Whoopi Goldberg Shutdowns “The View" After Meghan McCain Argues Biden should 'Remove' Dr. Fauci
On Monday morning, The View‘s longtime moderator refused to interact with Meghan McCain. Photo: Youtube

Much like RHOSLC‘s Meredith Marks, The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg is disengaging. On Monday morning, The View‘s longtime moderator refused to interact with Meghan McCain, who insisted that the Biden administration should remove Dr. Anthony Fauci and replace him with someone who “understands science.” Rather than engaging with McCain’s budding rant, Goldberg threw the show to commercial, interrupting her co-host mid-sentence. That’s one way to prevent a meltdown…

The View made for interesting viewing on Monday, Feb. 22. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg didn't have any interest in supporting Meghan McCain's criticism of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci's "inconsistent messaging" regarding COVID-19.

After the panel discussed the grim news that 500,000 Americans have now died from COVID, McCain stated that President Joe Biden and his team need to improve the way they address vaccination. After alleging "inconsistent messaging" from Fauci and the Biden administration about when people could get the jab, the conservative commentator cited vaccination success rates in Israel. Notably, the Israeli government has faced criticism of its approach to vaccinating its Arab and Palestinian residents, which even popped up in this weekend's Saturday Night Live episode, Daytime Confidential cites.

Whoopi Goldberg SHUTS DOWN Meghan McCain on The View amid an interview with Senator-elect Rev. Raphael Warnock

On Monday morning, the women of The View opened the show by reflecting upon the United States reaching the grim milestone of 500,000 deaths from COVID-19. While rates have declined in recent weeks, public health experts, including Dr. Fauci, have warned that Americans must continue to exercise caution, even as the vaccine becomes more available. “Rather than even think about declaring victory,” Fauci said on Good Morning America today, “We’ve got to keep pushing and pushing because this thing could bounce back with the variants very, very quickly.”, , according to Decider.

After Joy Behar pinned the bulk of the blame for the U.S.’ poor COVID-19 response on former President Trump, McCain insisted that the Biden administration must take steps to alleviate Americans’ frustration with the “inconsistent messaging” regarding the virus. “The grief that our country is going through should not be downplayed,” she said. “That being said, next week will be a year since we left the studio, and I have been very responsible in many different ways, as so many Americans have been. And the fact that Dr. Fauci is going on CNN and he can’t tell me that if I get the vaccine if I’ll be able to have dinner with my family … it continues to be inconsistent messaging.”

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McCain blamed Fauci for the slow vaccine rollout in the US

Whoopi Goldberg Shutdowns “The View" After Meghan McCain Argues Biden should 'Remove' Dr. Fauci
Photo: Fox News

McCain then pointed to Israel, which has already vaccinated about half of its population, more than any other country. She said that she saw a sign promoting Tel Aviv’s “Get a Shot; Take a Shot” campaign, and asked why Israel’s doctors say that this is safe, whereas the U.S.’ clinicians have said it is not. “Is the science in Israel different than the science here in the United States of America?” asked McCain. “The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous … I want to be responsible and obviously wait my turn, but this rollout has been a disaster.”

“I’m over Dr. Fauci. We need to have more people giving more opinions,” she continued. “Quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science and or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing this successfully.”At first, Goldberg attempted to debate McCain, and she argued that much of Israel’s success stems from the fact that “they didn’t have a lot of issues with people not wearing their masks,” as we’ve had in the U.S. The moderator added that Fauci shouldn’t provide information that the science has not yet backed up, as his critics will immediately “get him on the other side when he’s wrong.”

Before Goldberg could finish, McCain interrupted, although her wind-up was difficult to hear because her mic was semi-muted (producers regularly do this to help make the virtual show flow better). “I know what I’m saying is controversial,” said McCain, after her mic was turned back up.

“You gotta do — I understand,” replied Goldberg. “It has nothing to do with you being –”

McCain continued talking over her, but rather than let it continue, Goldberg threw her hands up and sent The View to the commercial. “We’ll be right back!” said the visibly frustrated moderator. “We’ll be right back.”

Unfortunately for McCain, the conversation never made its way back around to her end of the (virtual) table. However, the hosts clearly managed to work things out during the commercial break, as the conservative firebrand was all smiles when she next appeared on screen during a discussion about a young Whoopi Goldberg’s impersonator. Nothing heals on-screen spats quite like a cute viral video.

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