Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Astrological Predictions for Love, Financial, Career and Health

This coming week will be neither particularly difficult nor very helpful for Scorpions.

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Overview

On Monday, you'll bring whatever's going on at home in to work with you. You are not really in the mood to pretend nothing's the matter, but you are a professional and will do your best. In any case, work will be the last thing on your mind until around Wednesday, when an unexpected surge in your creative abilities leads you to a surprising (and potentially profitable) discovery. Thursday will see you showing off even more of your hidden talents, and by Friday people will be asking you for advice about all kinds of things. Spend some time helping everyone else out.

Weekly Horoscope for SCORPIO from March 22-28

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Love and Relationship

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Astrological Predictions for Love, Financial, Career and Health

Want to get something started in the love department? Monday and Tuesday are perfect days to apply some heat and see what you can get cooking. Whatever you initiate now has the power to last. Of course, around Wednesday or Thursday, you might just decide you're in the mood for something different -- and hey, it's your prerogative to change your mind. Just don't do anything too radical -- or you might just change it back. The weekend's looking hot, whether you have a sweetie or are shopping around. They're definitely drawn to your flame right now.

Your love life, on the other hand, will act as a counterweight to the problems of your everyday life. In your partner's arms you will find the calm harbor you need in order to invigorate your strengths and find the peace and tranquility you need. Rather than retreating into your personal space, open up to your partner about anything that troubles you. If loneliness has made you feel tired, this week will be suitable for making moves that will change your love status. Get out of your shell and you will see wonderful things around you.

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Financial and Money

There may be surprising developments for your sign this week. You are likely to enjoy your financial stability. There are high chances of salary-hike or you may get unexpected gains from your past investments this week. You are likely to be satisfied with the gains that will come your way. It may be sufficient enough to keep you cheerful. If you are planning to buy a house, this week may be an auspicious time for it. If you keep a good balance with your expenses, you may be able to save some good money by the end of the week.

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SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Career

In the professional field, you will do well enough, despite the delays you will face with some of your plans because of the negative influences of the planetary setting. New beginnings are now possible and you will be able to pave the way for new plans and developments for the benefit of your career. Even the weekend will be ideal to make changes in your workplace. Your finances will steadily improve, so do not postpone the settlement of debts and financial obligations.

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Health and Well-being

This week, you are likely to maintain good health and you will have a good balance in your routine habits. This will be possible due to your courageous attitude. Eat healthy and fresh food. Take due care of your children's health. Take the needed medication. If you are planning to switch to vegetarian food, then this week is favorable for you to take the first step. This may improve your fitness level. If planning to raise a family, then make sure you are giving importance to your health. Meditation and yoga may help you to regain your energy level and maintain good health.

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SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope in Detail

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Astrological Predictions for Love, Financial, Career and Health

Monday to Thursday brings critical thinking which is ideal for serious or challenging mental work. This is a good time for things requiring sustained concentration, patience, and sound judgment. So you can confidently attend to business dealings, paperwork, study, and exams. A common-sense approach, attention to detail, and long-term outlook make this an ideal time for setting long-term plans.

Friday to Sunday is a good time to make changes in your intimate relationships, your habits, and your home. Making changes in these areas will not cause the upset they normally wound, and you may even be presented with well-timed opportunities to do so. Redecorating, moving home, or starting a new relationship are some of the possibilities. Increased awareness of your subconscious motivations also helps the process along.

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (March 22-28): Astrological Predictions for Love, Financial, Career and Health

Justice deals with the idea of karma and the law of cause and effect, stating that all events and all the people are connected. It’s important to remember that not everything you are dealing with, however, is a direct result of your own actions or karma. Sometimes you will be called upon to deal with the results of the actions of someone you care about, and this can sometimes be as difficult and demanding as it is when you’re up against something that is complete of your own making. Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.