Eating Turkey as one of the traditional customs on Thanksgiving Day!
A wild turkey raised for Thanksgiving Day. Photo: Amanac.


As familiar as it its, The turkey is a large bird that is closely related to other game birds such as pheasants, chickens and quails. The turkey has become famous across the western world as being a special meal on large family occasions including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Despite their large size, turkeys are surprisingly adept fliers and can be seen flying beneath the forest canopy looking for somewhere to perch. Although turkeys do nest in the trees, they are most commonly found in open forests, woodlands and grasslands.

Some facts about Turkey you should know

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The number of Turkeys consumed on special occasions

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) estimates that approximately 46 million turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving, 22 million at Christmas, and 19 million at Easter.

The amount of Turkey eaten on Thanksgiving

95 per cent of Americans surveyed by the NTF eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

Average Weight of Purchased Turkeys

The average weight of turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving is 15 pounds – that’s about 675 million pounds of turkey consumed in the U.S. on Thanksgiving.

Serving Leftover Turkey

The top five most popular ways to serve leftover Thanksgiving turkey are: sandwiches, soups or stews, salads, casseroles and stir-fry.

Does Turkey Cause Sleepiness?

Think turkey causes sleepiness after the Thanksgiving meal? Think again! Recent studies have shown that it is more likely the large, carbohydrate-rich meal rather than just the turkey. The meal releases tryptophans in the brain, causing drowsiness.

Eating Turkey as one of the traditional customs on Thanksgiving Day!
Roast Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Photo: LAtimes.

Turkey became the Thanksgiving centrepiece

When Bradford’s journals—lost for many years during the Siege of Boston in 1775—resurfaced and were reprinted in the 1850s, the idea of early colonists hunting wild turkeys caught the nation’s imagination (even though he never specified that turkey was served at the Thanksgiving feast).

Plus, wild turkeys were quite plentiful back then. After that, Sarah Josepha Hale, an editor of a magazine called Godey’s Lady’s Book, would present the turkey as the big bird at the head of the table and published many recipes.

Hale campaigned for Thanksgiving Day to be recognized as a national holiday, writing numerous presidents. Finally, Abraham Lincoln took notice. After 1863, the year when President Lincoln made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday, turkeys began to land on dinner plates across the country.

Every November since 1947, a “National Thanksgiving Turkey” has been presented to the U.S. President. Harry Truman got the first one, according to Amanac.

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