Photo: Wanderlust Travel Magazine
Full list of festivals and holidays in September 2021 around the world. Photo: Wanderlust Travel Magazine

From well-known cultural events to quirky parties you may have never heard of, these are some of the most interesting world festivals coming up this year. Is there anything you’d add to the list?

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Teachers Day in India (September 5, Sunday)

In India, Teachers Day is celebrated annually on September 5. This day is celebrated in order to mark the birth anniversary of President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Virswami. It is said that when Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Virswami became the President, all of his friends and students would wish him “Teachers Day” in order to celebrate his birthday. Till date, this occasion is celebrated in schools and other educational institutes where teachers and children enjoy together.

Scottish Highland Games, Scotland

The Scots seem to love coming together to dance, play bagpipes and throw giant logs, but never to more fanfare than at the Braemar Gathering, which even the queen herself has been known to attend. Not simply a contest of strength (though you will see plenty of tree-trunk-tossing and stone-heaving), the Highland Games are just as much about music and dance, featuring traditional numbers like the Sword Dance of Gille Calum as well as bagpipe competitions, harp circles and Celtic singing.

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival, South Africa

Photo: The South African
Photo: The South African

Should you ever find yourself in the South African coastal town of Hermanus, let's hope your visit coincides with the annual Whale Watching Festival in late September, Wanderlust cited.

Locals and visits alike gather together to witness the migration of Southern Right Whales, and celebrate this natural wonder with talks, events and exhibits. Of course, much of the conversations are about our oceans, and how to protect them and the creatures living in them.

Burning Man, USA (August 30, Monday – September 6, Monday)

Burning Man is probably one of the most unique festivals around the world. Held every summer in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, this famous festival attracts travellers from all over the globe.

It’s officially an art festival, but Burning Man is much bigger than that! The desert location becomes a temporary city, filled with costumed attendees enjoying complete freedom and creative expression. It’s a kind of “anything goes” atmosphere, dedicated to anti-consumerism and self-expression, and culminating in the burning of a huge effigy of a man.

Ganesh Chaturthi, India (September 10, Friday)

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most awaited upcoming festivals in India. It is one of the largely celebrated September festivals. It is a festival that celebrates the arrival of Lord Ganesha and is marked with many people keeping clay idols of Lord Ganesh in their homes. In 2021, Ganesh Chaturthi is taking place on September 10. The festival lasts for 11 or even 21 days in some places.

Oktoberfest, Germany (Saturday, September 18 - Monday, October 4)

An enormous beer festival, Oktoberfest is now celebrated around the world. But the official festival takes place in Munich, Germany – and it’s all about Bavarian culture and beer, according to Emily Luxton.

This is one of the most popular world festivals and draws in a huge crowd. More than six million people attend the event every year, making it one of the biggest folk festivals in the world. Alongside beer stalls, you’ll find Bavarian food, parades, music, and a funfair. Definitely a must for any beer lover’s diary!

Ganesh Chaturthi, India (Friday, September 10)

Photo: India TV News
Photo: India TV News

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. He is also addressed as Gajanana, Ganesh, Gajadant that are among his 108 names. This is a 10-day long festival that begins weeks before Ganesh Chaturthi, with people making clay idols of Lord Ganesha and painting them. On the tenth day, Lord Ganesha’s statue is immersed in water, known as Ganpati Visarjan. People chant Ganapati Bappa Morya, paying respect to him. This is one of the most popular festivals of India that dates on 10th September, Friday in 2021, said Chimes Radio.

Regata Storica, Venice, Italy (Sunday, September 5)

Venice is famous as a bustling tourist hot spot, for its rainbow-colored sister islands, and the ebb and flow of lazy (also: expensive) gondola rides along its azure waterways.

On the first Sunday of September, the city roars into a different kind of action: rowers surround the island and rowing fans gather in the city, to watch the annual races and enjoy the bright introductory parade along the canals.

POP Montreal International Music Festival, Canada (Wednesday, September 22 – Sunday, September 26)

What started as a music festival has, 14 years later, evolved into a full-on cultural happening. More than 50,000 visitors drop in each year for visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, symposium discussions, film screenings and live musical performances, not to mention an all-night party or two.

Les Festes de la Mercè, Barcelona (Event date not yet confirmed)

Parades, street parties and free concerts are just some of the more than 600 events hosted in Barcelona’s parks, plazas, boulevards and museums during this 4-day fun-fest. Expect spectacles like folk dancing, fire runners and ‘human castles’ rising 8 stories high around every corner, so keep your camera at the ready.

Aloha Festivals, Hawaii, USA

Photo: Hawaii
Photo: Hawaii

Gorgeous beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, legendary hospitality and some of the world’s best surf – there’s no shortage of reasons to visit Hawaii, but every September the island state adds one more to the list. Their annual Aloha Festival is one big hula-dancing, crafts-making, lei-wearing, music-playing luau full of food, fun and live entertainment, drawing thousands of visitors and islanders out for the mostly free festivities.

Bestival, England

The UK festival season is coming to an end – and that’s as good a reason as any to have one last big blowout. Bestival presents a softer side of the festival world, as a family-friendly season closer with something for everyone, from the open-air spa to the crowdfunded artwork, dance lessons, eclectic music sets and Bestival Inflatable Church, where hundreds of couples tie the knot each year. A word to the wise: don’t even think of turning up sans costume. If inspiration is lacking, pay a visit to one of the costume workshop tents.

Hindi Day (September 14, Tuesday)

Hindi Day is the national day India and is celebrated every year on September 14. This day is celebrated every year in order to celebrate the fact that it was on this date in 1949 when Hindi was adopted as one of the official languages of the country. This decision was then agreed officially and came into effect on January 26, 1950.

Floriade, Australia (Saturday, September 11 - Sunday, October 10)

As spring spreads its green fingers across the continent, Australia’s largest flower festival reaches full bloom at Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. Aside from millions of brilliant blossoms, visitors will take in art exhibitions, musical performances, fashion shows, horticulture talks and an array of craft activities and cultural celebrations. When the sun goes down, NightFest gears up with comedy acts, DJs, light shows and lots of food and drink.

Mid-Autumn Festival, China, (September 15)

You’ve heard of Chinese New Year, but did you know that this mid-year festival is just as important on the Chinese calendar? Celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest phase of the year, people across the country observe this festival with an array of different traditions and customs, from lighting lanterns to walking across bridges to pray. All, however, share in the joy of reconnecting with family, friends and loved ones, while savouring moon cakes and gazing at the beauty of the full moon.

Engineer’s Day (September 15, Wednesday)

Engineer’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, on many different dates. In India, this occasion is also commonly known as Visvesvaraya Day and is celebrated on September 15 annually. The day is also known as Visvesvaraya Day because he was one of the finest engineers in the country.

September Equinox (September 23, Thursday)

The September Equinox is one of the most important festivals in September 2021. It is celebrated in order to mark the moment when the Sun appears to be crossing the celestial equator and goes forward heading southward. Due to the differences in calendars, the September Equinox occurs between September 21 to September 24. In 2021, the September Equinox will be held on September 23 in the country India.

2021 Calender of September 2021 Holidays

Date Holiday Category Tags


American Chess Day Special Interest Activities


VJ Day Federal Historical, Military
World Coconut Day Food & Beverage Food


National Lazy Mom’s Day Appreciation, Parents
National Skyscraper Day Special Interest Activities


Beyoncé’s Birthday Arts & Entertainment Music, Pop Culture
College Colors Day Special Interest Activities
​National Wildlife Day Animal Wildlife


International Day of Charity Cause Awareness, Civic
National Cheese Pizza Day Food & Beverage Cheese, Cooking, Food


Labor Day Federal Civic, Festivities, Historical, Shopping, Summer
National Coffee Ice Cream Day Food & Beverage Dessert, Ice Cream, Sweet Food
National Read a Book Day Arts & Entertainment Activities, Fun
Rosh Hashanah Religious Jewish
West Indian Day Parade Cultural Festivities, Fun


Brazil Independence Day International Festivities, Historical
International Day of Clean Air Environmental Awareness, Environment
National Beer Lovers Day Food & Beverage Beer, Beverage
Telephone Tuesday Special Interest Shopping


International Literacy Day Cause Activities, Awareness
Pardon Day Relationship Lifestyle, Mental Health


International Sudoku Day Special Interest Activities
National Wiener Schnitzel Day Food & Beverage Cooking, Food


Ganesh Chaturthi Religious Hindu, Indian Holidays
National 401(k) Day Financial Elderly
World Suicide Prevention Day Health Awareness, Mental Health


German Language Day Cause, International German
National Make Your Bed Day Special Interest Activities
Patriot Day Cause American, Civic


Day of the Homeland International German, Historical, Military
Grandparents Day Relationship Family
National Chocolate Milkshake Day Beverage, Chocolate
National Day of Civic Hacking Special Interest Technology
National Video Games Day Special Interest Technology


European Heritage Days Cultural, International German, Historical
National Celiac Disease Awareness Day Health Awareness
National Peanut Day Food & Beverage Food
National Pet Memorial Day Cat, Dog, Pet
Roald Dahl Day Books


National Coloring Day Arts & Entertainment Activities, Fun
National Cream Filled Donut Day Food & Beverage


International Day of Democracy Cause Awareness, Federal
International Dot Day Relationship Family
National Linguine Day Food & Beverage Food
National Online Learning Day Technology
National School Backpack Awareness Day Health Children, Parents
Shout of Dolores International Catholic, Family, Historical, Mexican
Yom Kippur Religious Jewish


Collect Rocks Day Special Interest Appreciation, Hobby
Get Ready Day Health Awareness
Mexican Independence Day Cultural Mexican
National Choose Your Chocolate Day Food & Beverage
National Guacamole Day Food & Beverage Food
National Pawpaw Day Fruit


Constitution Day Federal Historical
International Patient Safety Day Health Awareness, Safety
National Pet Bird Day Animal Awareness, Pet, Pet Health


National Cheeseburger Day Food & Beverage Cheese, Food
National Dance Day Arts & Entertainment Activities, Fun
National First Love Day Relationship Love
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day Health Awareness


National Cleanup Day Environmental Environment
National Gymnastics Day Special Interest, Sports Hobby
National Meow Like a Pirate Day Animal Pet
Talk Like a Pirate Day Special Interest Activities
Wife Appreciation Day Relationship Family, Love, Women


German World Children's Day Cultural, Family, International Children, Family, German
National Pepperoni Pizza Day Food & Beverage Food
National Punch Day Food & Beverage, Fun Beverage, Fun
National Queso Day Food & Beverage Cheese
Pitru Paksha Religious Hindu, Indian Holidays
Sukkot Religious Historical, Jewish


Batman Day Arts & Entertainment Activities, Pop Culture
International Day of Peace Cause Awareness, Federal
Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Festivities
Miniature Golf Day Sports Activities, Fun
National IT Professionals Day Career Appreciation, Technology


Fall Equinox Seasonal
Falls Prevention Awareness Day Health Awareness, Elderly
Hobbit Day Arts & Entertainment Pop Culture, Weird National
National Elephant Appreciation Day Environmental Wildlife
National Ice Cream Cone Day Food & Beverage Food
National Singles Day Relationship Pop Culture
National Temperature Control Day Seasonal Environment
National White Chocolate Day Chocolate


National Dogs in Politics Day Animal Dog, Historical, Weird National
Redhead Appreciation Day Appreciation


AFL Grand Final Friday Sports Crazy, Family
German Sandwich Day Food & Beverage Food, German
Heritage Day Fun Family, Historical
National Cherries Jubilee Day Food & Beverage Dessert, Food
National Punctuation Day — September 24 Education Appreciation
Sport Purple for Platelets Day Health Awareness, Lifestyle
World Bollywood Day Movie


National Bunny Day Animal Pet
National Comic Book Day Arts & Entertainment Activities, Fun, Pop Culture
National Cooking Day Food & Beverage Food
National Daughters Day Family Children, Family, Parents
National Hunting and Fishing Day Special Interest, Sports Lifestyle
National Lobster Day Food & Beverage Food
National Public Lands Day Environmental Civic
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning Cause, Food & Beverage Beverage


Better Breakfast Day Food & Beverage Breakfast, Cooking, Family, Fruit, Healthy Food, Lifestyle
Family Health & Fitness Day USA Health, Relationship Awareness, Lifestyle
Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day American, Military
Hoshana Rabbah Religious Jewish
Johnny Appleseed Day Cultural Historical, Pop Culture
National Dumpling Day Food & Beverage Cooking, Food
National Family Day Relationship Family
National Mesothelioma Awareness Day Health Awareness
National Pancake Day Food & Beverage Breakfast, Food
World Heart Day Health Awareness


National Chocolate Milk Day Food & Beverage Beverage, Chocolate, Drinking
National Crush Day Environmental Civic
National No Excuses Day Fun Canadian, Lifestyle, Pop Culture
World Tourism Day Special Interest Activities


Ask a Stupid Question Day Fun
National Drink Beer Day Food & Beverage Beer, Beverage
National Neighbor Day Relationship Civic
National Sons Day Family Children, Family, Parents
​National Voter Registration Day Cause Civic
World Rabies Day Animal Pet


National Coffee Day Food & Beverage Food, Lifestyle
National Starbucks Day Special Interest Brand, Lifestyle, Pop Culture


International Podcast Day Special Interest Technology
​National Love People Day Relationship Love

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