August. Photo: Dreamstime
August. Photo: Dreamstime

Important days in August 2021 are numerous. See the list of significant days in August & not miss anything important.

1 August - National Mountain Climbing Day

Every year on 1st August National Mountain Climbing Day is observed. It is said that the day was established in honour of the author's son, Bobby Mathews, and his friend Josh Madigan, for successfully climbing the 46 High Peaks of New York State's Adirondack Mountains.

1 August – Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year on 1st August. It is the UK's largest country. This day is celebrated to honour everything about the history of the country to its most memorable residents.

1-7 August - World Breastfeeding Week

It is a global campaign that is celebrated every year during the first week of August in several countries across the world. World Breastfeeding Week first time was celebrated in 1992.

First Sunday of August – Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. In 1935, a tradition of dedicating a day in honour of friends began in the US. Gradually Friendship Day gained popularity and various countries including India also celebrate this day.

4 August - U.S. Coast Guard Day

Every year on 4 August U.S. Coast Guard Day is observed to honour the establishment of the Revenue Marine on 4 August in 1790 by the Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

6 August - Hiroshima Day

On August 6, 1945, due to a nuclear bomb attack, an entire city of Hiroshima in Japan was destroyed and thousands of people lost their lives. Hiroshima Day is observed on August 6 in the remembrance of those who lost their lives on this unfortunate day, decades ago.

First Friday of August - International Beer Day

Beer lovers – this festival is customised just for you. With as many as 2,200 varieties of beer from approximately 340 breweries belonging to over 85 different countries, this gala event attracts huge crowd from across the world. Over a 2 km-stretch, apart from the numerous beer tents and stalls, 18 different stages are set up for performers to play live music and participate in stage shows.

To avoid shoving your way through the crowd, attempt an early visit to the Bier Meile on the first day of the festival. Like most people do, get a beer map at the venue, which will help you navigate to the different beer regions. You may also buy a festival kit at the information stall for the festive period. The kit comprises a 20 cl. beer glass in a strap holder which you may carry for the rest of the 3 days.

Delectable global cuisines are abundantly on offer here. Savouring your favourite beer along with a few barbequed steaks or grilled sausages while admiring the architectural beauty of Karl-Marx Allee is definitely worth an experience.

8 August: Quit Indian Movement Day

On 8h August, the Quit India Movement Day is noticed on this day, In the year 1942 on this day, the Quit India Movement began at the All-India Congress Committee Session in Bombay.

9 August: Nagasaki Day & International Day of World’s Indegenous Peoples

On 9th August Nagasaki Day is celebrated in the remberance of those people who lost their lives in the nuclear attack by America on Nagasaki in 1945.

The another day which lies on 9th August is Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples it is observed raise awareness regarding the protection and promotions of human rights made for indigenous people.

10-17 August Sziget Festival, Budapest

As one of the biggest musical extravaganzas in Europe, Sziget festival organises famous rock concerts, theatrical performances, cabarets, literary presentations, sports activities and other fun activities for children. Spread over a week, more than 4,00,000 visitors come to this grand festival to enjoy live performances of famed international artists of different genres.

Ensure that you buy your entry tickets online before you reach the venue. You can also camp at the venue. Enjoy munching on snacks from a host of options including boiled corn, pancakes and hot dogs available at the stores. Sziget, The Island of Freedom, often sets up ruin pubs that are quite popular among youngsters in Budapest. To quench your thirst, you must try a shot of palinka, a fruit-based traditional Hungarian drink.

Do keep in mind that photography at the festival is allowed only after you have written permission from the organizing team.

11 & 12 August: Janmashtami

This year Janmashtami is celebrated on 11th and 12th August to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Fasting and Dahi Handi are the two most common events that took place on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami

11-14 August: International Balloon Fiesta, Bristol

On its 38th annual celebration this year, International Balloon Fiesta welcomes you to a grand festival of balloons. Catch the remarkable mass ascent of over 150 hot air balloons of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and a few solar-powered balloons as well. If you are in a mood to splurge for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can book a balloon flight online and catch a bird’s eye of Ashton Court Mansion below apart from clicking in-flight photos from the balloon.

As part of a huge crowd from across countries, enjoy the fireworks in the evening along with great background music, and marvel at the tethered balloons making their way to the heavens. A number of people also hire caravans to this family fun festival and set their camp at the location to catch every moment of this vivid and lively celebration.

12 August: International Youth Day

International Youth Day is celebrated on 12 August around the globe to focus on the development and protection of youth in the society.

12 August: World Elephant Day

It is observed on 12 August annually to make people understand to preserve and protect the giant animal elephant. This is the way to bring the world together to help elephants.

13 August: International Lefthanders Day

Every year on 13 August Lefthanders Day is observed. It raises awareness about the problems and difficulties that left handed persons faced.

13 August: World Organ Donation Day

World Organ Donation Day is observed on 13 August to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation.

13 – 15 August: Obon Festival, Japan

Bon Festival, also known as obon is a holiday in Japan that celebrates ancestors. Although obon may be celebrated a bit differently depending upon the region, it is a big part of Japanese culture and is celebrated widely throughout the country.

Obon stems from Buddhist customs, and as one of the main religions in Japan is Buddhism, the holiday is well-known and many people do schedule their work vacations around it. As such, public places in Japan tend to get very busy, as it is considered a peak season and a busy travel season for domestic and international travel. People may go visit their home towns as many prefectures hold their own festivals surrounding the event some of which will be listed below.

14 August - Youm-e-Azadi (Pakistan Independence Day)

Youm-e-Azadi or Pakistan Independence Day is observed annually on 14 August. On this day Pakistan achieved Independence and was declared a sovereign nation following the end of British rule in 1947.

15 August: Ferragosto, Italy

The feast of the Assumption is a national holiday in Italy. Some Italians are in the midst of vacations abroad, while others take to the seaside or their home in the mountains to enjoy some time with their loved ones. If you find yourself on the beach in Italy during Ferragosto, or any time of the year for that matter, you might want to read up on how to beach it like an Italian.

15 August: National Mourning Day (Bangladesh)

On 15 August, National Mourning Day in Bangladesh is observed. On this day Bangladesh's first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated along with most of his family members.

15 August : Independence Day in India

Every Year on 15 August, India celebrates Independence Day. As on this day, India got freedom from British rule. It makes us remind about a new beginning, the beginning of a new era free from British colonialism of more than 200 years.

16 August: Bennington Battle Day

Bennington Battle Day is is observed on 16 August. This Day devoted to the Battle of Bennington held in 1777 on August 16 in America is known as the Bennington Battle Day.

16 August: Palio di Siena

We told you about the first Palio della Madonna di Provenzana which took place July 2 in Siena. Well, the crowds flock back to Piazza del Campo for the second leg of Medieval bareback horse race, the Palio della Assunta, on August 16. The jam-packed day begins with a mass and ends with the victory celebrations.

17 August 2020: Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day is celebrated on 17th August. Indonesia got Independence from the Dutch colonization in 1945.

19 August 2020: World Photography Day & World Humanitarian Day

World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August globally. World Photography Day is a worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science, and history of photography.

Another day which is celebrated on 19th August is World Humanitarian Day, it is a day devoted to commemorating the contribution of individuals who sacrificed or lives for Humanitarian services.

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20 August 2020: World Mosquito Day, Sadbhavana Diwas & Indian Akshay Urja Day

On August 20, there are three different special days observed World Mosquito Day, Sadbhavana Divas, and Indian Akshay Urja Day.

World Mosquito Day is observed each year on 20 August. It is celebrated in the memory of British doctor, Sir Ronald Ross, who discovered the root cause of the disease of Malaria.

The Sadbhavana Divas celebrated in the memory of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who sacrificed his life in the service of the nation. The Sadbhavana Divas is observed to remember and acknowledge the great man’s contribution to India as a nation.

The other day which is celebrated on August 20 is Indian Akshay Urja Day, This Day focuses on the growth of renewable energy sources in India.

20 August: Istvan’s Day Hungary

Also known as St. Stephen’s Day (in honor of the first King of Hungary who was canonized in 1083). Expect bread blessings, day-long festivities such as an air and water parade on the Danube in Budapest, followed by fireworks spectaculars in the evening. Perhaps pop into one of the ruin bars for a drink.

23 August: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

This day is observed on 23 August every year to remind us about the tragedy of the slave trade in memory of all peoples that is about the tragedy of the transatlantic slave trade. It provides a chance to think about the historic causes and the consequences of the slave trade.

23 August: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

This day is observed on 23 August every year as a remembrance day for victims of totalitarian regimes mainly Communism, Fascism, Nazism, etc. It is also known as Black Ribbon Day in some countries. This day also symbolises the rejection of "extremism, intolerance, and oppression".

26 August: Women's Equality Day

This day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which granted the women right to vote. In 1971, the U.S. Congress officially recognized August 26 as Women's Equality Day.

26 August: International Dog Day

It is celebrated on 26 August to recognise the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year.

29 August: National Sports Day

National Sports Day is celebrated on 29 August every year to honour the birthday of Dhyan Chand a field hockey player. National Sports Day is also known as Rashtriya Khel Divas.

30 August: Small Industry Day

Small Industry Day is observed on 30 August every year to support and promote small scale industries. Do you know that small scale industries are privately owned small corporations or manufacturers with limited resources and manpower?

31 August: Hari Merdeka (Malaysia National Day)

Every year Hari Merdeka (Malaysia National Day) is celebrated on 31 August.

August important festivals around the world

Photo: El Tiempo
Photo: El Tiempo

August: Feria de Flores Festival, Medellin, Colombia

August in Colombia, weather-wise, is a bit hit and miss. One thing Medellin has in August that makes up for its (at times) overcast appearance is the spectacular 10-day celebration of nature, known as Feria de Flores (Festival of the Flowers). The 2021 dates are still to be confirmed.

Expect locally-grown, intricate and beautiful floral arrangements and floats for the festival's star show: the Parade of Silleteros. It seems a shame to judge them, but indeed they're all competing to be named the most impressive arrangement. There are numerous categories each arrangement can enter into – even one for kids!

August: Guca Trumpet Festival, Serbia

The Guča Trumpet Festival, known sometimes as Dragačevski Sabo, is probably a little less well-known that the likes of the Edinburgh Fringe and Notting Hill Carnival.

Nevertheless, the small Serbian town of Guča comes alive for three days in mid-August for its annual festival, showcasing the best in brass music performances. Hundreds of thousands attend each year. Events and dates for 2021 are still to be confirmed.

21 to 22 August: Mount Hagen Show, Papua New Guinea

Every August, the city of Mount Hagen in the western province of Papua New Guinea comes alive for two days of performances, feasts and musical festivities hosted by locals during the Mount Hagen Cultural Show. The 2021 dates are currently tentative, according to wanderlust.

Of course, Papua New Guinea is a challenging destination and truly off the well-trodden trail. As such, only very experienced travellers should plan to visit, keeping a close eye on the FCO's Official Travel Advice before going, too.

Above is a list of important days and festivals around the world in August that KnowInsiders wants to share with you. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to add them to the comment section below and don't forget to follow KnowInsiders for more interesting news. Thanks for tuning in!

28 and 29 August: Notting Hill Carnival, London

One of the biggest street festivals of Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival has performers dressed in multi-hued costumes, samba dancing, calypso music and other forms of live music ranging from dub to reggae. This two-day festival of the Caribbean community attracts people from all over the world.

The festive mood starts right at 6 am with Jouvert, in which people in their most vibrant carnival attires dance to the tunes of African drums along the Notting Hill parade route. Do carry a fancy colourful outfit (or buy one from London) for this occasion. Get to the World Music Stage at Powis Square to watch some excellent soca performances.

Indulge in Caribbean street food from the numerous stalls lined up along the streets. Jerk chicken and rice, goat curry and salt fish are some of the all-time favourite dishes here. If you are taking your children along, a special attraction for them is the Kid’s Day where they’ll definitely love the lively and cheerful children’s parade taking place. In between all the fun, remember this will be a long day with a lot of walking. So carry a bottle of water, pack some wet wipes (might need them post meals) and wear your most comfortable pair of shoes (preferably a bright-coloured one to match the carnival mood).

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