Resident Evil Village - Plot details, cutscenes, boss fights, characters & more - top most popular games in 2021
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Resident Evil Village is the eighth installment in the popular survival horror video game series. The game will succeed the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and will follow Ethan when a new unexpected character makes an appearance, setting off a chain of events, all leading to a mysterious village. Resident Evil Village will be developed by Capcom and will feature a first-person perspective, making use of the RE Engine.

Resident Evil Village Release date

There isn't a set release date for Resident Evil 8 yet, but the latest trailers and promotional site say that Capcom is aiming to drop sometime in 2021. A recent ransomware attack on Capcom has resulted in a leaked release window for Resident Evil Village. According to apparent internal documents surfacing online, the next Resident Evil will launch in April 2021. It appears that the company hasn't decided on an exact launch day, but April seems like a solid guess.

It is also mentioned that Capcom is planning a demo before release, which means the company could release early access to a portion of the game very soon. In fact, before the ransomware attack, the publisher had even teased its next update but it's unclear if its plans have changed after the security breach.

Resident Evil Village - Plot details, cutscenes, boss fights, characters & more - top most popular games in 2021
Photo: Capcom

Will Resident Evil Village be on Xbox series X and PS?

The recent ransomware leaks also shed some light on what consoles and platforms Resident Evil Village will be launched on. It turns out speculation about it not being an exclusively next-generation title were true. Capcom has plans to launch its new horror game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. To top it off, the RestEra list also mentioned that Google paid Capcom $10 million to bring both RE7 and Resident Evil Village to its game streaming platform Stadia. The title will also naturally launch on PC so that means all types of gamers will be able to play the title upon release, regardless of what platform they prefer, according to Inverse.

Background Story

In a press release following the Sony PS5 reveal event on June 11, Capcom revealed the following information about Resident Evil Village:

"In the debut cinematic trailer released today, Capcom revealed a glimpse of the evocative new setting and storyline of Resident Evil Village. Set a few years after the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the all-new storyline begins with Ethan and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new location, free from their past nightmares. Just as they are building their new life together, tragedy befalls them once again. Chris Redfield, the legendary hero from the Resident Evil™ series who made a brief appearance in Resident Evil 7 biohazard, is reacquainted with the couple and horribly disrupts their life, leaving Ethan devastated and thrown into an entirely new nightmare.

The first-person action in Resident Evil Village begins when players assume the role of a distraught and shattered Ethan as he seeks to uncover the mysterious new horrors that plague a once peaceful village. Throughout this terrifying journey, players will fight for every breath as they are hunted by vicious new enemies that have infested the snow-capped locale. Channeling the capabilities of next-generation consoles, the detailed realism and relentless feeling of fear will increase with each desperate battle for survival, while moments of calm will leave players wondering what new horrors await."

Resident Evil Village - Plot details, cutscenes, boss fights, characters & more - top most popular games in 2021
Photo: Capcom

Resident Evil Village Setting

It may come as a surprise, but Resident Evil Village will in fact take place in a village. It's a gothic, snowy place with beasts, betrayal, and people just trying to survive. The special developer message trailer showed off the inventory system which seems to have a currency component (spot the Romanian "Lei" in the top right corner of the menu). This means that there could be another merchant in this game and that this cursed village is somewhere in Romania.

There was also a ritzy mansion showcased in that trailer, which brings back memories of the Spencer Mansion from the first Resident Evil. It all looks extremely clean running on the same RE Engine that was used to produce Resident Evil 2 and 3, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Devil May Cry 5.

Who are the enemies?

Chris Redfield doesn't look like he's trying to be your friend in this game, but it's still vague on where his morality and objectives are, and how much of an antagonist he will be, PC Gamer reported.

As for other enemies, it looks like the village has a large population of half-wolf people that do not come to play. These creatures look quick and could be part of how the game leans more into action. One of them busts through a ceiling and grabs an old dude from the lower floor with one swift arm movement. These guys are gonna be a doozy. If you pause the trailer at the right time you can see a significantly larger man(?) jumping at the camera while wielding a giant hammer. Advice: Stay away from that one if you can.

A band of Victorian vampire women is seen draining Winters' blood briefly during the trailer. They can seemingly control a swarm of bugs too. There are a lot of peculiar and new enemies in this game, and that has me curious about what kind of freaky bio-experiments is going on here.

It's ambiguous as to whether or not a couple more notable characters that we've seen are friends or foes. One is an elderly woman adorned with beads, a staff, and an unnerving smile. The other one is a gruff man with a cowboy hat and some cool circular sunglasses. Let's be friends, guy.

Resident Evil Village - Plot details, cutscenes, boss fights, characters & more - top most popular games in 2021
Photo: PC Invasion

How is Resident Evil 8 connected to previous Resident Evil games?

It takes place a couple of years after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, focusing on the stories of Ethan and Mia Winters after they busted out of that plantation, ran away from the twisted Baker family, and finally settled down. It's not entirely clear why or how, but Chris Redfield, a playable character from the first Resident Evil who has since become a recurring part of the series, has decided to take on an antagonistic role and uproot them from their happy life. It's seemingly a pretty huge character change.

Redfield is beefier and more brooding than in the past, and in the trailer, he stands menacingly above Winters and before shooting a woman multiple times on the floor. We have no idea why Redfield has no chill in Resident Evil Village—it seems like whatever's going on, it'll be both messy and intriguing.

A symbol of what looks like a fetus/face mashup with twigs and feathers was sprinkled through the trailers, and there's already a lot of fan speculation as to its meaning. Capcom wants people to "pay extra close attention to this one," because it is likely an important part of the game, and could possibly have a connection to the Umbrella Corporation (whose logo was also flashed in the trailer, surrounded by mysterious crests).

Resident Evil Village - Plot details, cutscenes, boss fights, characters & more - top most popular games in 2021
Photo: Den of Greek

Will Resident Evil Village have Multiplayer mode?

As stated by Gamespot, Capcom has not confirmed whether or not Resident Evil Village will contain some kind of multiplayer mode, but given Resident Evil Resistance, which launched alongside the Resident Evil 3 remake, we're not completely discounting the possibility. A recent leak hinted at some kind of Resident Evil-related multiplayer project, possibly a battle royale mode, but we don't have any official details at his time. Also, no DLC or Microtransaction of extensions has been heard yet, and until we know more about the possibility of a multiplayer mode, it's unlikely Resident Evil Village will include microtransactions of any kind.

Will Resident Evil Village have an online mode?

According to the Capcom leak from November, Village will have an online mode that's codenamed "Dominion". We don't know anything else about it yet, including its actual name or what kind of multiplayer mode it will be. Here's hoping it does better than Resident Evil 3 Resistance.

List of trailers

Capcom has released multiple trailers teasing its next installment of Resident Evil. The most recent one was a deep-dive on how Capcom is approaching the world-building and character design in Resident Evil VIIage compared to Resident Evil 7. The company released its latest teaser during the Tokyo Game Show on September 25.

Here's the developer update below:

Resident Evil Village - Trailer 1

Resident Evil Village - Trailer 2

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