Eagle Predicts USA vs Wales
Eagle Predicts USA vs Wales

Eagle prophet predicts America vs Wales

The eagle "prophet" Romeu continues to receive a lot of attention when showing his talent in predicting the results of the match between America vs Wales.

This group has 2 other teams, England and Iran. The team that wins the opening match will of course have a great advantage to win tickets to the 1/8 round.

Wales and the US have faced each other twice in a friendly framework. The first confrontation was in 2003, the US beat Wales with a score of 2-0. The last confrontation took place in 2020, the United States and Wales drew a goalless draw.

In the upcoming rematch, the US is slightly better than Wales. On the latest FIFA rankings, the US ranked 16th with 1,627 points. Meanwhile, Wales' corresponding position is 19th with 1,569 points.

The information comparing the force correlation between the two teams shows that the US really has more chances to win.

The belief in victory in the US was also "prophesied" by the eagle Romeu in 2 predictions. The famous eagle with the ability to identify matches from EURO 2020 selected the American flag logo both times, although the choices were swapped in the second prediction.

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Cat predicts America vs Wales

The USA and Wales both want to win all 3 points in the opening match of Group B of the World Cup 2022, thereby dominating the race for tickets to the next round. Remember, this is a mandatory result because they still have a match with the British boggart in front of them.

According to experts, the US is a team that is slightly better than the opponent when the Chinese team is a familiar name at the World Cup. Meanwhile, Wales has just returned to the number 1 tournament on the planet after 64 years of absence. But if you look at the current situation of Wales, things will not be as easy as the US thinks.

At this time, Wales is a collective of experienced players who have played at top European clubs like Bale or Ramsay alternating with young talents like Ampadu and Daniel James.

According to the assessment, the US and Wales are likely to hold each other in the opening match when there is not too much difference in squad depth and form.

In his prediction, the prophet cat Cass also leans towards the scenario that the US and Wales match will end with a draw. Accordingly, the cat Cass chooses the food dish with a tie ratio.

Expected lineups USA vs Wales

USA: Turner; Robinson, Ream, Zimmerman, Dest; Adams, McKennie, Musah, Pulisic, Ferreira, Weah.

Wales: Hennessey, Dummett, Chester, Williams, Roberts. Allen, Ampadu, Lawrence, Ramsey, Brooks, Gareth Bale.

Statistics USA - Wales

• USA won only 1/5 of the last match

• Wales did not win the last 5 matches, including 4 defeats

• The last 4/5 matches of the USA have less than 3 goals

• The USA is unbeaten and has not conceded a goal in the previous 2 matches against Wales

• The previous 2 meetings between the two teams had a maximum of 2 goals