Financial Management Lesson As Early as Possible
Financial Management Lesson As Early as Possible

I am a late 9X girl. In the eyes of everyone, I was young, I should have had no experience in investing and financial management, but in fact, I started managing finances at the age of 6.

When I was 6 years old, I saved my first money - about $100 and by the time I graduated from high school, when I was 17 years old, I had saved more than $5,000. Many people are curious, where does a child get so much money?

One, most of it comes from my annual lucky money. I don't give lucky money to my parents and they don't ask me to give it to them to keep. After the new year, I will start recording the total amount I receive. How much money do I spend on stationery and snacks this year, and I will save the rest without touching. Secondly, the bonus I have participated in various activities and contests, it is not enough if I just rely on the lucky money collected in the first few days of the year. So I usually participate in contests and will get at least 150k as a bonus. In addition, I will receive a "salary" of 30 - 50 thousand for a housework.

Then, when I went to university, my cost of living suddenly increased a lot, so about 100 million I saved earlier was used for student life. But when I discovered that I had worked hard to save money for 11 years, it took less than a year to cost almost a third, so I decided to cut my living costs and increase my sources of income.

In terms of savings, I thought about how to save money without sacrificing quality of life, but it was never considered a success. Then, while cleaning my room, I suddenly discovered a problem, that the small items, the clothes... that I bought last year, even the things I bought last month, are all I put it in a corner of the closet. At that time, I thought, if I don't buy these things, how much money will I save?

So from now on, whether buying something for $1 or $100, I will first ask myself two questions: One is, "Do I use this?" and two "Will this be out of fashion in three years?". I won't buy it right away but give myself a thought for 1-2 days, on the 3rd day and still can't forget it, I will come back to buy. I think whether it's shopping, investing or dealing with people, you can't just use the words fast, decisive. It's important to "stable," and giving yourself some time to think before making a decision is the best way.

About increasing my income, because I study communication, when I have time, I often get some photography jobs, sometimes earning $100 in 3 days. In the long run, by the time I graduate from college, I've saved up nearly $8,000.

For many people, saving money during this time is actually a very painful process. Just restraining my desire to shop has exhausted me both physically and mentally, but since I have had the habit of money management since childhood, I cannot consider money as something that is easy to earn without regret. I can only suppress those boundless desires.

Around me, there are many friends who choose not to manage money. First, they don't have the habit of managing money. Second, they feel there is no money to manage. Third, they are afraid of investment risk.

Later, I discovered a problem, that the less money people spend, the more likely they are to spend in the future, on the contrary, those who have accumulated a little wealth and have "small coffers". " own, will continue to save.

Therefore, it is necessary to manage finances as soon as possible.

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