Premier League 2023/2024: Full Fixtures And Biggest Matches of Chelsea (Update)
Chelsea Full Schedules And Hottest Matches In Premier League 2023/2024
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Chelsea Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024: Overview

Mauricio Pochettino's Chelsea career starts at Stamford Bridge on opening weekend against Liverpool. His first few weeks seem to be fairly straightforward after that. But when Chelsea plays Spurs (A), City (H), Newcastle (A), Brighton (H), and United (A) in November and December, things get harder.

The Blues' November 4 encounter in north London against Pochettino's former team Tottenham Hotspur and their February 24 return match at Stamford Bridge will be the focus of attention.

A terrible run that includes away games against Brighton and Manchester City, as well as trips to Spurs, Newcastle, and Manchester United, begins with Chelsea hosting Arsenal at home at the end of October.

Chelsea Full Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024

13/08/2023 16:30 Liverpool (h)

19/08/2023 15:00 West Ham United (a)

26/08/2023 15:00 Luton Town (h)

02/09/2023 15:00 Nottingham Forest (h)

16/09/2023 15:00 Bournemouth (a)

23/09/2023 15:00 Aston Villa (h)

30/09/2023 15:00 Fulham (a)

07/10/2023 15:00 Burnley (a)

21/10/2023 15:00 Arsenal (h)

28/10/2023 15:00 Brentford (h)

04/11/2023 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur (a)

11/11/2023 15:00 Manchester City (h)

25/11/2023 15:00 Newcastle United (a)

02/12/2023 15:00 Brighton (h)

06/12/2023 20:00 Manchester United (a)

09/12/2023 15:00 Everton (a)

16/12/2023 15:00 Sheffield United (h)

23/12/2023 15:00 Wolverhampton (a)

26/12/2023 15:00 Crystal Palace (h)

30/12/2023 15:00 Luton Town (a)

13/01/2024 15:00 Fulham (h)

31/01/2024 20:00 Liverpool (a)

03/02/2024 15:00 Wolverhampton (h)

10/02/2024 15:00 Crystal Palace (a)

17/02/2024 15:00 Manchester City (a)

24/02/2024 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur (h)

02/03/2024 15:00 Brentford (a)

09/03/2024 15:00 Newcastle United (h)

16/03/2024 15:00 Arsenal (a)

30/03/2024 15:00 Burnley (h)

03/04/2024 19:45 Manchester United (h)

06/04/2024 15:00 Sheffield United (a)

13/04/2024 15:00 Everton (h)

20/04/2024 15:00 Brighton (a)

27/04/2024 15:00 Aston Villa (a)

04/05/2024 15:00 West Ham United (h)

11/05/2024 15:00 Nottingham Forest (a)

19/05/2024 16:00 Bournemouth (h)

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Chelsea Hottest Matches In Premier League 2023/2024

1. First day: Chelsea vs Liverpool - Sunday 13 August, 2023

The Premier League has confirmed that Chelsea will host Liverpool on the opening weekend of the season, which is sure to please fans of both teams.

The match will take place at Stamford Bridge at a later time on Sunday, August 13th.

Chelsea versus Liverpool (second round: January 31, 2024)

Chelsea travels to Liverpool in a midweek game at the end of January 2024, after meeting on the first day of the season.

2. Last day: Chelsea vs Bournemouth – May 19, 2024

Chelsea host Bournemouth in their final game of the season at Stamford Bridge.

At the end of the 2022/23 season, the Cherries were the only team to lose to Frank Lampard's Blues.

3. Chelsea vs Arsenal (Oct 23, 2023 and March 16, 2024)

Last season, Arsenal dethroned Chelsea as the Premier League's top London club, and Pochettino will be tasked with reclaiming that title.

After the international break in October, the Blues will host the Gunners before traveling to the Emirates Stadium in mid-March.

4. Chelsea vs Tottenham (Nov 4, 2023 and Feb 24, 2024)

Pochettino's first visit to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be in early November, with Ange Postecoglou taking over as manager.

Chelsea hosts Tottenham Hotspur at the end of February.

5. Chelsea vs Man Utd (Dec 06, 2023 and April 03, 2024)

This season, Chelsea and Manchester United will meet twice in the midweek.

The first is at Old Trafford in early December, and the second is in west London in April.

6. Chelsea vs Man City (Nov 11, 2023 and Feb 17, 2024)

In the final game before the November international break, Pochettino faces old foe Pep Guardiola for the first time with his new side.

Chelsea visit the champions' home one week before their second meeting with Tottenham.

7. Chelsea vs Newcastle (Nov 25, 2023 and March 09, 2024)

Chelsea finished the 2022/23 season with a respectable 1-1 draw against top-four Newcastle United.

The Blues will face the Magpies at St James' Park in late November and again at Stamford Bridge in early March this season.

Chelsea, under Mauricio Pochettino, will adapt quickly.

Todd Boehly requires Mauricio Pochettino to train. Mauricio Pochettino requires Mauricio Pochettino to train. And almost all of Chelsea's massive depth of talent should be motivated for their second (or third, or fourth) chances at the club.

Sure, there are concerns about the club's atmosphere, but Pochettino will be in charge from the start of preseason, and he'll have had plenty of time to anticipate squad needs.

Chelsea simply needs to score more goals, and Pochettino's men will find a way to finish. Will it be sufficient to compete for the league? It's unlikely, but with their focus on the league, the Blues should look a lot better. And, by the way,


Chelsea's 2023/24 season cannot possibly be as miserable and exhausting as the one before it.

The Blues went through four managers and finished 12th in the Premier League. They will be hoping for a turnaround under Mauricio Pochettino.

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