‘The Irregulars’ Season 2 Canceled: Reasons, When It Returns?
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‘The Irregulars’ was based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Netflix show starred Thaddea Graham as Bea. She was joined by the likes of McKell David, Jojo Macari, Harrison Osterfield and Darci Shaw with recurring spots for the likes of Clarke Peters, as the Linen Man, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes.

The Irregulars was produced by Doctor Foster and Black Earth Rising producer Drama Republic.

Move over Sherlock Holmes, London has some new detectives. The Irregulars follows a special group of kids who have a link to the supernatural world, as they work with Dr. John Watson to solve the most gruesome mysteries in the city. But, there's something even darker happening and it's up to them to figure it out before the entire world changes.

Now, clearly banking on the show, they clearly gave early renewal signals to the team about returning for a second outing and that was then reported by ProductionWeekly back in their March 10th edition.

Why was it canceled?

The cancelation news comes via Variety who states that despite good numbers via the Nielsen top 10s, the show didn’t do enough on Netflix’s own internal systems to return for a second outing, What’s on Netflix reported.

At this time, it’s unclear why The Irregulars was canceled as no reason was given when the news was announced, according to Deadline.

Considering the show was said to have bested Disney Plus’ breakout original The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the streaming wars and ranked strongly in the Top 10, indicating the show was well-received among viewers. There also was more than enough source material to support additional seasons, which makes Netflix’s decision quite puzzling.

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When will it return?

There's no official word from Netflix about whether the series will return.

“The Irregulars will return for a second season, but if it does, we're likely to hear news within the first month of release,” according to Netflix.

If a renewal is confirmed by the end of April, expect to see new episodes arrive around mid-2022 (assuming the pandemic doesn't delay production any more than it already has).

On the top 10s, despite a strong week 1, the show quickly faded around the world. In the United States, The Irregulars only was in the top 10s for 18 days. It did well in Russia and Ukraine where it survived in the top 10 for 31 and 35 days respectively.

‘The Irregulars’ Season 2 Canceled: Reasons, When It Returns?
Photo Netflix

While waiting for its return, check out the plot and cast:

As for what the plot of The Irregulars may entail, we're unsure right now. Season 1 didn't end on a cliff-hanger, but there are plenty of loose threads that weren't resolved by the time that the end credits rolled.

For one, we don't know if Sherlock is still alive. In the season 1 finale, Holmes crossed over into the spirit world to be with Bea and Jessie's mother Alice. From what we heard from Alice, those who reside in the spirit world are, for lack of a better term, dead. Providing that there's no way for spirits to be reborn or reincarnated, Sherlock is also likely to have died when he joined Alice. It would be strange to have a TV show based on Sherlock without the character being present, though, so it remains unclear whether he will find a way to return.

One person who will be feeling Sherlock's loss more than most is John Watson. It'll be interesting to see how the great detective's companion deals with his friend being missing in action. Watson can mope about 221B Baker Street and mourn the death of Sherlock, or he can step up to the plate and begin to lead The Irregulars in his stead. It would be a neat touch to see Watson carry on Sherlock's legacy in season 2, particularly if new supernatural threats emerge (more on this below).

Another big plot point that season 2 needs to pick up is Bea and Leo's on-off relationship. At the end of season 1, Leo told Bea that they couldn't be together. In order to save Billy from being hung for murdering his ex-taskmaster Vic, Leo made a deal with his family to marry Helena. This is the princess he was introduced to in episode 7, and who he must travel to Europe to see and get to know her better.

Even though Leo is resigned to never being with Bea, this won't be the end of their saga. Season 2 will have to pick this thread back up in some capacity. Whether it's Billy finally revealing his feelings for Bea, or Leo somehow returning to the fold, The Irregulars season 2 must deliver on this in some way.

Finally, we come to the series' supernatural aesthetic. The Rip clearly isn't the only supernatural element in this version of Sherlock's world, what with Jessie still possessing her Ipsissimus abilities. It'll be interesting to see where Bidwell takes the TV show next, in terms of antagonist and potential parallel dimensions.

In an interview with The Radio Times, Bidwell did tease what a second season could entail but, as you'd expect, declined to delve into spoiler territory. "We’ve got ideas," he said. "The thing is with this show is that there’s a lot of story potential in lots of different areas with Leopold, with Sherlock and Watson with the gang with their love stories. There’s also a list of monsters we have that we’ve already got ideas for for years. it’s just an exciting series to write, it’s, it’s been a privilege to do it, it really has been.”

The Irregulars season 2 cast: who will be returning?

Right now, there's no confirmation on what the season 2 cast will be. However, it's almost certain that the main characters from season 1 will return. Well, those that we know are still alive by the end of the finale anyway.

Here's who we expect to return, and we'll add any new casting announcements to the list below as and when they're made:

Thaddea Graham (Bea)

Darci Shaw (Jessie)

JoJo Macari (Billy)

McKell David (Spike)

Harrison Osterfield (Leopold)

Royce Pierreson (John Watson)

Season 1 of the new Sherlock Holmes spin-off set in Victorian London and hit Netflix globally on March 26th, 2021. The show has lots of talent in front and behind the camera with Henry-Lloyd Hughes, Royce Pierreson, and Aidan McArdle headlining the cast.

The first season was set back production-wise when it was halted throughout the course of the pandemic but returned to wrap filming between August and September 2020.

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