TAURUS Zodiac Sign: BirthDay, Meaning and Personal Traits
Taurus zodiac sign traits. Photo: Knowinsiders.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: Dates, BirthDay

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac circle and rules the second house. The sign represents the love for worldly pleasures and is all about getting rewards. One of the most hard working signs, it is also known as the anchor of the zodiac wheel. The natives born on and between April 20 and May 20 belong to the Taurus sun sign.

Astrology readings and predictions based on Decans of the sun sign is the most micro and one step ahead in personalization. In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shape your personality.

Born from April 20 to April 29: Decan 1

Venus will rule the person born in this range and makes them sensual and passionate in nature. Most of you are pleasure-seeking and possess a tremendous will-power. You are sensuous and love to employ the sense of your touch to experience various sensations. You are thoughtful about future prospects and opportunities and are determined to get everything you desire. You put forth all your efforts and hold great reverence for gaining material wealth and money. Due to this, you may miss out on some simple and beautiful things in life. You have high artistic power and little confidence in taking social decisions.

Shyness and being dynamic are the strong deterrent of your potential. You are very diverse on the things that you are passionate about and interested in. You are conscious of those things that catch your attention. You prefer a sensible and direct approach to sensitive issues. You also tend to seek stability in all aspects of your life and are faithful partners. You show intense loyalty and devotion to your dear ones and expect equal devotion and loyalty from them. You are determined and stubborn in achieving your goals at the same time. You may take time to start up the project but once you get the momentum going there is no stopping. You will face all the hurdles and wanted situations and spent long years to finish it. You avoid taking risks and never apply short cuts for earning money.

Taurus Motto: "Don’t talk, act. Don’t say, show. Don’t promise, prove."

Born from April 30 to May 10: Decan 2

Mercury will rule the person born in this range and makes them ambitious and determined for success. You are extremely talented in the varied fields from art to chemicals. You don’t leave anything for a chance and get all the activities done under your strict supervision. You keep a tight rein on the things to attain material goals. You are artistic and enthusiastic but at the same time analytically scrutinize the undertaken tasks. You possess internal duality which at times creates hindrances in solving problems in a proper way. The people around consider you the most intelligent personality but your thoughts are mostly wild and uninhibited. Your thought process will change depending on the situation and state of mind. You can do well in all areas whether it is pragmatic or philosophical. You are choosy in building an internal relationship. You prefer to be with a partner who is honest, straightforward, deeply committed and romantic in nature.

The influence of Mercury will give you a pleasant personality and skills to communicate ideas and thoughts. You have a rock solid personality and are generally open and honest in nature. You give more importance to self-respect in life and are very strong-willed. You are tactful, charming and practical. You are very frank about the things that you don’t like. They only speak their mind, when they have gathered all the facts regarding a particular person or situation. People are a bit confused about your personality. You seem to be an observer and a socially aware person from outside but in actual you work on the basis of deep analysis and planning. You can adapt in any situation and this will infuse analytic capabilities and testament skills in you. You are happy to work behind the scenes and would leave no stone unturned to finish the undertaken tasks efficiently.

Born from May 11 to May 20: Decan 3

Saturn will rule the person born in this range and it will inherit rigidity and inflexibility towards other people. You follow the path with single-minded devotion and are not open to new ideas. You are loyal, disciplined and patient. You will aim to achieve higher goals that give you professional success, glory, and social prestige. You are strong-willed and face all the obstacles coming in the path of success. This quality not only helps you to be on the top but also to sustain that position. You encounter many combative circumstances that polish your skills and accomplish goals with perfection. You won’t resign the project, job or task until it is completed efficiently. You are independent and straight forward and simply hate interference in your work. At the same time, you are an attention seeker.

You are naturalistic, forefront and charming in nature. You have an inclination towards constant innovation and have self-control in unwanted situations. You are an extraordinary mixture of strong conviction, carefree and unrestrained attitude. You hold your near and dear ones very closely and can go to any lengths for them. You work hard to any extent for providing financial security and fulfilling the wishes of your closed ones. Most of the time you tend to be serious but also have a humorous and sensual side. You have superb taste and appreciation of the aesthetic. You will manage to dress and present yourself as a lord even if you can’t afford it. You are highly creative and do things on a tiny budget. Your creation gets restricted due to obstacles and hardship but you enjoy facing challenges.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: BirthDay, Meaning and Personal Traits
Taurus Traits. Photo: Sunsigns.
Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the second house, is all about reward. Unlike the Aries love of the game, the typical Taurus personality loves the rewards of the game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess. This zodiac sign is also tactile, enjoying a tender, even sensual, touch.

TAURUS: Facts & Figures

TAURUS DATES: April 20 – May 20

SYMBOL: The Bull

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Earth


HOUSE: Second


BODY PARTS: The Throat

COLORS: Green & Light Pink

TAROT CARD: The Hierophant

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: Meaning

Taurus is the first of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, who all hold an elemental energy of endurance and stability in the center phase of the four seasons. Taurus begins the middle of Spring, when the season is most “fixed” and established, lending to the grounded, immovable, and somewhat rooted tendencies of this sign.

The human connection to the constellation of Taurus is very old, harking back to the early bronze age. The sign of the Bull’s position in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere has been used by many ancient cultures for timekeeping to signal the original Spring Equinox. Taurus has been associated with blessing agriculture and marked the time to plow and plant vital crops for worshipping cultures like Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and even New Mexico.

Taurus also represents the beautiful mythological White Bull that Zeus changed into to woo princess Europa. Zeus/The White Bull carried the princess across the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Crete. There they conceived a son, “the good king” Minos, who ruled over Crete for many generations and appeared in many legendary stories.

In astrology the Taurus symbol is a bull. Taurus is associated with beauty, sensuality and an artistic nature. Other Taurean characteristics include steadfastness, strength, hard work, patience, dependability, and stubbornness! Taurus rules the neck, shoulders, the throat, voice, and the throat chakra in the body.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign and it’s probably the most down to earth of zodiac signs. That said, there is also a deeply spiritual side to this sign. Esoterically Taurus is associated with the opening of the third eye and with enlightenment.

Buddhist Astrologer Jhampa Shaneman thinks that the Buddha may have had six planets in Taurus. No surprise then that this sign has a strong association with illumination and spiritual awakening.

It’s commonly believed that the Taurus Symbol comes from the constellation of Taurus. The stars are supposed to form the shape of a bull’s head and forequarters. But when you look at it, it isn’t easy to see the shape of a bull. So the Taurus symbol probably represents something much deeper than a mere visual similarity.

The constellation of Taurus is very large with two well-known star clusters: the Hyades and the Pleiades. The brightest star in Taurus is the red giant Aldebaran. It’s name comes from the Arabic word al-dabarān, which means “the follower”. Aldebaran is also called “the eye of the Bull“. In the Ancient Mystery schools this was called “the eye of illumination“. The reference to ‘followers’ and ‘illumination’ are another hint at a deep connection between Taurus and spiritual awakening.

In Esoteric Astrology it says our soul’s journey begins in Aries as a point of light in the mind of God. In Taurus that point of light then becomes a single emanating beam of light. Accordingly, the energy of Life takes shape by moving into form in Taurus.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: Personal Traits

Taurus Characteristics

Taurus is one of the most reliable and dependable signs of the zodiac. You are enthusiastic, stoic, determined and materialistic. Your stubbornness is due to the strong will and determination. You are strong and unwavering. You are deeply caring, smart and wise. You are the best representation of growth and development. You secured the life of your closed ones. You are ruled by the planet Venus, which will create inclination for love, luxury, and comfort in you. Taurus individuals don't like to be pushed or have changes in life and love their home comforts and routine life. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and they can both be used to our best advantage once we better understand them.

Taurus zodiac sign adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. Along these lines, they also favor a good meal and a fine wine. The good life in all its guises, whether it’s the arts or art of their own making (yes, these folks are artistic as well), is heaven on Earth to the Taurus-born.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ archetypal traits are derived from its receptive, feminine, or yin qualities, making this sign oriented toward contemplation and engagement with inner awareness. Alive in both a Taurus woman or Taurus man, those born with the sign of the Bull as their rising, sun, or moon sign have a steady, patient, and generous energy in the core of their personality, as if the bounty of Spring were alive in their souls.

As a fixed sign, Taurus’ personality traits hold the qualities of being a sustainer. As a result, those with the sign of the Bull prominent in their charts tend to be great at dedicating themselves to see projects and relationships through.

Taureans can be thought of as the “builders” of the zodiac, since being ruled by Venus, these natives faithfully serve producing and facilitating material abundance and all that is beautiful, nourishing, or pleasurable in life.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: BirthDay, Meaning and Personal Traits
All about Taurus zodiac sign. Photo: thelivemirror.

Positive Taurus Personality Traits


You are often called upon for advice by others because you are full of common sense. You are methodical about your approach to actions and famous for your logical thinking. This is why your closed ones seek advice from you when they are in tough situations or have to make major decisions in life. You give them a healthy dose of common sense in dealing with it.

Generous and Trustworthy

You are very generous with the people around you. You are loyal individuals who love to maintain relationships till the end after you earn trust from them. You are highly caring and compassionate. You don’t play games and tend to be direct and honest with the people around you. You keep the inner secret of everyone.


You are very focused, determined and diligent in your work. You very well know how to hustle. Your dedication to work is endearing. You are industrious and stretch yourself to any extent to finish the task successfully. You are consistent in your work and stay long years on a single project.


A natural-born team leader, you possess strong observational and understanding skills. Taurus individuals have the ability to map out, strategize and solve problems or implement plans. You are realistic and deal with facts and not fiction. You have the ability to screen out the individuals who are right for the project.


You are very kind, and because of this open-armed kindness, people find it wonderfully comfortable to be with you. Care and possessiveness for your loved ones is your innate qualities. You are considered to be very rooted and earthy nurturers.


You are well organized and handle everything well. You see keen details and finer things before strategizing any project or event. You are a good finisher and face all the hardships. You know how to use your diplomacy and resourcefulness to move out the things in the right direction.


You are neither afraid to wait nor have the anxiety for it. You live life at a slower pace. You are very patient with your work. You have a deep-held desire to ponder things and consider your move after analyzing it from all angles. Hence you are extremely clear and committed to your action. You have the patience to wait for the results. You patiently assess the project or task to know whether it is worth investing time and money in it. This will help you to attain success in most of your projects. But will your planetary alignment favor you to achieve success in your projects.

Negative Taurus Personality Traits


You tend to be very dependent on relationships, very jealous and overly concerned with acquiring wealth in order to make your life more comfortable. You become very jealous when someone threatens you for the things close to you. You are naturally jealous when it comes to physical pleasures and appearances.


You are chilled out and quite lazy and laid back for the most part. You have a calm attitude and presence of mind. You love to take time away from the daily chores to relax and enjoy life.


You are stubborn at times, especially when you truly believe that you are right. It can take a lot to change your mind once you settle down in your routine. You are very strong-minded and tend to stick to your guns.


You often struggle to find out your autonomy. You should really learn to take care of yourself independently. You should understand that your near and closed ones can’t revolve around you all the time. You can’t always be the center of attraction for everyone.


You are a procrastinator. You find difficulty in balancing your time in work and relaxation. You love work as well as leisure time but don’t have the craving of both at the same time. You are either in action doing hard work or you are having leisure time.


You always strive for comfort and a luxurious life. You are full of grand plans to make it big and want to live a good and wealthy life. You often have a taste for the finer things in life. You usually work hard so that they see no problem with indulging yourselves from time to time. You tend to spend your money and resources in excess for the sake of comforts and luxuries in life.


Sometimes, your connection to the material world can make you a bit possessive with both people and things. You lack maturity and have low self-esteem. You simply hate when someone checks out or praises your partner. You tend to be possessive for all things that are necessary for you. The people might think your possession as self-indulgent and greedy if they don’t understand that your craving for material things is actually for security.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: BirthDay, Meaning and Personal Traits
Horoscope Taurus. Photo: Horoscope.

TAURUS Zodiac Sign: What is

Taurus Facts: Intelligent, sarcastic, stubborn, savage, rebellious, problem solver, loyal, lie detector, protective, visionary, adventurous

Taurus Problem: You are poor and slow in communicating your feelings while dating

Taurus Pet Peeves: Being rushed, interruption, sudden changes, lack of common sense, ignorance, and being hungry.

Things Taurus appreciates: You appreciate strong work ethics, honesty, and straightforwardness.

Things Taurus are well versed: You can kill people with sarcasm. You can easily read people’s true intentions. You are immune to stupid remarks.

Things that Taurus can’t compromise: Intelligence, independence, stability, and money

Best Adviser for Taurus: Cancer

Things that only Taurus can do: You will think about your close ones all day but will never text them. You will expect them to call or text you.

Things Taurus gets frustrated with: You get frustrated when you have to say the same thing twice. You don’t rephrase, interpret and explain things. You just think people are dumb if they don’t understand.

The hardest thing for Taurus: The hardest thing for you is to accept the wrong things to you. You get emotionally hurt in this situation. You have the tendency to take things personally.

Things Taurus hate: You hate when unknown people or the people who are not in your closed circle talks about your personal things. You hate to bring up your past and on hearing the stories of your ex-partner. You don’t like cleaning up after other people. You hate being left in the dark about things. You get irritated by last moment changes.

Two things Taurus should remember: You should take care of your thoughts when you are alone. You should take care of your words when you are with people.

Playlist for Taurus: Your music taste is large and vast. You have songs for every mood and thought. You will be in the hard stuff, soft stuff and things that offer a deep and meaningful experience. You share your feelings and thoughts through music. You are a master of emotion and translate your feelings in the form of a song.

Taurus is a misunderstood star sign. Many people think of Taureans as laidback, even lazy, and extremely stubborn. Sure, they CAN come off like this sometimes, but actually those behaviours are driven by a more intellectual and analytical nature than they’re credited with. Taureans can be gentle and they can be fierce, they don’t like to be pushed, they have strong opinions, and they love their home comforts.
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