Services open on Presidents’ Day 2021

Today, many people simply see Presidents Day as a shopping holiday. That’s why people ask: “what are the open/closed retail stores on Presidents Day 2021?” Of course, some states use this time to hold patriotic events. And as a federal holiday, many services (banks, for example) close down. However, the average person tends to see it as a day when stores offer deals and sales.

Since Presidents Day is often considered a shopping holiday, retail stores generally stay open. On federal holidays, also known as bank holidays, things like the post office, banks, and the stock market close down. However, retail stores often consider these days, especially the three-day weekends, a terrific time to offer sales and deals. Therefore, most retail stores are open on Presidents Day 2021.

Any large retail chain store that you can think of will most likely stay open regular hours on Presidents Day 2021.

Stores that close for major holidays don’t necessarily close for Presidents Day. For example, Sam’s Club closes down for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. They have limited hours on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. But Presidents Day, although it’s a federal holiday, doesn’t make the cut. Therefore. Sam’s Club stays open regular hours on Presidents Day 2021.

Likewise Costco closes for New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. As you’ll notice, Labor Day isn’t on that list. If you’re asking yourself about open/closed retail stores on Presidents Day 2021, chances are stores like this will be open.

Note, however, that many of these types of large stores have additional services operating within them that may not stay open during the holiday. For example, a bank branch instead of a big box store will likely close for Presidents Day even though the store itself stays open.

Large Retail Stores Presidents Day Sales 2021

Many large retail stores have Presidents Day or Presidents Weekend sales deals. In fact, some stores already launched Presidents Day deals in advance of the holiday. This is due in part to COVID-19 restrictions; rather than have everyone try to rush in on the same day for a sale, stores want to keep crowds down. Yet, they still want people to get deals.

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BlackFriday reports Presidents Day / February sales at:

• Academy Sports & Outdoors

• Big Fig Mattress

• Brooklyn Bedding

• Chewy

• FitBit

• Home Depot

• JC Penney

• Lenovo

• Mattress Firm

• Nest Bedding

• OverstockPetco

• Plush Bed

• Sam’s Club

• Sealy

• Sharp

• Stearns & Foster

• Tempur-pedic

• Walmart

• World Market

Generally speaking, most small retail stores do choose to stay open on Presidents Day. However, if there’s a particular place that you want to shop, then you should check with them in advance about their holiday hours.

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. TERENCE BURKE, UNSPLASH
Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. TERENCE BURKE, UNSPLASH

What service closed on Presidents’ Day 2021?


Like New Year’s Day, Veterans Day, and seven other annual observances, Presidents Day counts as a federal holiday—so banks will be closed.


Since the U.S. Postal Service observes federal holidays, too, post offices will be closed on Presidents Day. Mail won’t be delivered, either.

THE DMV (State Department of Motor Vehicles)

State Department of Motor Vehicles offices will be closed on Presidents Day, but county offices are occasionally open on federal holidays. Contact yours for specific hours of operation.


The New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the bond market shut down for Presidents Day.


Public schools are closed on Presidents Day, as are plenty of private ones. But it’s always a good idea to check with the school—holiday schedules sometimes change to account for snow days or other unexpected days off during the year.


Many libraries will remain closed on Presidents' Day, but check with your local library to be sure. Most libraries have a robust online catalog of e-books and audiobooks that's always available if you're in need of something to read.


February 15 is a federal holiday, so courts, the drivers license bureau, and all government offices will be in observance of the Presidents' Day holiday.

What Is Presidents' Day?

Presidents' Day may seem like a chance to shop some sales and enjoy a long weekend. But when the holiday first started, it had a much deeper meaning.

The first incarnation of Presidents' Day actually began with George Washington. After his death in 1799, citizens unofficially remembered him on his actual birthday, February 22. According to History, that date became a federal holiday in 1879 for the District of Columbia, and in 1885 was expanded to the whole country.

Things got a little confusing, though, when Congress suggested the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in the late 1960s. This change would move the day of celebration from February 22 to a Monday, in order to create more three-days weekends and hopefully amp up retail sales.

The date change also meant that the country could honor Abraham Lincoln on the same day, so both men could be recognized together. Though the government never officially changed the name to Presidents' Day, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act forever altered what had formerly been a nod to Washington into a celebration for the presidency in general.

Celebrating Other Presidents

In the 1960s, things shifted with the creation of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. In other words, people wanted a three-day weekend. Washington’s Birthday seemed like a good enough excuse. Additionally, Abraham Lincoln also had a February birthday. So that’s when proposals began to rename it Presidents Day. There was a lot of debate and contention. In 1971, Washington’s Day changed from the static date of February 22nd to the third Monday in February. In other words, people could get their three-day weekend every year with this holiday.

Each state varies a little bit when it comes to Presidents Day. Some states celebrate Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday. Other states recognize different presidents on what has come to be known as Presidents Day. For example, Alabama commemorates Thomas Jefferson and George Washington on Presidents Day. The federal holiday remains historically rooted in recognizing the first American president while also acknowledging all other presidents since his time.

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