Sannakji, one of the Korean weirdest food in the world!
Photo: Kenh14.

Sannakji, otherwise known as "wriggling octopus," has been making the Facebook rounds on various YouTube videos for its heebie-jeebies-inducing preparation and consumption. This live animal entree, most commonly found in Seoul Korea, features a chopped up baby octopus that is still moving. Today, Knowinsider would like to provide you with lots of detailed information about this Korean weirdest dish!

What is Sannakji? (산낙지)

Most people who travel to South Korea add this dish to their bucket list of food items to eat while on the peninsula. According to the tastesseoul, Sannakji is literally ‘live octopus‘. The dish (if we can call it that) can be served two different ways. One is to take a small species of octopus out of a tank, chop it up into tiny pieces, and serve it with sesame oil and other optional garnishes. When the dish is served, diners will find the remnants of the octopus still wriggling around the plate. Diners should chew quickly and vigorously.

How is Sannakji Prepared?

With a really sharp knife and a fearless chef. Many Korean natives also eat the octopus whole by wrapping it around chopsticks and popping it into their mouths like oversized Tootsie Roll pops.

Sannakji, one of the Korean weirdest food in the world!
Photo: OrangeSmile.

What does Sannakji Taste Like?

The flavour is extremely mild, but it's the slimy and chewy texture that attracts culinary daredevils. Traditionally, the legs are served with sesame oil and seeds to complement the dish's ocean-fresh aroma. For some heat, add red chilli paste (because we're sure that's not going to piss off the moving legs even more).

Where to Find Sannakji

Korean restaurants, both internationally and domestically. Reported in,you'll have to do some serious research for the latter, but a few New York and LA restaurants have found room for it on their menus. Globetrotters can also venture to Seoul’s famous Noryangjin Fish Market for a quick bite.

How to Eat Sannakji

Very carefully. Approximately six people die each year by choking (those suction cups are not going down without a fight!). Make sure you chew and chew and chew a little more to ensure that you won't have the most preventable and embarrassing death in human history.

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