even talk to me about the 40-hour work week!) and start pursuing what you really love in a way that keeps your energy levels balanced. Get after it, Taurus!

Scorpio - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

Scorpio, 2021 is going to end on a great note for you. With Mars (your ruling planet) entering your sign right before Halloween on October 30, you’re going to be in your element by the end of the year. Mars is the planet of war and conflict, which might not sound helpful, but if channelled constructively, Mars energy can support you in demanding your stake in life. If you’ve felt disempowered by the happenings of 2020, this burst of energy towards that later part of 2021 could be the big break you need.

Because Mars is your ruling planet, you already have an advantage: Mars loves you! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and confront others when it’s for the greater good—your badass cosmic friend Mars has your back. Be firm about boundaries. Go for that promotion. Stick up for your beliefs and for the rights of others. And hey, enjoy Halloween—I know you love it, witchy one.

Capricorns - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

The Capricorns will enjoy a peaceful summer in love, in case they already have a relationship. However, the love relationships that start during the summer months will be tumultuous, without too many chances of withstanding the test of time.

Although the summer makes us think of vacation, for the Capricorns, these months are favorable for studies and the professional domain.

The Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love and Financial for 2021
Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love and Financial for 2021

What Zodiac Signs Will Be Financially Lucky?

ARIES - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Financial for 2021

You are starting in force even from the beginning of the year by getting involved in a large-scale project, which will ensure your financial stability for the next months and will determine you to invest in a personal business that you’ve set aside lately.

Even if you encounter some difficulties, in the end, all the choices you made will prove to be the right ones.

TAURUS - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Financial for 2021

You are more confident than ever in your strength, so you will launch the business you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Even if the beginning seems to be quite difficult, in the end, you will be lucky, and things will start to settle and become profitable, especially since certain people will appreciate your initiative and invest alongside you.

LEO - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Financial for 2021

You will enjoy a year with a lot of financial satisfaction, due to your great intuition. Aside from the investments that will bring benefits faster than you expected, you will also receive a significant amount of money, which you already regarded as a loss, so it seems that the planets are on your side.

VIRGO - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Financial for 2021

Although the beginning of the year doesn’t seem to announce financial fortune, in the second part of 2021, you will be on a roll because you will manage to get involved in a project that will bring profits shortly. Your close ones will be by your side, and they will even help you in this regard, so things will continue to have an ascending trajectory.

PISCES - Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Financial for 2021

Next year seems to be prolific financially, and the investments you’ve made during the last months will bring positive results even from the first months of 2021. Moreover, you are likely to receive a significant amount of money during the second part of the year, so you need to get ready for a perfect period, which is why you should make new investment plans.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Luck In 2021 Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Luck In 2021

2021 is just around the corner. It's time for us to restart a new year of luck and success and forget all the bad things ...

These 4 are the luckiest zodiac signs in 2021

Libra: Hard work always pays off, and gets you luck and success in your life. Your determination and fearless personality help you face every obstacle. This year, you can expect your life to be drama free and simple.

Gemini: Gemini is a lucky zodiac sign in 2021 in terms of projects getting finished and serving its fruits too. When uncertainties knock on your door, you are not thrown out of the track, and you know how to react and treat them. You will benefit from the blood, sweat, efforts, energy, pain you have put in.

Sagittarius: You must stop listening to what people are saying and follow your path this year. You are one of the lucky zodiac signs and are expected to be promoted by ecstatic planetary influences this year. You will gain the power and strength by the positive vibes around you to chase and fulfill your dreams. The positive and calm atmosphere around you will make you feel more confident and help you make wise decisions.

Capricorn: When you will look up Capricorn, you will realize that success is just a step away. The sincerity and dedication you have towards your job will open up doors to ample opportunities. Smart work and hard work will reward you financially. Make sure you invest these somewhere safe!

Lucky numbers in 2021

You have 10 lucky numbers, depending on the zodiac sign:

Aries: 1, 22, 34, 45, 76, 3, 9, 98, 43, 10

Taurus: 7, 9, 8, 55, 63, 32, 67, 89, 46, 69

Gemini: 5, 13, 27, 42, 59, 71, 77, 6, 8, 91

Cancer: 2, 11, 21, 34, 46, 51, 66, 9, 3, 19

Leo: 45, 63, 42, 10, 11, 1, 33, 87, 9, 14

Virgo: 16, 24, 15, 25, 45, 5, 30, 47, 93, 3

Libra: 6, 14, 43, 29, 64, 9, 6, 8, 53, 7

Scorpio: 11, 19, 33, 75, 52, 51, 27, 86, 4, 2

Sagittarius: 18, 1, 57, 36, 40, 49, 5, 8, 10, 22

Capricorn: 1, 3, 7, 46, 5, 15, 51, 39, 41, 94

Aquarius: 84, 95, 70, 66, 4, 19, 29, 17, 7, 2

Pisces: 3, 33, 19, 62, 8, 39, 20, 17, 55, 71.

Less Fortunate or Unlucky Zodiac Signs in 2021

In regards to the Cancer and Sagittarius signs, they should take it easy and stop worrying about the future because the world doesn’t end if they don’t get the job they want. The Cancers should start working for what they truly want in life, even if this doesn’t happen to their current workplace.

Since 2021 is a year of harmony and peace, it doesn’t matter under what zodiac sign you are born when it comes to learning how to be more optimistic.

As your thinking becomes clearer, good things will start appearing in your life. The Sagittarius should quit being so stubborn in the new year, while the Cancer should sit up and take notice because they will find their true passion in life. The Cancer and Sagittarius will need to put up a bit of a fight to be happy this year.

If you are born under one of the less fortunate signs of 2021, don’t despair! Move on, be determined, and look at this small disadvantage as the challenge you needed in your life to become stronger. Like any aspect of life, you don’t have to focus on the things you cannot make or do, but start with the small details, and with what you can do!

Top 5 Most Unlucky Zodiac Signs in 2021


This sign is known to have a “false-calm” side that it has a rather Zen and poised temperament, but once the red line is crossed there is no way to go back. Thus, this sign is often underestimated. This is particularly what will attract many problems to Gemini, placing it in the category of the most unlucky astrological signs in 2021.


This strong-tempered sign will only get it done in the months to come. But since luck will not follow them, there’s a good chance they’ll run into a bone…

An unexpected betrayal could also soon come to the end of its nose, leading with it to a series of unfortunate events.


Capricorn natives will find themselves in dire straits because of the money. Too confident and overly sure of themselves, they will be seized with a desire to play. Roulette, blackjack, slot machines… but nothing will help. And yet, they may continue to be obstinate in their bad decisions and get plucked like a duck! Yet everyone knows that you cannot force luck or fate.


For Aquarians, it’s on the love side that bad luck reigns. Complicated romantic relationships, without interest, without tomorrow and without hope… This sign is so eager to find their other half and build something lasting, that they go astray and choose the wrong partners. Even if you know well that these people are not made for you, you rush into the crowd headlong, even if it means hitting a wall… be careful!


This sign is often perceived to be a little soft and awkward. And this awkwardness will only increase in the months to come. Much to its dismay, Pisces will have a series of blunders, errors, bad decisions and thus end up in trouble on many occasions. And luck will not often be on your side…

*Editor Note: There are some things that people can do to fend off bad luck. Please Read More Here

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