Weekly Horoscope (January 31 - February 6, 2022): Astrological Prediction for 12 Animal Signs
Predictions For Your Animal Sign This Week

With no planets in retrograde motion and the wind at your back, what will you manifest for yourself in the week ahead - the first week of lunar new year.

1.Weekly Horoscope for Rat from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The new week of the Rat people in the sand, in the treasures of happiness, is difficult to predict. Public and professional career during the Tet days still has ups and downs, there are ups and downs, lows and ups again, making my destiny always in a state of turbulence, from which it is easy to become depressed and want to give up.

The bright spot is that during the week the Rats enjoy the blessing of the Sun star, so this zodiac sign is extremely confident in their own abilities, focusing on using their accumulated strengths and experience to speed up the progress of their work. work, solving many outstanding tasks.

In this week, the destiny will have a lot of luck in the fortune line when supported by the Food God. Fortune has many opportunities to accumulate and regain the desired stability.

2.Weekly Horoscope for Ox from January 31 to February 6, 2022

It's hard for people born in the year of the Ox to stay calm in such a turbulent week. Bad luck overwhelms sand luck is a harbinger that your destiny will be difficult to achieve what you want. Especially, the fierce Thai Tue is lurking and looking for opportunities to restrain her destiny.

The fortune line has to wait until the end of the week to have a clear flourish. Both salaried people and business people have abundant fortune, temporarily letting go of money worries thanks to the support of both Chinh Tai and Genius. This is extremely good news, signaling that this Tet you no longer have a financial burden.

Love affairs during the week are also up and down quite erratically, sometimes peaceful and happy, sometimes turbulent. Perhaps both you and your partner need a moment of silence to rethink this relationship and see what your heart tells you. Think about why you both started in the first place and what you've both been through until today, and you'll soon have the answer.

3.Weekly Horoscope for Tiger from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The bad luck is too big, signaling a rather difficult New Year's week for the Tiger people. People in one place but their minds are wandering somewhere, maybe they are busy calculating plans for Tet, so you have not really paid attention.

Moreover, you also have a tendency to be too stubborn when you do not listen to everyone's opinions but insist on doing what you want. It is only when you make a mistake that you realize your haste. But if fate knows how to try, there is still a chance to get it back. At the end of the week, don't rush to rest, but focus on making up for the mistakes you've made.

4.Weekly Horoscope for Rabbit from January 31 to February 6, 2022

. Bad things can happen at any time, Cats need to be careful in their words, it's better not to worry about money but to do their job well first. This New Year's week, don't make it difficult for yourself just because of carelessness.

At work, focus on promoting the available capacity, and if there is anything unclear, just frankly discuss it with your superiors. The spirit of giving your all to your work and contributions will one day be recognized. Don't worry too much about rewards and punishments, don't be afraid of being pranked by bad guys, superiors are smart enough to distinguish right from wrong, know who is capable.

In terms of love, the opportunity comes more to single people so that you can seize your happiness, but this zodiac sign does not really want to step into a serious relationship, so it may be useless. love ignores the person who really loves you.

5. Dragon year from January 31 to February 6, 2022

People born in the year of the Dragon this week are blessed by Thien Duc, so they soon find a turning point to overcome all difficulties. As long as you keep the spirit of determination and persistently follow the path you have chosen, sooner or later you will reach your chosen goal. It can be said that success or failure is completely in your hands.

In general, the fortune of the Dragons this week is not lacking, but they have to wait until the weekend to really have money in their hands. The genius shows that the master will be introduced by acquaintances for many opportunities to make money, the probability of success is very high, but the destiny needs to balance the time properly so as not to be too absorbed in making money but too much influence. much to his life.

The love story is not too prosperous, but there are no problems to worry about. There is only a slight disturbance in your relationship, but as long as you actively find a way to reconcile, everything will go smoothly as before. Those who are single should not be sad when this New Year has not found a satisfactory half, fate cannot be forced.

6.Weekly Horoscope for Snake from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The fierce white tiger appears in the new week horoscope of people born in the year of the Snake, signaling calamities and unexpected events that may strike their destiny, especially blood light. Therefore, you need to be very alert, pay attention to stay safe when leaving, traveling, working ... more and more on New Year's Day, it is necessary to avoid being mentally unstable when participating in traffic or touching sharp objects.

Wealth is strongest in the middle of the week. This animal is given many opportunities by the Food God to make money. Having a god of sand to guide the way, destiny quickly grasps the needs of customers and meets what the market needs. At this point, you may have more ideas about expanding your business, but be careful not to be aggressive and do things you don't have experience in.

The love story of the year of the Rat has not shown any clear signs of improvement, the relationship is only at a stable level without turbulence, but there is no longer the necessary fire between two lovers. Perhaps both you and your partner need to see where the problem lies so that it can be solved together, so that this blurring situation doesn't last too long.

7.Weekly Horoscope for Horse from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The fortunes of the people born in the year of the Horse this week are making quite positive progress, although not a strong and clear breakthrough, but slowly but surely, the destiny is not too hasty. Under the protection of the horoscope, my destiny soon solved the problems that had plagued me for so long. Everything is gradually going into the required orbit.

In terms of fortune, you can rest assured when all plans are progressing quite smoothly when both Chinh Tai and Genius appear together, signaling a New Year full of fortune and money coming to you. . Business people have a prosperous week of trading, goods are in busy circulation.

Couples are busy, but do not forget to take the time to ask questions and care for each other. Take advantage of when your emotions are stable and quickly solve long-standing problems, problems do not suddenly evaporate. Don't let them like a ticking time bomb threaten your relationship at any time.

8.Weekly Horoscope for Goat from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The scientific horoscope finds that the new week is the time when people born in the year of the Goat receive a lot of good news on their career path when they are supported by many sand stars. It is India that appeared at the beginning of the week, showing that your relentless efforts and dedication are being recognized and appreciated by your superiors. But never be arrogant, the more humble you are, the easier it will be to achieve success.

Especially when in the middle of the week, there is a fierce star lurking, which is a harbinger of bad luck, this animal may have to suffer from the reputation of the things he did not do. It seems that the aura you radiate is making it difficult for those with bad intentions to sit still, thereby finding ways to obstruct your path. The lesson this time will help the year of the Goat is to be more vigilant with those around you, learn to look at people so as not to easily fall into the traps of the bad guys.

A series of spending and shopping plans for Tet makes this animal unable to keep "hook for a wallet". Seeing the money in my pocket keep decreasing, making my destiny impatient, my heart burning like fire.

9.Weekly Horoscope for Monkey from January 31 to February 6, 2022

This week, the fierce reminds people of the year of the Monkey who are in the business of trading to be cautious about investing at this time, otherwise, it is easy to fall into a state of wasting money but reaping benefits. It's not much, after Tet, you should know how to collect your hands at the right time to preserve what you already have.

Billionaire's appearance at the beginning of the week is a harbinger of possible disputes and quarrels with the Monkeys. It is easy to get into arguments with friends and colleagues. The cause of the conflict may come from interests or opposing views at work, so you need to keep your mind clear, listen more to exchange and find a common voice.

By the middle of the week, your career shows signs of improvement. Destiny has reconciled most of the previous contradictions, helping unexpected problems to be resolved with unimaginable ease.

Love affairs during the week can only be maintained at a stable level. In order to have a breakthrough, both of you need to try to warm up the relationship, be it a short date plan or a romantic date to find the initial feelings.

10.Weekly Horoscope for Rooster from January 31 to February 6, 2022

Weekly horoscope of 12 animals, people born in the year of the Rooster are ruled by the Five Demons, so it is difficult for them to run as smoothly as they want. The more Tet days like this, the more you should pay attention to not make mistakes at work. The petty person is hiding waiting, just waiting for this animal to be careless, then immediately drag you into the deep mud and take over your work.

This week, the Chickens still have quite a headache when the love story is not as expected. The relationship between the two of you is increasingly strained because one of you has a tendency to impose on many things. Tet comes to a place where everyone is heavy and light, making you unable to be happy.

11. Weekly Horoscope for Dog from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The Thai Yin zodiac sign foretells that you may be a female destiny will appear to support a lot of people born in the year of the Dog this week. Thanks to that, no matter what difficulties you face, you will be guided by the gentleman so that you can overcome them soon and enjoy the peaceful New Year. That's why the program for the whole week is always in a good state.

Again, the seal entered the department, although in the process of implementation, there were still many difficulties, but thanks to its talent and bravery, this animal can quickly and effectively solve everything. Focus on what you have expertise, advantages, destiny to achieve certain successes and be recognized and appreciated by your superiors.

Not only does it support the fortunes of fame, but the Thai Yin star also helps the predestined relationship of single people to develop in a good direction, especially with female destiny. You can stay in a relationship with someone who is sincere and straightforward, who cares about you. Try giving your partner a chance to get to know you and maybe a beautiful love story is starting to blossom.

12.Weekly Horoscope for Pig from January 31 to February 6, 2022

The appearance of the translation code indicates that people born in the year of the Pig will have to move around a lot this week. Most are for the purpose of handling work, do not worry, this can be an opportunity for you to show your problem-solving ability, because it is not by chance that your boss chooses you as the best candidate. Go. Take advantage to "score" with the leader.

The love line has many flourishes, peach blossoms are brilliant, the destiny owner enjoys a lot of sweet happiness. Single people should seize this opportunity to find the right person, sooner or later they should join hands to build a family, but in the immediate future, this New Year, someone will bring them home.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough


It's all about how everyone is getting on your nerves this week. You will try your very hardest to be the caring, compassionate, and super patient friend and helper, but whoever it is that you're trying to help will be completely stubborn in their learning ability.

You have to step back at this point and realize that it's not your obligation to fix the world, even if you see a better way.

Your best bet to having a better week will depend on your ability to pull away from the need to be right and be applauded for your rightness.

If you want people to understand you, try to come across as their friend, rather than as their great guru. It's not your job to teach the world, Aries.


You will be feeling lonely during this week, Taurus, and though you've been there before, this week might feel particularly uncomfortable for you.

You may be separated from your mate for a length of time that may trigger you into feelings of abandonment; hang tight, no one is leaving you. They are only going away for a short bit, most probably for work purposes.

You need to trust yourself more so that when you're down and alone, you can cope.


What puts you off this week is the idea that you're seriously trying to be good, do the right thing, show up for anything that requires your physical and emotional presence, and yet every move you make seems to be thwarted by some jerk who can't keep their mouth shut.

This is one of those weeks where you'd be better off shrugging than getting angry. It's not a fair game, and you are stuck with people who can't grasp the simplest of concepts; it frustrates you, and if you let it, it will suck you right into that hopeless vortex of time-wasting. Be aware of your surroundings, and don't take it all too seriously.

*Editor Note: Weekly horoscope for the new week from January 31 to February 6, 2022. Hopefully these astrological forecasts will help you prepare for the best new week.

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