Songkran Festival: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images
Songkran Water Festival: Best Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

What is the Songkran Water Festival?

Songkran is Thai New Year water festival. That is the largest and the most memorable you will ever experience in Thailand. According to my calendar would also traditional Thai New Year.

The Songkran festival is celebrated from April 13th to April 15th and sometimes can be extended up to 5 days of celebration of welcoming the New Year.

Songkran festival was previously based on the Lunar calendar, but Thailand later fixed the dates to April 13-15.

The origination of this water festival is from Chiang Mai, Thailand and people tend to enjoy these days to the fullest by splashing the waters playfully on the strangers.

The Songkran festival is also marked in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as the Tai ethnic minorities in China, Sri Lanka and eastern India.

Thailand or the Thai New Year water festival known as the festival originally as a way of seeking good luck to their family members and elders for Thai people had to splash water on. They also pay tribute to their beloved images of the Buddha used this event. However, what we are witnessing today is completely different from the original intention of the event.

In Thailand, New Year is now officially celebrated on January 1st, in line with almost all other countries. Songkran was the official New Year until 1888, when it was switched to a fixed date of April 1st. It wasn't until 1940, that this date was then shifted to January 1st.

Happy Songkran Best Wishes

-Wishing yοu not just smile Βut laughter, nοt just happiness Βut pure jοy, not just wealth but heavens Τreasure and nοt just silence Βut God’s peace. Happy Songkran Water Festival.

-Welcome this new year with new hope and warm regards for everybody. Have a Happy Songkran Water Festival.

-Now that you have flipped another page in your year, I want you to make the first few days a bit watery at the Songkran Water Festival. Wish you a happy Songkran.

-Best wishes to you and the family on this beautiful occasion of Songkran. Hope you have a great day at the Songkran Water Festival.

-Along with the new challenges I wish you all the bundle of joy, huge smiles, and a bucket of happiness to steer ahead. Wish you a happy Songkran and enjoy the great water festival.

-Wish you a great and prosperous Songkran. Have a joyful day at the Songkran Water Festival.

-With all the ice water flying one cannot debate that it is the best way to welcome Thai New Year. Wishing you that the heat of your life can succumb to the way you handle your life.

-Spending the New Year with water splashing down your body in a heated summer is the best way to welcome the year. Wishing the lucky souls of Thailand a very happy New Year at the Songkran Water Festival.

-Wish you the fulfillment of all your dreams and May you achieve the impossible. Spend a lovely day at the Songkran Water Festival.

-Kids will pop out of barrels to shower you with their water guns, so it is prescribed to give them a fair water fight as well. Wish you an enjoyable day at the Songkran Water Festival.

-I hope the happiness is able to surprise you with the first splash of water in the Songkran Water Festival. Wish you and the family a blessed year ahead.

-On this day of the water festival, even the kids provide tutorials for the adults on how to have fun without the worries of life. At the Songkran Water Festival, I wish everyone a kid-like spirit to enjoy the little things in life.

-May the mobile splashed assault vehicle welcome you to a great season of summer. On the eve of the Songkran Water Festival, wishing you an amazing that New Year and lovely summer.

-Enjoy this day of water festival along with tens of thousands of people who are just feeding their inner child some joyful memories. Wish you the best of days at this Songkran Water Festival.

-On this special eve of Songkran, I wish that all the sorrows of your life get washed away by the blessed water at the Songkran Water Festival.

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How to Say 'Happy Songkran Wishes' in Thai & English

Songkran Festival: Top 100+ Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages
Happy Songkran Festival

Do not miss out these amazing wishes on Songkran Day in Thai and English by the means of which you can wish your loved ones a Very Happy Songkran .

Say 'Happy Songkran Wishes' In Thai

-สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์ (Suk-San-Wan-song-Kran)

Meaning- Happy Songkran’s Day

-สวัสดีปีใหม่ไทย(sawadi peemai Thai)

Meaning- Happy Thai New Year

-สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์ (suk-san wan Songkran)

Meaning- Happy, peaceful Songkran Day

Say 'Happy Songkran Wishes' In English

-I wish you a happy and a prosperous Songkran. May this Songkran bring you immense joy.

-Wishing you the Happiest Songkran 2021. May all your dreams come true this Songkran.

-I wish all your sorrows get washed away by the blessed waters of Songkran Water Festival.

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Songkran: Best Greeting Cards

Here are some greetings you can write on cards to your relatives:

-Welcome this New Year with warm welcome and new hopes. Happy Songkran.

-Wish all of you big smiles, bundle of joy and loads of happiness. Happy New Year.

-May the New Year take away all your tears and sadness and shower you with love and joy.

-Let the brand-new year bring a fresher, happier, healthier and more content “brand-new you”.

-Let’s welcome this New Year with smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts.

-Songkran is the time to celebrate love, life and friendship.

-I whispered a prayer for someone so dear. Wishing you peace, hope and a Happy Songkran 2022!

-My dearest (name), I want to whisper something in your ear – a very, very happy Thai New Year!

-Wish you a blast of love and happiness this Songkran.

-Thank you for your forever love, support, care and affection. You are the most wonderful people I have in my life and I promise to be there for you in every phase of your life. Happy New Year to you, my angels.

-I promise to be always there with you like you have been there for me all my life. I wish that you are blessed with a beautiful New Year full of happiness, glory, health and joy.

-Life is full of ups and downs, but thanks to you, I never feel down. Thanks for being my support. I love you so much.

-Home is where Mummy and Daddy are. You bring so much joy to our family. Wishing you a very healthy and happy New Year.

-Let us welcome this New Year with Sweet smiles, warm hugs, and huge hopes. Happy New Year.

-We have flipped another page in our year. Fill this blank page with all good deeds and happiness. Happy New Year.

Happy Songkran - Great Messages

Songkran Festival: Top 100+ Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages
Songkran is Thai New Year water festival

-Fill this first blank page of your year with prosperity, good deeds, positive thinking, and some joy and happiness. Hope you get to maintain these things throughout the year. Happy Songkran.

-Hold down the trigger and spray to your heart’s content because even if you don’t, the crowd of thousands will spray you anyway. Have a wet and wild day at Songkran Water Festival.

-On the eve of Songkran, May Lord Buddha showers an eternal blessing towards the people of Thailand and grants us an achievable and peaceful year. Have a great day at the Water Festival.

-The Chiang Mai Songkran experience should be felt and lived by everyone to know what it’s like to be the reckless kid again. Live and let live the joy and memories of purity on the eve of the Songkran Water Festival.

-Always enjoy the first day of New Year like it is the last day on earth. You will have a profound realization of what you have been missing out on. Hope you enjoy to the fullest the Songkran Water Festival.

-May lord Buddha shower his Blessings upon you and make all your dreams comes true this new year and always. Happy Songkran.

-Oh my Dear, Forget your Fear, Let all your Dreams be Clear: Never put Tear, Please Hear/I want to tell one thing in your Ear/Wishing u a very “Happy New Year”!

-The New Year gives you fresh 365 days to play with – fill them up with whatever your heart desires so that you have no regrets at the end of the annual cycle. Happy Songkran Festival.

-Happy Thai New Year Songkran: Forget the pains, sorrows, and sadness behind/Let us welcome this New Year with big smile/Wish you a Happy Songkran Festival!

-If you have just heard stories about the water festival, then I think it is about time you enjoy this blissful and joyful celebration of New Year. Have an amazing Songkran Water Festival and a very happy Thai New Year.

-Now Is The Dawn Of A New Beginning,

And The Start Of The New Year.

On To Better Times,

And A Year’s Whose Flaws Are

No More Serious Than A Pin Prick.

-This Past Year Was Flawed,

We Were Only Human.

The Past Year Was Just A Year,

Nothing But The Past.

-Nights are Dark but Days are Light,

Wish your Life will always be Bright.

So my Dear don’t get Fear

Cause, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.


-My dear friend, I wish you and your family a very Happy Songkran….. May all your sorrows are washed away with the blessed water…. May the brightness and happiness of this occasion fill your life with new energies and prosperity.

-Today is the day to thank God for blessing us and showering his love on us…. Let us celebrate the festive occasion of Songkran with our loved one…. Let us make it a cheerful and memorable festive celebration full of happiness and laughter….. Happy Songkran to you.

-Let the coolness and positivity of Songkran spread in your life and make this coming year a more blessed and more prosperous one for you…. Sending best wishes to you on Songkran with a hope that you have the best year ahead….!!!

Happy Songkran - Best Quotes

Here’s a list of some inspirational quotes which you can use to wish your family and friends on this Grand occasion of Songkran through WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger , or Instagram.

-Welcome to the most brutal yet incredibly fun and polite festival of all time. On the eve of the Songkran Water Festival, may you never stop smiling.

-Let us celebrate this joyous occasion of Songkran, with our friends and our loved ones at the coolest Songkran Water Festival.

-On the eve of Songkran, I hope you find all the solutions to your problems and are able to lead a cheerful and joyous year. Have a great Songkran Water Festival.

-Forget all your worries and Kick off the first day of the New Year by soaking all your troubles at the Songkran Water Festival.

-Forget the tough times of last year and welcome this New Year with sweet smiles, huge hopes, and warm hugs. Hope you have a great time at the Songkran Water Festival.

-For all the good luck in your life, you must try to spray the water on Buddha’s shoulder. Even if you are not religious, I hope you enjoy every bit of this Songkran Water Festival.

-The water-uzis are the best weapons to continue the mesmerized attack on the crowd of thousands. Spend a day bathing your soul to start afresh this Thai New Year.

-On the eve of the Songkran Water Festival, may Lord Buddha provide you all the things that you need the most. Have a happy and lucky day at the Songkran Water Festival.

-Until one finds a contender, the people of Thailand welcome you to the coolest festival ever. Have a cool and wet day on the occasion of the Songkran Water Festival.

-Happy Songkram to all the beautiful souls of Thailand. Enjoy the water festival to welcome the New Year with joy and cheerfulness in your hearts.

-May Lord Buddha reflect upon you his divine and holy blessings and fill your life with happiness, prosperity, joy, contentment, success, and glory wherever you go. May you be blessed with courage and positivity to meet each and every challenge you come across. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Songkran!

-I pray to the merciful Lord Buddha to motivate you for a meaningful and prosperous life. May He give you enough strength to achieve all your goals this year . Wishing you and your family a successful Happy Songkran Festival.

-May Lord Buddha shower his eternal blessings on you and make all your dreams come true in this upcoming year, 2021. May you be blessed with health and happiness. Happy Songkran Festival.

-As the year ends, let us look forward for a year full of joy, fun, health and prosperity. Let us pray to God for his blessings. Warm wishes on Songkran Festival to you.


Use the above given sample text messages and quotes to wish your family and friends a beautiful and prosperous Happy Songkran Festival. Each of the quotes given above are perfect to share your joy and wish for their happiness as the New Year begins.

How to Celebrate Songkran

The most famous aspect of the Songkran celebrations is the throwing of water. The custom originates from spring cleaning aspect of Songkran. Part of the ritual was the cleaning of images of Buddha. Using the 'blessed' water that cleaned the images to soak other people is seen as a way of paying respect and bring good fortune.

It also doesn't hurt that April is the hottest part of the year in Thailand, so being soaked is a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity.

Nowadays Thais will walk the streets having 'water fights' using containers of water or water guns, or stand at the side of roads with a hose and soak anyone who passes by.

Even more interesting is that the custom of water fights pops up in a distant place at the same time of year. Dyngus Day is celebrated on Easter Monday in Poland, and on the Monday the custom is that boys get to soak girls with water, but on Tuesday, the girls get to throw crockery at the boys - again the water and powder combination.

As mentioned, Songkran is a Spring Cleaning Day, both physically and spiritually. On the physical side, in addition to cleaning other customs are that anything old and useless must be thrown away or else it will bring bad luck to the owner. On the spiritual side, some people make New Year resolutions.

Most banks and government offices will be closed for the duration of the festival. Many currency exchange booths will remain open.

The three days of Songkran

Day 1 – People have chosen the day to clean their houses , temples and other public places to rescue themselves from all sorts of bad luck of the previous year

Day 2 – This day is popularly known as the Wan Nao where people are found to prepare good food and offerings that are to be offered to the monks and temples. Also a common custom called the “Rot Nam Dam Hua” is performed on this Day where young individuals wash the feet of the elders with Rose and jasmine water. As a part of blessings, the parents in return give their children a very typical jasmine floral garland.

Day 3 – This day is also known as the “Wan Payawan” where people begin their day with visiting the local temple to offer the food that was prepared on the previous day who in return pray to God for their well being.

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