October 25 New Moon in Scorpio: Spiritual Meaning, Affect 12 Zodiac Signs

How the Oct. 25 New Moon in Scorpio May Affect the Zodiac Signs

What is New Moon?

♦ Time: October 25, 2022: 3:17 pm - 6:47 pm, the Moon moves from Libra to stop at Scorpio

♦ Lucky Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Virgo

♦ Unlucky Signs: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio

A new moon occurs every month, when the Moon, Sun, and Earth are roughly aligned. The illuminated side of the moon faces away and out of our view.

When the Moon, Sun, and Earth are perfectly aligned, a solar eclipse occurs.

This month's new moon falls on October 25 in Scorpio, which is the sign of the lightest light and the darkest darkness.

Influence of the Scorpio New Moon, according to astrology

Researchers believe that humans are influenced by Earth's magnetic field, brought about by the phases of the Moon. The Moon's gravity causes the tides of the oceans. These changes will affect human brain wave activity. It interferes with our emotions, sleep, menstruation, and emotional lives.

And the way we deal with this cyclical event is to regulate ourselves. Do not try to resist the flow of that great natural body. Let's just go along, everything will fall into place and you will feel easier and more comfortable.

When the lunar energy falls to a low like the New Moon in Scorpio, we need to stay calm. When the Moon energy is high during the Full Moon, let's embrace them but also restrain ourselves.

Meaning of the October 25 New Moon in Scorpio

During the 1st New Moon phase, light manifests as low energy for us, but that doesn't mean low vibes or negativity. It is a much-needed opportunity to rest and reset ourselves before our energy and activity begin to rise again. Respect this lunar moment by allowing yourself to relax, recharge, and be introspective as much as you like.

This October Scorpio New Moon begins shortly after the Mars retrograde ends. This is an opportunity to recognize and release our low vibrational energies, which may move into the light as the moon regains its luminosity. So while you're introspective, take a moment to journal, meditate, and reflect on the things that need release, forgiveness, or acceptance.

As with any New Moon or Full Moon, the increased magnetic pull can cause sleep disruption and mood swings. Enhance your body by sleeping when you are tired and waking up when you are full of energy. It may be different from the regular calendar but that is great.

The October New Moon will have a big influence on Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, so if you're one of these signs, don't be surprised by the sudden energy change!

Partial Solar Eclipse on October 2022: New Moon and the 12 Zodiac Signs Partial Solar Eclipse on October 2022: New Moon and the 12 Zodiac Signs

The October 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse is when the new moon enters passionate Scorpio. This particular astrological phenomenon heralds a leap for many zodiac signs.

Top Luckiest Zodiac Signs in the October 25 New Moon in Scorpio


You expect movement and change when it comes to financial matters and legal matters during the new moon of Scorpio in 2022. Chances of getting sponsorships, new sources of finance or funds. Investment can come to you.

This is due to the connection of the New Moon with Saturn in Aquarius in your future vision area, connections and networks. Positive developments around love are an important focus for you and breakthroughs in this area of ​​your life may also come your way.

However, be aware of upcoming changes to your professional relationships, business partnerships, and contracts. They will be activated on this new moon. Because Mercury is in the last phase of Libra in your life zone, it also forms a transformative aspect with Pluto in Capricorn in the house of career.

So be careful and thoughtful in everything. Move forward with the people and things you feel are a good fit. You will receive support from many sides, favorable in your cooperation and finances. It will be an opportunity to invest in yourself and build a stable foundation.


It's time for Gemini to change a lot intellectually. The October 2022 Scorpio New Moon is ushering in a busy and transformative new beginning when it comes to your sixth house of work, habits, health and creativity.

The universe is encouraging you to release what has been keeping you from expressing your true truth. Expanding your knowledge and experience will become more of a priority, which will provide positive development in your work.

Let go of old thoughts that limit your career growth and open up your creativity. Your creative thoughts and visions are valuable and helpful to the team. Attract jobs that satisfy you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


With Cancer, the Moon cycle is always more powerful than the other signs because the Moon is your ruling planet. This particular new moon is in Scorpio, focused in the fifth house on creativity, self-expression, fertility, joy, romance and passion.

You will be emotionally focused on all or some of the issues in this moment, be it a new creative project, child-related topics or getting rid of what no longer brings you joy. satisfied.

When Mercury is in Libra, bring support in the family sector through forming a harmonious connection with Jupiter, extending to Aquarius in your investment sector.


The October 2022 Scorpio New Moon is placing strong attention on your second house of income. It could be a big investment that requires you to change your budget structure or change partners.

Scorpio's energy represents alchemy, turning challenge into victory. If you haven't supported your values ​​in the past, this energy will empower you to do it.

When you are favored by the universe, you receive many positive things. It can be your self-expression, luck at work. Contracts and signings will be very favorable for you at this time.

This is because Mercury is in the last aspect of Libra, which forms an auspicious connection with Jupiter in Aquarius in your creative fifth house.


With Virgo, communication is key for you during the new moon in Scorpio in 2022. The moon and sun are activating your third house and catching your attention at work.

This new moon will form a transformative connection with Saturn in your sixth house of work and habits. It prepares you for your plans, goals and tasks in life.

This time also brings important communications and negotiations around your money and finances. It could be a renegotiation of your salary, your financial contract, or your paycheck. Remember to support your values ​​and values, the universe will give you what you want.


The New Moon will bring personal changes around Sagittarius' thinking, approach to health, body and work. The New Moon will be in your 12th house, bringing hidden information that pushes you to change some aspects of your work and the way you navigate your daily life.

These new schedule changes can help you achieve balance and harmony, instead of exhausting you. If you've been overworked yourself, this new moon will teach you to appreciate yourself and your needs. Health is just as important as wealth.

The universe is also offering you opportunities through your networks and connections. Because Mercury in Libra is in the 11th house sending positivity to your lucky planetary ruler Jupiter in Aquarius. This is also a good time to experience the growth of social networks. Be open to your possibilities, Sagittarius!


Your groups, friends and networks are under consideration during the new moon in Scorpio. Perhaps you realize that the people around you are not a good fit for your future direction.

You can now energetically clean things up to make space for new and relevant people in your life. The New Moon also initiates conversations around finances and money that make you need to negotiate.

Remember to stay true to your values ​​and articulate your ideas. The universe is providing you with the positive energy you need to navigate your way forward. The changes taking place now will help provide you with stability in the future.


The New Moon in Scorpio is expanding Pisces' intellect, ideas, and consciousness. It activates the ninth house of higher learning, foreign affairs, spirituality, and broader visions.

You may feel empowered to delve deeper into your favorite spiritual practices, take an informational class to learn something new, or travel to a distant location to broaden your horizons. eye. This requires you to invest money, however the knowledge you gain is invaluable.

If you are making a private endeavor, the new moon also encourages you to present it publicly. This can take the form of taking an important test or certification. You can feel empowered to share your knowledge and it will be well received by others. Believe in your abilities!

Top Unlucky Zodiac Signs in the October 25 New Moon in Scorpio


The New Moon in Scorpio in 2022 is ushering in liberation and transformative change around your home. Moving, changing, and renovating your personal space may be a top priority at this time.

However, don't let the details stress you out, consider everything one by one. This is also where problems arise that need to be addressed. It feels powerful and emotionally liberating through this two-week event.

This new moon period also affects changes to your daily routine and approach to work. Mercury in Libra is in the third house of communication and forms a supportive link with Jupiter in Aquarius in your partnership sector.

Conversations around new deals may develop at this point, bringing in new jobs or collaborators. Due to this change, your entire daily structure may change due to new quests. Remember to practice balance, rest, and put your health first.


It is expected that Aquarius will have important career transitions at this time. Now, the new moon in Scorpio is activating this area of ​​your life, allowing you to choose what you really want to do.

This is due to the transformative connection between the new moon and Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury in Libra is also influencing the energy of this new moon with a supportive Jupiter connection in Aquarius.

Ask yourself: Where have you let others dim your unique sparkle and shine? Do you get the opportunity to speak publicly or share your thoughts on an important topic with others on a broader scale? Consider this a time for positive personal development and moving forward confidently.


The October 2022 Scorpio New Moon is the most powerful new moon of the year for Scorpio. You can now experience the growth of the seeds you have planted or the forward movement around your personal growth and evolution.

When a new moon appears in the same sign of the zodiac, you can feel like a snake tearing apart things and people that are no longer right for you.

Your family and emotional factors may also develop for you. Important discussions with your family can help resolve problems in your relationships, making you more mature.


You may have felt uneasy around career problems, especially in the recent past, and as the new moon in Scorpio in 2022 is prompting you to take action and change it.

This is due to the energy of the new moon in the 7th house, forming a square connection with Saturn in Aquarius in the 10th house of career. It can lead to better opportunities, better suited to your unique ideas. Bringing more balance in daily life, health and work are also in the stars for you.

Mercury transit in Libra affects Jupiter's alignment in Aquarius in your career sector. That means adding new wellness routines or even incorporating more movement throughout the day. Those are important small changes.

Your work may have breakthroughs at this time. For some, you may be able to get help from new members of the support team or find ways to change your workflow for the better.


Above is the content of Scorpio New Moon in October, from which we can purify a lot of things, especially bad points. The constellations can also visit old hurts, deadlocks to get lessons in the future.

In this way we can take advantage of the active phase of the new moon, which is variability, to better serve the upcoming destiny.

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