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Cuba is a small island in the Caribbean and for decades it has been closed off to the world. Only in recent years since the early 2000’s it has become less isolated and a top tourist destination. Cuba is home to some of the most unique creatures and is recognized as one of the most colourful places in the world. Here are 07 strange facts about Cuba that you probably didn’t know!

Christmas celebrations with no presents - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

Christmas in Cuba is celebrated on Noche Buena or Christmas Eve. The traditional meal is a whole suckling pig prepared in a backyard oven, and the party is huge. Families get together, friends pop over, and even neighbours and co-workers are invited. As a result, Christmas Day is more about recovery than festivities.

Fiesta of the Red and Blue -Weirdest Thing in Cuba

The second thing needed to mention here is the Fiesta of the Red and Blue. According to the culturetrip.com, in early November each year, the town of Majagua in Ciego de Ávila comes alive with a celebration of peasant culture. Revellers dance, eat traditional food and take part in regional ceremonies. The town is split into red and blue sides, which inhabitants are free to choose, which then face off in dance battles. Spectators will be able to experience a slice of traditional country life.

Help with the honeymoon by pinning money to a bride’s dress - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a wedding, you will notice that male guests will dance with the bride and pin money to her dress. This is a tradition designed to help the newly-married couple pay for their honeymoon, and it’s good form to join in.

Burn away bad experiences on New Year’s Eve - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

Cubans believe that burning an effigy helps get rid of the bad things that might have happened in the past year, before setting off fireworks to celebrate the good that is coming in the new year.

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Burning Rag Dolls is a New Year’s Eve tradition - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

On New Year’s Eve, many Cubans burn life-sized rag dolls as a way of bidding farewell to the old year.

This tradition was almost eradicated after the Cuban Revolution but has recently become popular again. The dolls are called monitors and Cubans typically gather in streets and squares to burn the effigies at the stroke of midnight.

Another New Years tradition is to take an uncooked egg and rub it over your whole body, paying particular attention to the soles of your feet and your head, then smash it whilst making a wish for the year ahead. The egg absorbs anything negative in your life and this ritual is to purify you for the year ahead.see a human-shaped doll burning away to ashes; it symbolizes the death of your regrets and bad memories. Onwards to next year!

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Many Cubans follow the custom of throwing a bucketful of water out into the street at midnight as a kind of exorcism, in which the bad things from the year gone by are expelled letting in the good things that the New Year may bring. Another custom that has become increasingly popular is walking around the block with a suitcase waving goodbye to their neighbors, in the hope that this farce will actually come true and ensure them a trip abroad.

Hitch-hiking is a common way of travelling - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

One thing you’ll notice while travelling through Cuba is a large number of local hitch-hikers on main roads. The vast majority of Cubans do not own a car. While the transport system has improved in recent years, buses are normally overcrowded and infrequent, thus many Cubans resort to hitch-hiking to get to their destination. Government vehicles are legally obliged to pick up hitch-hikers.Hitch-hiking is a common way of travelling

Cuba’s main music genre is Son - Weirdest Thing in Cuba

While salsa is famous the world over, the most popular music genre in Cuba is Son Cubano. Like many other Cuban music genres, Son Cubano contains Spanish and African musical influences. It emerged in eastern Cuba in the late 19th century and was popularized by the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club. It is indicated by the caledoniaworldwide that Son Cubano remains a widely played genre, especially in the music venues of Santiago de Cuba. What makes Son Cubano stand out from other Cuban music genres is its interesting mix of instruments, including bongos, trumpets, claves and the tres guitar, which is unique to son music. The songs tend to be about the everyday life of people, and sometimes son singers (known as soneros) improvise when performing.

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