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1. Truth: People with moles on their hands frequently borrow for life?

In Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, the proverb "A mole on your hand is a loan for life" is widely known. This proverb conjures up the image of someone with a mole on their hand; their life is hard and miserable, and they must borrow from here and there to survive.

But does this statement really have any basis?

True, the above maxim has caused most of us to be confused, worried, and afraid of our fate. However, modern science and researchers have demonstrated that the above statement is too broad and does not reflect reality.

Moles have various meanings depending on their location. Not all mole positions on the hand are bad luck for the owner. The location, characteristics, and color of a mole on the right or left hand, the hand or back of the hand, the elbow or bicep... have completely different meanings.

2. Meaning of Mole on Hand, According to Locations

If you have moles on your hands, you don't need to worry too much. Try to find out where they are and compare them with the content I explain below to know what they are secretly signaling to you.

Mole on the Palm of the Hand

Meaning of Moles on Hand According to Location - Palmistry Handbook
Meaning of Moles on Hand

Mole on the Left Palm

+ For Men:

Men with moles on their left hands are extroverts, carefree, and enthusiastic toward everyone. They have many friends and are frequently adored by their coworkers.

Their diplomatic skills, vivacity, and hard work enable them to easily advance at work. Once they start working, they are enthusiastic, energetic, and unafraid of difficulties and challenges.

This person's emotional state is frequently negative; life is too free, difficult to settle down, or even quickly bored, making love difficult to achieve.

+ For Women:

A mole on the palm of the hand is considered lucky; for women, a mole on the left hand represents a smooth transition from career to love and life.

Women with a mole on their left hand are introspective, discreet, and profound. They are extremely aggressive and willing to pursue vanity.

Mole on the Right Palm

+ For Men:

A mole in this position predicts a prosperous life with some challenges when young, but don't be too concerned because life will become more stable after the age of 28, and your career will skyrocket from there.

These people have a strong, determined personality; they are ambitious and passionate, and they are willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals.

In terms of love, this person is not good and is likely to break up at least once due to their rigid and selfish nature. They are jealous and do not want their other half to interact with many people around them.

+ For Women:

Women with a mole in the palm of their right hand are devoted to their families, know how to manage their finances, and can calculate reasonable expenses. They are willing to quit their jobs so that they can devote the majority of their time to their happiness and children.

Their goal is not a career, so their career is average and not particularly successful. Furthermore, they live modestly and dislike competing and losing, so they avoid high positions.

In love, they are frequently jealous, and they do not want their partner to have many opposite-sex relationships, including at work.

Deciphering the Location of Moles on the Palm

Meaning of Moles on Hand According to Location - Palmistry Handbook
Learn the Meaning of Mole Locations on Hands

1. A mole on the tip of your thumb indicates that you will have a beautiful but unfinished first love, resulting in unforgettable heartbreaks. In exchange, your career will be successful due to your decisive personality, ambition, and astute business acumen. However, you are somewhat rigid. When your ego is too big, you will frequently make mistakes.

2. The shape of a mole in this position indicates that you always prioritize family, never neglect housework due to work, and always know how to care for your loved ones.

3. In this position, it is predicted that wherever the owner of this mole goes, he will be loved and admired by many people, particularly those of the opposite gender. This mole of prosperity and fate can easily trap you in gossip from complicated relationships.

4. A mole on the tip of the index finger can appear in two situations: The first is that you should never do anything wrong; second, if you enjoy doing things that are illegal, you may face imprisonment. If you are a man with a mole on your index finger, you will have a successful career and a rewarding family. If you are a woman, you will have a fulfilling love life and make an excellent wife.

5. People with this mole are vain, aggressive, need to stand out in everything they do, and enjoy expressing themselves.

6. A mole on your palm in this position indicates that you are a highly possessive person who destroys everything to get what you want, as well as being selfish and narrow-minded in love.

7. A mole on the middle finger indicates that this is a person who leads a normal life and strictly adheres to the rules. This mole indicates that the owner will marry someone wealthy but easily dependent.

8. People who are always concerned with the interests of others and the entire world, and who actively promote collective interests. They believe that by cooperating, both parties will benefit.

9. The position of this mole indicates that you are greedy, selfish, value material possessions above all else, are quite stubborn, and do not listen to anyone who speaks.

10. The owner of this mole possesses natural artistic talent. If they work in this field, they will have great success.

11. This mole's position indicates that he or she has clear goals and a specific plan to achieve them.

12. A mole on the palm at this location indicates a rich emotional life, valuing emotions over material possessions, frequently favoring emotions over reason, and having strong desires.

13. Very strong personality who enjoys expressing himself and attracting the attention of those around him.

14. The people who own this mole are careful, always promote work efficiency, and do everything clearly and in detail; no one appears to have any complaints about them.

15. This mole's position indicates that you are good at analyzing and evaluating, can observe and synthesize information and problems, and are qualified for a research career.

16. A mole in the middle of your hand indicates that you are a meticulous person capable of accurate calculations; however, your personality is cold and rigid, making your love life difficult.

17. Mole mounts Jupiter. If it is male, it will receive assistance from the wife's family. If it is a woman, she will provide emotional support for her husband. They are excellent at managing household chores.

18. Mole on Saturn's Mount: good luck in career, destined to marry a wealthy individual.

19. A mole on the Sun Mound indicates that you are a very romantic person. The owner of this mole will be surprised by love, possibly at first sight and leading to marriage. People who own this mole frequently have strong artistic abilities. If they continue on this path, they will quickly achieve success.

20. Mole on the Mount of Mercury, this person is unlucky, love life is difficult, love is difficult to achieve, and it will be too late for this person to find a truly sincere partner. Your personality is greedy; you will do anything to benefit yourself, including harming others. However, when this person falls in love, the person they love can easily harm them.

21. If the mole is on Mount Yin Mars and is red, you will easily meet a noble person and achieve great success in business.

22. The mole lives on the Thai Am mound. People with moles in this position, whether male or female, will have positive and fulfilling relationships.

23. Mole on Mount Venus indicates that the owner lives a prosperous life and does not have to worry about material wealth. However, if it is a black mole, it means that the first love is vulnerable to separation, separation, and much suffering.

24. Mole on Mars mount, this person will receive assistance from many people in whatever he does, allowing him to easily advance in his career.

25. If you have a mole on your wrist, it indicates that you will be fortunate enough to enjoy a large fortune in the future, or that you will become wealthy unexpectedly. This means that the saying "A mole on your hand is a loan for life" does not apply to you.

26. The mole is located along the heart line. If you have a mole in this palm, the owner is prone to failure and must constantly worry about a variety of issues.

27. A mole on the spiritual path indicates that you will be self-sufficient early on, will have to leave your family, and will most likely fall into a state of nothing before pursuing a successful career.

28. Mole, on the other hand, is on the life line; you must exercise caution to avoid an unexpected accident that results in death.

Mole on Wrist

- For Men:

The owner's fortune is not favorable in terms of career, fame, or wealth. Be cautious when conducting business.

- For Women:

+ Mole on the left wrist: You are a devoted and responsible wife, a filial daughter-in-law who understands family dynamics; no one can criticize you.

+ Mole on the right wrist: You are a business savvy individual who knows how to seize the right opportunity to become wealthy. Furthermore, you are a caring mother, so your children are obedient and your marriage is happy.

Mole on Back of Hand

- Mole on the back of your right hand:

+ For men: Men are not steadfast and lack a stance, making it difficult to succeed at work because their will is easily shaken, resulting in a career that does not last long or cannot develop.

+ For women: A black mole represents uncertainty, misery, poverty, and a lack of money. If you have a red mole, you will be wealthy and successful in your profession.

- Mole on the back of your left hand:

+ For men: Having a black mole means having little luck, wealth, and an unstable, long-term career. It is preferable to find ways to be self-sufficient and take gradual and cautious steps.

+ For women: Someone who has a good heart, is gentle, generous, and helps others exudes a positive energy that everyone wants to be around.

Mole on Arm

- A mole on the inside of your arm

Possessing a mole in this position demonstrates that the person is patient and approaches everything with dedication and enthusiasm. He is not shy around friends, relatives, or superiors, so he is popular with everyone.

- A mole on the outside of the arm

This person is excellent at communicating and transforming situations, which makes him highly valued at work and well-liked by coworkers and friends. They also have a unique ability to manage work smoothly, transforming bad situations into good ones.

- Mole on the right arm

As a person with a good destiny and a prosperous life, if you work harder, you will easily become wealthy. They will not have to worry about economic issues because money is always stable and life has few ups and downs.

- Mole on the left arm

+ Mole on the outside of the left arm: You are a blessed, successful person with money like water, a thriving business, and peaceful children and grandchildren.

+ Mole at the elbow of the left arm: Bad fate, only enough to make a living, difficult to become wealthy.

Mole Location at Elbow

Mole on the right elbow

People with moles in this position are frequently impatient and do not understand how to plan and pursue a career. As a result, the career path is fraught with challenges, making it difficult to achieve success.

If you are not alert, your friends will easily manipulate you and lead you into debt.

This person's love life is not good, despite his luck; his personality is not serious, and he enjoys flirting, so his marriage is not harmonious, and he frequently quarrels.

Mole on the left elbow

People with moles on their left elbow always prioritize feelings over material possessions. Everyone loves them because of their gentle personality and desire to help others. Many strangers fell in love with them after only a few words.

This individual is also very likely to succeed in life due to their perseverance, hard work, and desire to advance. Difficulties never prevent them from moving forward.

Mole Location on Biceps

Mole on the right bicep

- Outside just below the shoulder: People with moles in this position will have good fortune, a good life, a satisfying job, and a happy marriage.

- On the right bicep: The mole position on this hand indicates that its owner is destined to be fortunate, not having to work hard here and there, and is multi-talented and easily accomplished. Excellent results and success in any field.

- The note on the right bicep: Represents cunning and intelligence. These people frequently have the ability to earn more money than others, and all of their plans will succeed.

Mole on the left bicep

- Right below the shoulder (Happy): People with moles in this position have good fortune; everything goes as planned, which is ideal for business.

- Below the Happiness mole (Money): This is the Wealth mole; the owner is a highly independent person, so he can quickly stabilize his career, become successful, have a lot of money, and have a happy marriage.

- Under the Money Mole (Hidden Pearl): According to physiognomy, not everyone can own the Hidden Pearl mole because their destiny is to be born into a house full of wealth and treasure, as well as good fortune in business. Good fortune.

3. Lipstick Mole on Hand

Lipstick moles are red, as the name suggests; some are dark red and very large, while others are as small as a light ink stain. Many people are born with moles, but others develop them over time.

Lipstick moles in various colors catch the attention of most people, which piques the owner's interest in determining whether they are bad or good, especially when they appear on the hand.

Meaning of Lipstick Mole on Hand

- This position indicates that the owner's future fortune is very good, a comfortable and prosperous life without worry, with plenty of money and food to provide happiness to children and grandchildren in the future.

- Mole on the thumb: If the mole is in this position, your future life will be full, prosperous, and joyful.

- Mole on the middle finger: The person who has this red mole will have a successful career and will quickly become famous.

- Mole on the little finger: If you're fortunate enough to have this mole, your romantic relationship will end happily.

Lipstick mole on the right hand

In general, people with lipstick moles on their right hands are thought to be more skillful and intelligent than others, particularly in terms of communication.

- If the mole is on the right arm, life will be relatively easy, with plenty of money, intelligence, and cleverness.

- People with red moles on the outside of their arms will be excellent communicators, loved and respected by those around them, and supported and respected by coworkers and supervisors.

- A red mole on the right shoulder blade indicates a warm and happy family, whereas a red mole on the right hand's outer muscle indicates amorous and flirtatious behavior, particularly in men. Most physiognomists recommend that if you have a mole on your right arm, you do not remove it.

- If you have a mole on the outside of your arm, you will be an excellent communicator who is loved and respected by everyone around you, including your colleagues and boss.

Lipstick mole on left hand

- Mole on the palm of your hand:

+ If you are fortunate enough to have a mole on your left palm, your love life will be very positive, your husband and wife will be happy, your husband will be psychological, and he will always care about and share everything in life.

+ This mole is also good for fortune, which is why it is regarded as a mole of great wealth and nobility, bringing the owner a lot of luck and promising an endless supply of money. Whether you work for a salary or run your own business, you will be blessed by both heaven and earth. You will never be without money. You can spend freely. When money runs out, it comes back.

- A red mole on the outside of the upper arm represents a guardian angel, wealth, and noble people who support you.

- A red mole on the left shoulder blade indicates that your life will go smoothly and according to your wishes.

- If you have a red mole on the back of your left hand, you will have a lot of luck, many good friends, easy success in your career, few difficulties in life, positive love relationships, and a happy marriage.

- Life in the elbow area will be difficult, and bad people will harm your career.


You have just completed the journey of discovering the significance of each mole location on your hand.

It is clear that each mole in a different location carries different meanings. There are places where moles are extremely beneficial, and places where the opposite is true.

As a result, the notion that moles are on the hand and borrowed for life is not entirely correct.

For thousands of generations, the Chinese and Indians have passed down the art of palmistry, particularly the identification of moles on the hands. Science cannot demonstrate the accuracy of palmistry through mole location. No one can deny the appeal and utility of palmistry and moles on hands.

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