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Super Nintendo World: When?

Super Nintendo World in Japan has a new opening date, after many months of delays.

Universal Studios announced has confirmed that Super Nintendo World will finally be opening its doors to the public for the first time next week on March 18. You might remember that the theme park was first due to open last year alongside the now-postponed Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, and so many months later, Super Nintendo World is finally opening, Gamesradar noted.

Super Nintendo World: What to expect?

Photo: Freegametips
Photo: Freegametips

We've previously seen the sorts of things fans can expect in Super Nintendo World, thanks to a 15-minute virtual tour published late last year by Nintendo. We've seen the likes of augmented reality Mario Kart, Bowser's castle remade in gigantic scale, and arm bands that you can level up through games for rewards. There's even been some hints that Donkey Kong could eventually arrive in Super Nintendo World, but we'll have to wait and see if Universal Studios plans to expand the park.

1UP Factory Merchandise Shop

Inside Super Nintendo World is a merchandise shop named “1-UP Factory” that sells, of course, Nintendo-themed goods. There’s an emphasis on a new toy called “Tokotoko Mario” where you push him to make him walk. Here’s a glance at what to expect for merchandise!

Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle are two icons that will appear in the area alongside two attractions. Super Nintendo World opens with two attractions named Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challange and Yoshi’s Adventure, using the world’s latest technology. There are also restaurants and shops for guests to enjoy. This is incredibly exciting and this beloved franchise will without a doubt draw even more crowds to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge Ride at Universal Studios Japan

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Photo: Slashgear

We all dreamed of racing in a “real” Mario Kart when we first played the game back in 1992 on the Super Nintendo. Our dreams are finally coming true with what’s described as the “ultra-immersive” Mario Kart” Koopa’s Challenge attraction. You’ll race through iconic Mario Kart courses throwing shells at your opponent while wearing AR glasses.

The attraction is five-minutes long, where you hop into a four-person Kart to drive the course. While you don’t get to freely control the Kart (it’s on a track), you’ll race other places through a set of iconic tracks from the Super Mario Kart franchise, Tdrexplorer noted.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

Aboard the attraction, Guests will wear goggles to fully immerse themselves in the world of Mario Kart. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challlenge is a state of the art attraction that allows Guests to dive into the game world of Mario Kart. Guests will actually board familiar Mario Karts in grab the steering wheel, and start the race of their dreams. Guests will feel that they have entered the game world as Mario and Luigi’s carts slip through the exciting race right next to the them as they drift and spin on the course.

This attraction is an elaborate combination of world-class video technologies such as AR, projection mapping, and screen projection, special practical effects such as steam, and famous scenes from iconic Mario games reproduced on the courses. The attraction is approximately five minutes long, and Express Pass will be available.

Yoshi’s Adventure

Aboard Yoshi’s Adventure, Guests ride aboard their own Yoshi and follow Captain Toad on a quest for treasure! Guests riding aboard will discover fun surprises and views of the entire land on this adventure for the whole family! The attraction takes approximately five minutes. Express Pass will be available for Yoshi’s Adventure, Wdwnt reported.

Smart Mario-themed wristbands

Photo: Themeparktribune
Photo: Themeparktribune

Additionally, guests will be able to interact with the park via magnetic bracelets called “Power-Up Bands”. These will allow visitors to collect points as they move through the interactive attraction, s before climaxing in “a dramatic boss battle with Bowser Jr.”

The bands come in six different Mario-themed designs and each bracelet will cost around 3000 yen. The final point count from each visit will be sent to your Nintendo game console, allowing you to build on this score with each successive visit to the park, Jrailpass noted.

How to get there?

Photo: Anime
Photo: Anime

You can easily reach USJ using your Japan Rail Pass. The park is located about 7 kilometers from Osaka. You can therefore take the Osaka Loop Line from Osaka Station City to Nishikujo Station. Then, transfer to the Sakurajima Line to Universal-City Station.

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USJ’s hours vary by the season, but opening time is typically between 8:30 and 9:30 am, and closing time between 7 and 9 pm. Extended hours are implemented on some weekends and on public holidays. The park remains open every day of the year.

Tickets typically cost between 2,500 yen and 7,315 yen. Express Passes and VIP wristbands are also available, allowing you to bypass the long lines that are sure to follow this new attraction.

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