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Who can pull off long hair?

“The thing with long hair is that it’s an attitude as much as it is a look,” says Maxwell Oakley, barber at Ruffians Shoreditch. “If you’ve got the confidence to break out of the pack, then you’re halfway there.” That being said, all the chutzpah of a Met Gala Jared Leto won’t help if you’re without the right starter ingredients.

“Realistically you need medium to thick hair to grow it long,” says Mills. “It’s better if it’s got a slight wave in it too, so that it doesn’t just hang. Straighter hair is OK, curly hair can work really well as the locks drop out when hair grows. But, if your hair is too fine then it’ll just look wispy.”

Common men's hairstyles

Longer On Top

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What to ask for: A classic scissor taper with square layers on top

Who it suits: Everyone

What it is: Bradley Cooper’s current ‘do would be a solid end goal in itself, but Oakley says it’s also a strong transitional option for anyone who’s starting to grow their hair out.

“The great thing about this cut is it can be adapted for pretty much any hair type,” he says. “The key feature is the taper. This can be cut with a little graduation, or if you have the length on top the angles can be made more extreme. If your hair is very thick it is better to not go too tight.”

Rub a little serum or hair cream (Ruffians does a very good one) through to give the hair a slight hold. If you’re looking for something slicker, use a matte clay or pomade through the length and ends.

Naped Tidiness

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What to ask for: A round layer throughout

Who it suits: Square and oval faces

What it is: The point at which your hair starts falling down instead of growing out in all directions is also when your hair starts to feel purposeful and powerful. Not unlike, say, a Jedi master. This is also the point where you can go for something deceptively simple, like Adam Driver’s one-length all-over style.

As Oakley explains: “It may look like this cut is shorter at the back but this is merely an illusion. The hair mimics the lines of your head; the weight on top is actually pushing the lengths at the back to follow the head shape.”

If you’re aiming for even more length, Oakley recommends you ask your barber to reduce some of the weight from the top while allowing the base length to get longer and heavier. At home, smooth some styling cream into freshly washed and conditioned hair, running your fingers through it as it dries naturally.

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Mid-Length Longer hair

What to ask for: Mid length layers, slightly longer on the top and shorter on the sides

Who it suits: Medium to thick hair, square and oval faces

What it is: Your reward for about a year’s hard work and perseverance – that’s how long it’ll take you to get Keanu Reeves’ grown-up surfer look. but the good news is it’s relatively low-maintenance from here on out.

“You need four to five inches of length, with the sides slightly shorter than the back,” says Mills. “If your hair is thicker then ask your stylist to take some weight out to give it some movement, and so that it doesn’t sit flat to your head.”

To style, use a small amount of mousse on damp hair and either blow dry or leave to dry naturally. Then, use a styling cream to finish.

The Chalamet

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What to ask for: A classic layer cut blended at the sides

Who it suits: Thick wavy or curly hair

What it is: A classic Timothée Chalamet, which Mills says is the ideal starting point for guys who are just starting to embrace longer curls.

The explosion of ceramic hair straighteners around the turn of the millennium convinced us all that curls were something which needed taming. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Mills recommends that you start by growing the top at first, keeping the back and sides at “an inch to two-and-a-half inches and blended in as much as possible in a classic layer cut.”

“The top is probably three times longer than the sides, with the curls pulling the length back in, but if you’re growing it out ask your barber to leave as much as possible,” he explains. “You can then grow the back and sides gradually.” To add sheen and tame any frizz, use a touch of styling cream.

Medium Curls

What to ask for: A round layer throughout

Who it suits: Medium to thick hair, square or oval face

What it is: Where you’ll be a few months in, when your curls start to elongate and fall down around your face. As Oakley points out, this cut is “pretty much identical in length and in shape to Adam Driver’s” – a round layer throughout with some of the weight removed from the top where necessary.

To get Kit Harington’s casual swept-back style, use conditioner and hair cream after washing. Leave it dry naturally, being careful not to touch it while your curls set.

“When it is completely dry it might look very shiny and a touch crispy,” Oakley continues. “To get rid of that Eighties DeBarge look, rub some Ruffians Matt Clay into the hands and run it through the hair.” This will break up any crunchiness while adding hold.

Longer And Messier

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Photo Getty

What to ask for: A universal layer with more length at the front

Who it suits: Medium to thick wavy hair

What it is: Easy maintenance with tonnes of texture.

Dev Patel is cold, hard proof of the magic of grooming (see: his unbelievable glow-up from awkward TV sixth-former to Oscar-nominated heartthrob). If his tousled, textured mop looks effortless, that’s because once you’ve got the required length, it mostly is.

“This is what we call a universal layer,” Mills explains. “It’s about the same length all over – four to five inches on top and three to five inches on the sides, but with more length towards the front.”

The key to this style is movement. “If you've got very thick hair you’ll want some of the weight taken out of it, making sure sure it’s soft around the edges with the back cut into.”

Once you’ve got the cut sorted, all you need is a touch of curl-enhancing cream before air drying. Mills recommends Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion, though Patel has admitted he uses facial moisturiser.

Short Braids

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Photo Getty

What to ask for: Box braids

Who it suits: Those with suitable scalps

What it is: A protective style that looks slick

Braids and cornrows are great for protecting afro hair during the colder months, when biting winds wick moisture out of the hair, but they’ve also made a style comeback in recent years thanks to the likes of A$AP Rocky and the late Nipsey Hussle.

Mark Maciver says: “The first thing to consider is if you have any scalp conditions, such as a tender scalp or alopecia, as a style like plaits could actually cause more damage to your hair”.

“Booking a consultation with a hairdresser will help to identify this. They’ll also be able to advise whether your hair is capable of achieving the style.” If your scalp can handle the tension, ask your stylist for simple box braids all over.

Shannon Currie, who works with Maciver at SliderCuts, says: “Your hair needs to be at least three inches long to achieve a neat plait without the use of elastic bands, and at least six inches long to achieve the A$AP Rocky style.” Wear a durag to bed and keep your scalp moisturised with a coconut or avocado oil-based product.

Can I make my hair grow faster?

One of the most common mistakes men make when growing out their hair is just to let it go. If you do that you’re going to end up with split ends, uneven hair and probably look something like this mugshot of crazy-man Gary Busey. The goal is to keep manscaping it with your stylist. You don’t want to chop it, but get it texturized and trimmed so that it grows out with a healthy sheen, not a greasy shine.

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Tips: Focus on taking a little longer to grow it out so that it looks like you’re wearing it that way on purpose. Not like you were involved in some lab experiment gone wrong. By focusing on trendy styles like the samurai during the growing out process, you can eliminate the ‘awkward effect’ as your hair grows.

One tip most men don’t factor in is that they need to energize the hair. It’s a good idea to start taking some vitamin B7 and other vitamins that strengthen your hair follicles.

As your hair begins growing longer, it will do so from all angles. The best bet to maintain that dappered appearance is to focus on growing it out from the top first, followed by the back and the sides. In the beginning, try keeping the back and sides short, only slowly allowing them to fill in as the top of the head’s hair grows out.

How to Style Long Hair 2022

Once your hair has grown to the length of your choice, now is the time to really get it styled. Make an appointment with the best stylist in your city and plan to talk strategy. A good hairstyle will properly frame your face and focus on your best features, your jawline and the overall shape of your face. Make sure the stylist has a good understanding of this so they can properly texturize and layer the hair, so it shows off your best side.

A long hairstyle can make you look distinguished and dapper or like the homeless man on the corner begging for change. In the end, it’s up to you to maintain it, but you need help in the beginning to make sure it’s an easy task.

Men’s Long Hair Care & Growing Tips For Men

Growing your hair long requires only one thing and that is considerable patience. You may hear of various old wive’s tales on how to grow it faster such. These can consist of magic potions and regular brushing, but there is little evidence that these work at all.

Tips: The only advice we can offer here is to be patient, grasshopper. Generally, it’s best to hold off from a trip to the barbershop for as long as possible. Nevertheless, if it’s really unmanageable, you can pay him or her a visit to try and make it easier

Simply explain your situation and what you’re aiming to grow. The barber will likely find an excellent temporary style that will help it grow into what you want.

Otherwise, when you’ve reached your desired length, don’t hesitate to head to a barber’s just to have those dead ends taken away. It neatens the finish and keeps the hair clean. Be very clear that you don’t want any length actually removing. Otherwise, all that hard work might end up being for nothing!

How to Choose the Best Men’s Long Hairstyle for Every Day?

The best everyday hairstyle we can successfully adopt is the one that is supported by the natural texture of our hair. This statement is especially evident in regards to men’s hairstyles. If women can constantly flat iron or weave their hair, it’s hard to imagine a man with a curling iron in his hand. Low or preferably none maintenance is a top requirement for men’s dos. A decent haircut is crucial, especially when it comes to longer locks. Any omissions in the cut will tell on your general look and complicate the styling routines immensely. Fine hair with a tendency to a curl, for example, will frizz excessively if layered heavily.

A shoulder-length hairstyle or a slightly shorter hairstyle with light layering for the ends works well for most men with good hair. Punk hairstyles look good on straight hair and suggest heavier layering with a spiky finish through the edges. Tucked behind the ear longer styles appear tidier and can be used as office day hairstyles.

Long hair care routines include frequent washing, conditioning and usage of hydrated products to nourish and moisturize your hair, boosting its natural shine. To prevent men’s hairstyles for long hair from inclination into the feminine side, avoid using too much of styling products. A little bit of light hold gel or pomade can offer a better control, while curls often seem sexier in wet looks. Other than that, try to keep your hairstyles simple and offhand.

Highlights are a useful option, but, again, they may lead you away from your solid masculine look. Balayage is a technique, colorists use to light hair strands at random. So, this might be a helpful idea for a desired sun-kissed effect.

The bottom line would be this: make an appointment with an experienced stylist and choose one of the following looks you find appealing and can adopt for yourself.

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How To Shampoo Long Hair

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A Strong Man Running Hands Through Hair July 2017Making sure that your hair is as healthy as it is clean requires the appropriate amount of washing. And contrary to popular belief, shampooing is probably a lot less frequent than you think. In fact, only a very small portion of people actually need to shampoo on a daily basis. For example, people with fine hair, an oily scalp, living in humid areas or exercise a lot may need to shampoo daily.

The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that nourishes and protects the hair. It’s a by-product that makes the hair shine and creates volume so needs to be preserved when possible. Shampoo works by trapping oils. Therefore, if you use it too frequently, the result leaves you with very dry hair, which breaks and tangles.

Men with short hair can get away with daily shampooing because the scalp needs less time to replenish it with oils. However, men with long hair need to find that balance, which is often no more than three or four times a week.

Whilst shampoo cleans the hair by essentially stripping it of oils, conditioner replenishes it. Again, this is something that may cause men to turn their nose up but conditioner is absolutely vital if you want to keep your long hair looking healthy. Remember that long hair is supposed to look dignified on a man and not wilting like a dying indoor plant!

Recommended Long Hair Styles for Men 2022-updated

1.Twist-in Bun

Photo bespokeunut
Photo bespokeunit

Most hairstyles for men with long hair target those with a longer mane, but here’s one that can work even for those who are just about to work it into a ponytail. That’s actually what it is: two sections, divided and twisted loosely, joined into a low pony and then twirled in a sort of quick sloppy knot. Let the tips stick out, for a totally chilled-out vibe.

2.Shoulder-length side

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As far as boys long hairstyles are concerned, this is one look that will add a touch of maturity to an otherwise carefree vibe. It requires an indistinct deep side parting, with a large section of the hair swept over to one side. With the current trend on disheveled hair, it can be a good choice even for a formal event.

3. Braid-Into-Bun Punk Men’s Hairstyle

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Photo Pinterest

Here’s a highly complex style that requires some personality. First off, the hair is shaved into V-shape. Then, it’s worked into an inverted French braid, but from the bottom up. Finally, halfway up the head, it’s tied back into a bun. Hard work, but fully worth it.

4. Braids, Bun and Side Undercuts

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This is where punk meets both hipster and hip-hop. If you have long hair with side undercuts, you can French braid several sections of your hair, working very close to the scalp. At the end, pull the hair back into a classic high bun.

5. Crazy Long Tied-Up Hair

Mens long hairstyles aren’t limited to those with straight, silky strands. Long locks work great with coarser, curlier hair, too! In fact, heads full of crazy curls can look super trendy when swept back and secured with a headband. Not only will your hair stay out of your face, but you’ll be the coolest guy on the block. A line up with long hair is a fresh take on the men’s long hair trend.

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