National Beer Day (April 7, 2021)
National Beer Day in US (April 7, 2021)

Every April 7 is National Beer Day, a time where we can raise a toast to the oldest and most venerable of all beverages. People have been making beer for over 5,000 years; in fact, the oldest recorded recipe we know of is for beer.

Get your wallet, grab a glass and call your friends to gather around the local pubs, or stay at home with a six pack!

Why is National Beer Day celebrated?

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Photo: Getty Images

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic drink, and it’s easy to see why. It comes in hundreds of types, flavors, and proofs. People have been drinking it for thousands of years; scientists have found evidence of beer production dating to 7,000 BC. Ancient Mesopotamians wrote poems about it, and considered it proof of divine existence. The Ancient Egyptians used it in a number of religious ceremonies. In Medieval Europe, monks made beer their monasteries, elevating the craft of brewing to an art form. Today, only water and tea are more widely consumed than beer, and over 35 billion gallons of beer are produced worldwide per year.

National Beer Day celebrates the day in 1933 that the Cullen-Harrison act was signed into law, reversing the prohibition on selling beer in the United States. In 2009, a Virginian man named Justin Smith decided to commemorate this historic day, and created his own unofficial National Beer Day. Since then, it has been recognized by the state of Virginia, and unofficially by millions of brew aficionados nationwide.

One of the best things about beer is the sheer number of varieties that exist. IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Sours… the list goes on and on. In terms of alcohol content, beer usually ranges between 4-7% ABV, meaning you can sip a cold one on a hot summer day without much worry of intoxication. Last but not least, it’s sold in six-packs, so you can share with your friends!

Tradition of the day

Cheer “Bottoms up!” with your pals on National Beer Day! Traditions on this day include having a good time and making great memories over servings of beer. Some people have made it an annual tradition to celebrate Beer Day by buying a round for their friends.

Festivities beyond the regular ‘Happy Hour’ take place in breweries and pubs, with great specials and offers. Some places take it up a notch and serve beer in custom-designed glasses and offer beer on the house! Of course, beer can’t be enjoyed without the bartenders and waiters who provide quick service and great conversation, so tipping them generously and verbally showing them some appreciation is encouraged.

How to celebrate National Beer Day in the U.S

Photo: Days of the Year
Photo: Days of the Year

Check and see if your favorite bar is offering discounts or specials

Bars love to celebrate the festivities of National Beer Day — I mean, obviously beer helps their business prosper. That said, a bunch of places are running specials and events to celebrate the day. While you have to check in with your city's events page to see deals that'll be beneficial to you, many establishments have already announced their plans ahead of time. Grand Central Terminal in New York will be celebrating throughout the station, offering tastings and discount growlers, Austin's Growler USA will be offering an all-day happy hour with discounts on food and drink, Southerleigh at the Pearl over in San Antonio will offer a massive discount on their four-beer flights, and my favorite of all — Trumbull Library in Monroe, Connecticut will be offering a beer-making workshop. Maybe if Leslie Knope knew about this, she wouldn't be so salty over libraries.

Tour a local brewery

You likely don't have to plan a full vacation over a brewery tour, since breweries are located all over the place. Milton, Delaware is the home of Dogfish Head, the very tasty Sam Adams is located in Boston, Magic Hat is brewed in Burlington, Vermont, and Tröegs offers a nice tour (and super good food) in Hershey, Pennsylvania — just to name a few. Even if your favorite beer isn't bottled and shipped nationwide, you can still visit its brewpub and enjoy a fresh beer on draft.

Make a mixed six pack, and sample beer you've never tried before

If you live in a state that allows you to buy beer individually, celebrate by picking out six beers you've never tried before. Even if you choose only by what label looks the most humorous, it's an educational experiment. And who knows? Maybe you'll accidentally stumble across a brand new favorite.

Try to make your own home brew

Homebrewing has become a fun hobby for beer enthusiasts all over the place. If it's something you can see yourself doing year-round, you might want to invest in a homebrew kit for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, you'll perfect your technique. Even if your first few brews aren't amazing, the fact that you created it is something to be proud of.

List of beer drinking in National Beer Day in the U.S

Photo: CNN
Photo: CNN

1. Milwakuee's Best Ice

2. Guinness

3. Icehouse

4. Coors Banquet

5. Dos Equis

6. Blue Moon

7. Yuengling Lager

8. Natural Ice

9. Bud Ice

10. Stella Artois

11. Miller High Life

12. Keystone Light

13. Busch

14. Natural Light

15. Corona Extra

16. Budweiser

17. Miller Lite

18. Bud Light

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