The Games You Must Try Before the Year is Out
Top Games You Must Try in the US

Around 163 million people throughout the country are now fans of gaming, making it a serious rival to movies and television.

Gamers are also now a much wider and more diverse bunch. It is not just teenage boys these days, as more and more girls and women are finding games to please them, whatever their experience level.

Games clearly deserve a lot more media focus, especially as there are hundreds of exciting titles coming out every year. For that reason we are going to look at the ones both new and experienced players should try this year.

1.Babylon’s Fall

Fantasy has never been more popular than in this era of Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and Marvel. Games can take you into fantasy worlds and let you interact with them to a greater degree than a movie or TV show.

That is why there is such a big interest in role-playing games (RPGs) like this one produced by Platinum Games. Released in March, it focuses on an oddball bunch of heroes who have to save their land from invaders using various superpowers.

It is an ARPG that mixes team-driven fantasy role-playing with the action-based fighting mechanics of games like Bayonetta that the studio built its reputation on. It has top-of-the-line graphics to bring its world and characters to life too, so regular and new gamers will both love it.

2.Enchanting Relics

We’re sticking with the fantasy theme here, but this is a game found at an online casino rather than an RPG. That means you can combine escape from the everyday with a chance to win some money.

This slot seems to have taken some inspiration from 9 Masks of Fire, but that is one of the best online slots of recent years, so it is no bad thing. Produced by new developer All41 Studios, it creates a mysterious and enchanted forest landscape filled with castles, rainbows and plants with magic powers.

This colorful fantasy is well realized with classy graphics, but the game also delivers as a slot experience. There are lucrative free spins available, as well as a helpful wild reel icon and an excellent return-to-player of 96.38% - so you shouldn’t be empty-handed by the end of the game.

The max amount you can win is 10,000-times what you bet!

3.Neon White

This Angel Matrix game is a mash up of two genres that don’t immediately seem compatible – puzzle games and first-person shooters – and the amazing thing is that it works! It gives you the chance to become an assassin, but not in any Grand Theft Auto-style gritty urban reality.

Neon White offers strictly fantasy world action and violence. You play as an assassin called White who leaves hell to kill demons in heaven in hopes of earning the right to live there instead.

The puzzle aspect comes in through the playing card weapons that you have to decide whether to use or ditch in favor of double jumps and other special moves. If you are competitive this is a great game to play against friends to try and best each others killing scores.

4.Dune: Spice Wars

Strategizing is an important part of gaming and Dune: Spice Wars is the top one right now for that kind of brainwork. It is a real-time strategy game (RTG) that also has 4X strategy features built in.

It arrived with a high profile, thanks to the hit movie and lets you immerse yourself in that universe. That means the stark Arrakis desert, which is brought to life superbly at every stage.

The game is all about political factionalism and manipulation, as well as action, as you lead one group and battle others to control the planet. With spice being its top resource, control of that means the chance for overall dominance.


It is not all about consoles, as there are many brilliant PC titles being released as well. Silt offers a blend of adventure and puzzle gaming and takes place in a murky underwater world.

This is realized entirely in monochrome imagery, which adds to the moody feel and also gives the game a unique art movie atmosphere that is further enhanced by its surrealistic aspects.

The aim of the game is first to escape your chains and then to use the fish you find to help you make it through the different levels. For example, the hammerhead sharks can smash obstacles to pieces, while piranhas have teeth that can bite through them.

These are the games you must play right now, whether you are a console or PC gamer.

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