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May is when summer officially starts, and it's also when college and school students start their summer vacations.

The May 2024 calendar in the United States of America features several important holidays. These include Mother's Day, International Workers Day, and other occasions to show respect for their country. International Workers Day honors and remembers the brave men and women who served in the armed forces. It is a day to remember them and express our gratitude for all that they have done for our nation.

From celebrating Mother's Day and Memorial Day to paying tribute to those who put in a lot of work. May 2024 is a wonderful month to celebrate patriotism and pay tribute to parents, mothers, and hardworking people.

There are four important holidays in May 2024. These days are set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the diligent workers who toil away in factories, on building sites, in manufacturing, and in a variety of other occupations.

Additionally, there is a global Day exclusively devoted to mothers. Additionally, there is a Patriotic Day, Memorial Day, which honors Army personnel who have died in battle while serving their nation, and an Asian American Day.

May 2024 US Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
May 2024 US Calendar: Important Days, Full List of National and International Events

Special Days in May 2024 in the U.S

May 1 - May Day

Internationally, people celebrate May Day on May 1. Labor Day and International Worker's Day are closely related to May Day in the US and many other countries. In some European nations, like the UK, May Day is more closely linked to paganism and the ancient Gaelic festival of Beltane.

May Day's historical associations include paganism, the natural world, and the worship of the sun or other natural forces. Many of the customs associated with May Day, like maypole dancing and morris dancing, have their roots in fertility rituals or sun worship.

Even though the maypole dance originated in Europe, it is still performed in many American communities and schools today.

May 1 - International Workers Day

On May 1, International Workers' Day, we pay tribute to laborers and the working class worldwide. International Workers' Day, also known as May Day or Labour Day in many other countries, honors diligent workers everywhere.

Numerous businesses worldwide honor the working class on this day by providing their employees with a day off. In addition, a lot of labor associations and trade unions celebrate their members with marches, parades, and other events.

May 2 - National Day of Prayer

According to a law that the U.S. Congress passed in 1988, the President of the United States proclaims the first Thursday in May to be a National Day of Prayer each year. However, hundreds of years have passed since the first National Day of Prayer was established. This nation has religious roots that date back to its founding. The Continental Congress instituted a prayer period in 1775. The Founding Fathers asked the colonists to pray for our young nation when they declared this to be the first National Day of Prayer. A major reason why so many immigrants came to America was to pursue religious freedom.

On the National Day of Prayer, churches, temples, and synagogues host more than 35,000 prayer gatherings annually. Religious authorities from all around the nation take part in some capacity. You can watch a national prayer broadcast on numerous media platforms, including Facebook Live and GODTV.

May 3 - Orthodox Good Friday

For many American Greek Orthodox Christians, Great Friday is a strict day of fasting. A major part of the liturgy on Holy Friday in some Orthodox churches is the reading of twelve passages from the gospels, all of which relate to the story of Jesus Christ's passion. The celebration starts on Thursday night. There might be an evening Good Friday liturgy at other churches. In order to recreate traditional funeral customs, some priests take Jesus icons off of crosses and cover them in linen.

Certain Orthodox Bulgarian churches follow unique customs, such as permitting patrons to light candles after the church bell rings and pass beneath a table in the center of the space. This ritual supposedly washes away one's sins. As part of their Easter preparations, many Orthodox Christian families might dedicate a portion of their Great Friday to decorating Easter eggs.

May 4 - Orthodox Holy Saturday

Many Orthodox Christians in the US regard Holy Saturday as a day of cautious anticipation. People wait for Easter Sunday, the day that marks Jesus' resurrection, as the period of mourning fades. In certain American Orthodox churches, Holy Saturday is a day for receiving Holy Communion.

A midnight mass is celebrated in certain churches on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Before candles are lit, the liturgy typically begins in darkness, symbolizing the darkness of the tomb. In many churches, it is customary for the congregation and clergy to hold candles during the singing. These customs have their roots in traditional Christian funeral rites.

May 4 - National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day

Saturday, May 4, 2024, is National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day, but it is a working day. In the US, most businesses operate during regular business hours.

On the first Saturday in May, people in the United States observe National EOD Day by taking the time to honor various organizations, community groups, and individuals. To honor and pay tribute to EOD professionals who put their lives in danger, have passed away, or suffered injuries while performing their duties, some organizations host prayer services and other special occasions.

Disarming and getting rid of high explosive devices and other kinds of ordnance, like chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, requires specialized training for EOD technicians. National EOD Day was established to honor EOD specialists and their contributions to public safety.

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

Every year on May 5, people celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2024. This day honors the Mexican army's triumph over France on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla, which took place during the Franco-Mexican War (1861–1867). Though it should not be confused with Mexico's Independence Day, which is observed on September 16, Cinco de Mayo 2024 has come to be associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture in the United States.

Cinco de Mayo 2024 is typically observed as a time for pride and celebration. Even though it's not a federal holiday in the US, a lot of cities, particularly in the southwest, celebrate with parades and other events. In order to teach students about the history and culture of Americans of Mexican descent, schools also host lectures and special events and many people hang banners.

May 5 - Orthodox Easter

Three days after his crucifixion and death, Jesus rose from the dead, and this is celebrated on Orthodox Easter. He was taken down from the cross and interred in a tomb after his death. It was found that Jesus' tomb was empty on Sunday. Onlookers were notified by angels that Jesus had risen. Jesus appeared to his apostles and disciples over the course of the following forty days before ultimately ascending to heaven.

The most important and revered holiday in the Christian Orthodox calendar is Orthodox Easter. Orthodox Easter must occur after Jewish Passover and is observed according to the Julian calendar. For these reasons, the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox is when Orthodox Easter is observed.

May 6 - Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah in 2024 will be observed from Sunday, May 5, at dusk until Monday, May 6. For the Jewish community, Yom HaShoah is a day of Holocaust Remembrance, commemorating the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. This is the 27th day of the month of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar. Yom HaShoah is not a public holiday in the US, Canada, or the UK, so businesses and educational institutions are open as usual.

People of Jewish faith and heritage in the US go to their synagogue on Yom HaShoah to participate in special liturgies. A prayer for the deceased called the Mourner's Kaddish is typically recited during the liturgy.

May 6 - National Nurses Day

May 2024 US Calendar: Important Days, Full List of National and International Events
National Nurses Day

The American Nurses Association selects a theme for National Nursing Week each year with the goal of recognizing and appreciating the contributions that nurses make to society.

Nurses play a critical role in society, and employers and patients frequently give them gifts. Events like banquets and seminars are held to raise awareness of this.

National Nurses Day is widely observed in America because nurses are seen as the most crucial component and source of support in the medical field; without them, doctors could not perform their duties. Additionally, nurses are thought to be the most reliable profession in the nation.

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May 7 - National Teacher Appreciation Day

As a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher's Day is observed annually on the first Tuesday in May.

Teacher Appreciation Week is observed in the first week of May. We honor educators this week for their contributions to education and the positive effects they have on our lives.

Many students give their teachers cards or other gifts, like flowers, on this day to express how much they appreciate them.

It is an expression of gratitude for the significant influence teachers have on students' lives.

You can also express your gratitude on social media by sharing a personal narrative or their influence on your life.

Helping your teacher out with various tasks is another aspect of being a good student, so don't forget to volunteer!

May 9 - Ascension Day

May 2024 US Calendar: Important Days, Full List of National and International Events
Ascension Day

The Christian holiday known as Ascension Day, or the Feast of the Ascension, falls on a Thursday, the forty-first day of Easter. It commemorates the entry of Jesus into heaven. Not being a public holiday, Ascension Day is observed with businesses and schools open as usual.

Church services in the US are focused on introspection and finding inner peace. Special hymns are sung during mass on Ascension Day, and music plays a significant role in the celebration of the day. Some churches host social events to commemorate the day, such as picnics on hilltops to imitate Jesus' time on the Mount of Olives.

According to some churches' liturgical calendars, Ascension Day marks the start of Pentecost and the formal conclusion of Easter, which started with Holy Week.

Churches may conduct a parade or procession throughout the town to commemorate Ascension Day. One very old instance of this is the annual "Procession of the Holy Blood," an Ascension Day procession held in Bruges, Belgium, for more than 700 years.

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May 12 - Mother’s Day

Every year on the second Sunday in May, people celebrate Mother's Day as a holiday. This day honors motherhood and recognizes the contributions that mothers and other mother figures—such as stepmothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers—make to society.

Children send cards or gifts to their mother or other mother figure on Mother's Day 2024, or they make a special effort to visit her. To express their gratitude, they treat their mothers to a festive lunch or dinner. Some kids even go so far as to prepare their moms' big, fancy dinners, saving their moms the trouble of making meals for the family.

May 13 - Yom Ha'atzmaut

In 2024, Yom Ha'atzmaut will fall on the evening of May 13 and end on the same day.

Many Jews in America observe Yom Ha'atzmaut in an effort to strengthen ties with the Israeli Jewish community. Jewish communities and synagogues band together to plan activities and festivities for the day across the nation.

In contrast to the Israelites, some American Jews celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut on Shabbat in order to gather as many people as possible for a religious ceremony that includes singing the national anthem of Israel.

In the US, Jewish organizations host a lot of social events, including barbecues, dinners, concerts, and art festivals.

On this day, a few Jewish Americans will fly the Israeli flag outside their residences.

May 15 - Int'l. Day of Families

Every year on May 15, people celebrate International Day of Families. The UN is in charge of coordinating it with the goal of raising public awareness of the economic, social, and demographic challenges that affect families globally. It emphasizes the significance of families as the backbone of society and as the fabric of global communities.

This day is dedicated to celebrating families and their vital role in both societal development and personal growth.

Plan some enjoyable family activities. Make contact with relatives you haven't seen in a long time and arrange a family get-together, such as a picnic, for the entire extended family. Alternatively, if you have a unique family custom that you all enjoy, think back to its origins and resolve to keep up the tradition over time.

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May 17 - National Defense Transportation Day

On National Defense Transportation Day, we honor the men and women who support the defense and well-being of our country by working in the transportation sector. The day is part of National Transportation Week (May 11–17), which includes a variety of events like school poster contests, transportation-related educational expos, and speaker-led programs.

May 18 - Armed Forces Day

Every year on the third Saturday in May, there is a federal holiday known as Armed Forces Day 2024. It is a day set aside to honor the men and women who are serving in the armed forces of the United States. Furthermore, Armed Forces Week in 2024 includes Armed Forces Day. Note that National Guard and Reserve units may observe Armed Forces Day/Week during any time during May due to their distinct training schedules.

2024's Armed Forces Day is traditionally observed as a day of honor. There were parades, open houses, receptions, and air shows to commemorate the first Armed Forces Day. Numerous events and activities occur nowadays, such as large parades and other local celebrations, educational activities that teach children about the armed forces, and multi-service military displays in public areas. Chattanooga, Tennessee hosts the Armed Forces Day Parade, which has been held annually for the longest time in the United States. At Armed Forces Day 2024 celebrations, specific musical genres are also played to honor those who served in the armed forces and gave their lives in defense of their nation.

May 19 - Pentecost (White Sunday)

May 2024 US Calendar: Important Days, Full List of National and International Events
Pentecost (White Sunday)

Pentecost, sometimes referred to as White Sunday, is a religious holiday commemorating the day the church was founded as well as the arrival of the Holy Spirit upon the early followers of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of their religious affiliation, Christians can honor the Holy Spirit's influence in their lives and commemorate the founding of the church on Pentecost 2024. Church dominions celebrate the holiday in different ways; some observe it more extensively than others.

Red is a color that some churches use to symbolize the "power and fire of the Spirit." Pentecost is a day on which churches welcome new members and confirm those who are already members through baptisms and confirmations. This partially explains why some call this day "White Sunday" because white clothing is typically worn for baptism. There are also celebratory dinners, ordinations, processions, and religious (church) services.

May 20 - Whit Monday

May 2024 US Calendar: Important Days, Full List of National and International Events
Whit Monday

Pentecost is also referred to as Whit Sunday in English, which is why it is called Whit Monday. The term 'whit' originates from the fact that many people get baptized during this season and they wear white clothing.

On the fiftyth day following Easter, it is thought that the apostles received a visit from the Holy Spirit, bestowing upon them the gift of multilingualism.

Many people think that the Catholic Church was founded at the first Pentecost. Jesus's apostles traveled to various nations to share the gospel and teachings of Jesus with people because they were multilingual.

May 27 - Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day 2024 is a federal holiday that falls on the final Monday in May each year. Memorial Day 2024 honors all men and women who have lost their lives while defending the United States of America in the armed forces.

Memorial Day is traditionally observed as a day of honor and remembering. It is customary to visit cemeteries, especially military ones, across the United States and place flowers, tiny flags, and wreaths on the graves of the departed. Other popular Memorial Day 2024 customs that are being observed today include the swift raising of the American flag to the tops of flagpoles, its gradual lowering to half-mast, and its subsequent raising to full height at noon. The flag is lowered to half-mast in remembrance of the soldiers who have lost their lives while serving their nation. Raising the flag again is intended to represent the living's determination to continue the struggle for liberty in order to ensure that the nation's heroes' deaths were not in vain.

Every year, a Memorial Day concert is held on the West Lawn of the US Capitol Building and is televised live across the nation. In addition, there will be thousands of Memorial Day 2024 parades in both big and small cities across the nation. On this day, many will wear red poppies or place them in a display as a memorial to the soldiers who have died. This custom originated from the well-known poem "In Flander's Fields" by Canadian poet John McCrae, where Moina Michael had the brilliant idea to wear red poppies on Memorial Day to remember those who lost their lives defending their country in times of war.

May 30 - Corpus Christi

A Christian holiday commemorating the Holy Communion, Corpus Christi is also known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. This feast day honors the conviction that the consecrated bread and wine used at Mass actually contain the body and blood of Jesus Christ. For Catholics and many other Christian denominations, it is a significant holiday that highlights the Eucharist's importance and function as a sacrament in the faith.

Mass, Eucharistic processions, prayer services, and other customs and rituals are some of the ways that Americans commemorate Corpus Christi. To highlight the splendor and majesty of the Eucharist, these events are frequently decorated with flower petals, banners, and religious artwork. On June 8th, we observe Corpus Christi.

May 2024 US Calendar: Full List of National and International Events

May 1

Bike to School Day – First Wednesday in May

Hawaiian Lei Day

Loyalty Day

May Day

Mother Goose Day

Save the Rhino Day

May 2

Baby Day

Brothers and Sisters Day

National Day of Prayer – the first Thursday in May

May 3

Garden Meditation Day

International Tuba Day – first Friday in May

Lumpy Rug Day

Space Day – first Friday in May

World Press Freedom Day

May 4

Bird Day

Free Comic Book Day – first Saturday in May

Herb Day – first Saturday in May

Kentucky Derby Day – first Saturday in May

National Candied Orange Peel Day

National Fitness Day – first Saturday in May

Renewal Day

Star Wars Day

May 5

Cartoonist Day

Cinco de Mayo

National Hoagie Day

Oyster Day

May 6

Beverage Day

National Tourist Appreciation Day

National Nurses Day

No Diet Day

May 7

National Teacher’s Day – Tuesday of the first full week of May

National Tourism Day

May 8

Iris Day

National Outdoor Intercourse Day

National Receptionist Day is the second Wednesday in May

No Socks Day

School Nurses Day is the Wednesday during Nurse’s Week

V-E Day

World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day

May 9

Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 10

Child Care Provider Day or Daycare Provider Day – Friday before Mother’s Day

Clean up Your Room Day

Military Spouses Day is the Friday before Mother’s Day

May 11

Birth Mother’s Day – Saturday before Mother’s Day

Eat What You Want Day

Hanging Flower Baskets Day – Saturday before Mother’s Day

International Migratory Bird Day is the second Saturday in May

National Babysitters Day – Saturday before Mother’s Day

National Train Day– Saturday closest to May 10th

Twilight Zone Day

Windmill Day – the second Saturday in May

May 12

Fatigue Syndrome Day

International Nurses Day

Lilac Sunday second Sunday in May

Limerick Day

Mother’s Day second Sunday in May

May 13

Frog Jumping Day

International Hummus Day

Leprechaun Day

National Apple Pie Day

May 14

Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15

National Chocolate Chip Day

National Slider Day

Police Officer’s Memorial Day

May 16

Endangered Species Day – third Friday in May

Love a Tree Day

National Bike to Work Day – third Friday of the month

National Mimosa Day

Wear Purple for Peace Day

Sea Monkey Day

May 17

Pack Rat Day

May 18

International Museum Day

No Dirty Dishes Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

Armed Forces Day – third Saturday of the month

May 19

Boy’s Club Day

World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

May 20

Amelia Earhart Day

Be a Millionaire Day – Now, we all can go for that.

Pick Strawberries Day

Victoria Day (Canada) – Monday preceding the 25th

May 21

National Memo Day

National Waiters and Waitresses Day

May 22

Buy a Musical Instrument Day

National Maritime Day

World Goth Day

May 23

Lucky Penny Day

World Turtle Day

May 24

Don’t Fry Friday – Friday before Memorial Day

International Tiara Day

National Escargot Day

May 25

Brown Bag It Day

Missing Children’s Day

National Towel Day – in the UK

National Wine Day

Tap Dance Day

May 26

National Paper Airplane Day

Sally Ride Day

May 27

Memorial Day last Monday of the month

Sun Screen Day

May 28

Amnesty International Day

National Hamburger Day

May 29

Learn About Composting Day

World Otter Day – the last Wednesday in May

May 30

International Jazz Day

Mint Julep Day

Water a Flower Day

May 31

Flip Flop Day – Friday after Memorial Day

International Space Day – The last Friday in May.

National Macaroon Day

Save Your Hearing Day

World No Tobacco Day

Weekly Observances in May 2024

April 28 to May 4: National Small Business Week

May 5 to 11: Be Kind to Animals Week, Women in Construction Week, Hurricane Preparedness Week, National Pet Week, National Wildflower Week

May 6 to May 10: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6 to 12: Children’s Book Week, National Nurses Week

May 13 to 19: American Craft Beer Week, Bike to Work Week, National Stuttering Awareness Week

May 15 to 21: National Vegetarian Week

May 19 to 25: National EMS Week, National Public Works Week, National Travel and Tourism Week

Monthly Observances in May 2024

ALS Awareness Month

American Cheese Month

American Wetlands Month

Arthritis Awareness Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Better Sleep Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month

Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Building Safety Month

Celiac Awareness Month

Chip Your Pet Month

Clean Air Month

Family Wellness Month

Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month

Gardening for Wildlife Month

Homeschool Awareness Month

International Drum Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

Latino Books Month

Lettuce Month

Lupus Awareness Month

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month

National Asparagus Month

National Barbecue Month

National Bicycle Safety Month

National Blood Pressure Month

National Cancer Research Month

National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

National Foster Care Month

National Hamburger Month

National Inventors Month

National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

National Meditation Month

National Pet Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Salad Month

National Salsa Month

National Strawberry Month

National Tennis Month

National Walking Month

National Wildfire Awareness Month

Pet Sitter Safety Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Small Business Month

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (May 15 - June 15)

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