1. Balanced nose, straight nose bridge

Physiognomy: Four Facets of Women Who Will Wed Wealthy Men
Balanced nose, straight nose bridge

When studying the physiognomy of women married to wealthy men, it is necessary to first examine the characteristics of the nose. The nose is the palace of wealth and the keeper of fortune. A good nose shape indicates prosperity and a fulfilling life, and vice versa.

Ladies with a balanced nose, a long nose bridge, and a nose size that is neither too big nor too small all have a bright future and can easily marry into a noble family.

Women have a small face, but their nose ratio is larger than average, indicating that they are wealthy. Despite their good fortune, they may be unable to marry a wealthy individual.

If the face is of average size, the nose is high but has appropriate proportions, it indicates that the owner will marry a wealthy person and live a happy life.

2. Pretty mouth, rosy lips

Physiognomy: Four Facets of Women Who Will Wed Wealthy Men
Pretty mouth, rosy lips

There's an old adage: "Men with wide mouths are luxurious, women with wide mouths ruin their homes." It is not good for women to have a large mouth. Even if you marry a wealthy person, your wasteful spending habits will eventually harm your husband's and his family's careers and fortunes.

However, if the mouth is too small, it will have an impact on the husband's finances. It corresponds to the situation of being unlucky and not experiencing good fortune.

As a result, a good mouth shape is one that is moderately sized, not too large or small. At the same time, the upper and lower lips should be of equal thickness and have a rosy color.

3. Beautiful eyes, charisma

For a long time, eyes were regarded as windows to the soul, reflecting inner personality. Noble eyes are medium-sized, charismatic, and attractive. Women with such eyes have good fortune and will eventually marry a wealthy, talented husband who will be a strong supporter of his career.

The eyes play an extremely important role in physiognomy. If your eyes are atheist, even if your other circumstances are favorable, you will be unable to marry a wealthy man.

4. Plump chin

Another important feature to look for in the face of a woman marrying a wealthy man is a plump, fleshy chin. This is a sign of a prosperous husband who contributes to the well-being of his family.

If the chin is not sharp or lacks meat, it indicates that old age is unlucky or that a marriage or career is broken in the middle, with unsatisfactory outcomes.

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