Slot Machines
Slot Machines

You need to know that there are two different types of slot machines: land-based and online.

Land-based slots

Physical slot machines are often found in casinos, pubs, and anywhere else that has a permit to run them. Usually, players insert coins to operate the machines, and their choice of games is limited to the physically available machines.

Online slots

Online slots offer people the option of playing from anywhere at any time. You can play on desktop or mobile devices with a massive selection of online slots games.

There is something for everyone in the online slot world, from classic fruit machine-style slot games to video slots. Beginners can try the free game demos that the online casinos offer to understand better how everything works.

Terms you should know

While playing slots online isn't complex, learning a few terms will help you make the most out of your game. Here are the ones that you should keep in mind.


Generally, slot games aim to match combinations of symbols on the reels. Each slot game has its unique symbols depending on the style of the game, from juicy pieces of fruit to magical fairies.

Some symbols are high-paying, indicating that they are worth more money; on the other hand, others are low-paying.


The symbols don't need to appear on a win line to award a win - they will be 'scattered' across the reels.


Wilds can substitute for other symbols on the reels to help you form winning combinations.

·Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols will unlock a game’s bonus features. Generally, in slot games, you’ll need to find three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger a bonus round.


The paytable is the list of payouts or rewards for a particular game. It generally shows all the different symbols in the game and the rewards for landing certain combinations. For example, 5x, 4x, 3x, and so on.


Paylines are the lines or patterns that symbols need to land on to acquire a win. The Slot machines have different paylines and ways to win, so we recommend you always check the rules for your specific game before you begin.


'RTP' or Return to Player indicates the per cent of all wagered money a slot machine will payout to players during an extended period.

Suppose you make 100 £1 bets on a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, the payout will be about £95.


Volatility indicates the risk of losing a bet in slots machines or casino games. It shows how often players are likely to win and whether those prizes will be big or small. High-volatility slots usually pay out less frequently but offer more significant rewards. In contrast, low-volatility slots pay out more often but in smaller amounts.

Types of Slot Machines

As in today’s online casinos, you can find many slot machines to choose from, with something for every preference! Here’s a brief run-down of some of the most favoured types of slot machine games.

1.Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are often used reciprocally with ‘slot machines’. These classic slot machines use juicy fruit as symbols on the reels. There are still many slots that use fruity symbols and traditional BAR, bell, and Lucky 7 characters.

2.Video Slots

Video slots is another term used for online slot machines. There are many video slots with different themes and styles. Thus, the most challenging part is deciding which game to choose first.

3.3D Slots

3D slots represent a new generation of slot games with graphics designed to look like they are coming out of the screen. You won't need 3D glasses, spin the reels and enjoy crystal-clear visuals immersive storylines with exciting bonus features.

4.Slots with Bonus Rounds

Usually, online slots have fun bonus rounds that can trigger during the principal game. These bonus rounds can take the form of free spins, picking games in which you choose symbols to reveal prizes and give the chance to acquire even more wins.

5.Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have a jackpot that increases when each player plays the game. Various progressive jackpots are linked across multiple casinos, meaning the prize pots can be massive.

The jackpot will drop randomly on any spin in some progressive slots. While in others, you’ll need to activate a bonus round to be in with a chance of winning.

How to Play Online Slots

Before you choose to play online slots, you should do a few things to ensure a great gaming experience.

Check the slot rules

Get information about the slot you want to play since the rules of each game can vary. Ensure you understand how you acquire the wins, the minimum, and maximum bets, and take your time to know how the bonus rounds work.

Choose a casino

Next, it's time to decide on an excellent online casino. Although there are many online casinos, choose those with a valid license like the UKGC and check the game providers to ensure a fantastic gaming experience.

Try the demo version

Once you’ve picked your online casino, you can play a few demo games. They are free, and it’s a great way to get used to the rules. Ultimately, make sure you set limits before you start playing - money and time - and stick to them.

We jotted down all the terms and types of slot machines you need to know before playing, so you can take your time and become acquainted with them. Beginners can further improve their chances of winning at slot machines by learning the tips and tricks from experts.

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