Golden Gate Bridge

0511 sunset place
Golden Gate Bridge. Photo: Culture Trip

San Francisco’s postcard is another beautiful sunset scene on clear days and you have different ways to enjoy the view, beyond standing at the viewpoint. One is driving across the Golden Gate Bridge: turn the radio on and look ahead. You’ll have about five minutes ride with the sun trespassing your windows and making the bridge a mix of red and orange colors. Another option if you want to get your cardio done while enjoying a view and the sunset, is to walk or bike across the bridge. Be ready for a 1.7 mile windy and beautiful ride.

The Cliff House

1231 cliff house
The Cliff House at Sunset. Photo: Tripadvisor

Perched on a hilltop along the northern end of the city's expansive Ocean Beach, San Francisco's landmark Cliff House has been treating patrons to exceptional sunset views for more than 155 years. Although the beloved bar and restaurant has gone through multiple incarnations during its lifetime, its prime Pacific Ocean roost is one thing that never changes. The Cliff House bistro's Balcony Lounge offers a particular stellar spot to catch the sun sinking below the horizon, perhaps while sipping a martini and pondering the seemingly endless sea.

Twin Peaks

1447 twin peaks
Sunset as seen from Twin Peaks. Photo: Creative Market

Day or night, it's one of San Francisco's most scenic points: Twin Peaks overlook, which sits atop the northernmost one of the city's two adjacent 922-foot-tall peaks and offers sweeping views of the city's skyline, San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pacific. Time it right, and you can watch the sunset below the ocean while the city itself illuminates. A couple of nature trails lead to more secluded perches and private sunset-watching spots.

The Coit Tower

1727 the coit tower
Sunset from The Coit Tower. Photo: Youtube

The Coit Tower was named for Lillie Hitchcock Coit, ‘for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city I have always loved’. And it guarantees you a beautiful view of the city during the sunset. Tip: There’s usually a line to go up the tower, but if you want to enjoy the sunset without rushing yourself, simply stay in the parking lot and appreciate the view, according to Culture Trip.

Ocean Beach/Lands End

1916 sunset at lands end
Sunset at Lands End. Photo: The Cornwall Guide

If you are into hiking you’re going to love seeing the sunset at Ocean Beach, after a hike through the Lands End Hiking trail. You’ve got two options: stay around the hiking trail area and see the sun going down ‘behind’ the Golden Gate Bridge, or walk to Ocean Beach (1.3 miles away) and see the sun disappearing ‘into’ the ocean. Both are great!

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