Safety Recommendations

According to The Times Of India, this special time of the year should be a blast but before application of any new products, you should:

  • Perform a skin test of new products and wait 24 hours for any reactions. This is important for those with sensitive skin or a history of allergies. If a rash develops, clean the area and apply a hydrocortisone cream. If it persists, see your physician.
  • Use approved makeup for the face. Make sure that any face paints are FDA certified.
  • Avoid using makeup or baby powder near open flames.
  • Avoid mixing different types of makeup.
  • Avoid using liquid latex near the eyes. The adhesive is ammonia based with strong vapors.
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Make-up Tips for Halloween. Photo: Country Living Magazine

Halloween Ready with 5 Quick Make-up Tips

With virtual parties becoming the new normal for now, we wonder how Halloween 2020 is going to be like. So here are 5 fun social distancing Halloween makeup ideas Priya Sureka, Creative makeup expert, Enrich salon to rock on. Halloween is a time to turn your dreams into a reality, it is a fantastic opportunity to get creative, dress up and infuse some joy and fun. So,here are some makeup ideas for this Halloween Festive, as said by MSC.

Halloween Themed Makeup: If you want a fun spooky Halloween makeup look get face paint and transform into super cute Halloween inspired makeup looks, you can try the pumpkin, ghost casper, vampire or the skeleton. This makeup manages to look trendy and glamorous giving a clear Halloween influence.

Unicorn Look: If you are looking for a girly Halloween look you must try the unicorn makeup look. If you love highlighter and glitter, this is the perfect makeup look for you. You can use some diamond gems and sparkle too to create this magical look. For a doe-eyed look, add some fluttery eyelashes

Neon Clown: Dressing up as a clown has always been a classic Halloween attire. But why not spice it up with the glam clown makeup look. The neon makeup look is a new trend this season, its intense than the others on this list but it is worth trying. If you are looking for a more artistic kind of makeup, this is the one. To get this look you just need glowing colors which you can get from any online platform and your favorite clown character.

Princess Look: We all have our childhood Disney princess we adored so this is it, Pick your favorite princess character Cinderella, Ariel or Belle? You can look like scales by adding purple and blue eye-shadow to your face.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: The graceful spider web eyeliner would be a fun and elegant look to wear on Halloween. If you do not have a steady hand to draw a cobweb, you can simply buy tattoos online and do the trick.

Halloween can be a cold evening. Applying makeup and teasing hair prior to adding turtlenecks or other pullover tops can mess up your efforts. Think about when to apply your final touches to makeup and hair.