Mare of Easttown: UK Release Date, Cast, Plot and Where To Watch
Mare of Easttown. Photo: droidjournal

Mare of Easttown hits our screens in April and with Oscar-winning star Kate Winslet playing the lead in her first TV appearance for a decade, it looks set to be an unmissable drama.

Winslet plays Detective Mare Sheehan, who must investigate the murder of a young girl over seven nerve-jangling episodes, yet this series is far more than a simple murder mystery.

Here's everything we know about Mare of Easttown.

Mare of Easttown release date

Although the second trailer has now arrived, there's still a short while before the forthcoming drama makes its UK debut, as Mare of Easttown will begin airing weekly from Monday, April 19 on Sky Atlantic (Sky channel 108) and NOW TV. You may want to mark your calendars now.

Mare of Easttown begins airing weekly on Monday, April 19 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV, according to Bustle.

Where and how to watch Mare of Easttown

The seven-part series will also be available to stream via HBO Max.

At the moment, it is unknown if the entire series will be available to stream and download in one go via HBO Max when it premieres on Sunday, April 18 or if episodes will continue to drop weekly on the streaming platform.

To watch Mare of Easttown on HBO Max, you can subscribe to the streaming platform for $14.99 after a seven-day free trial.

Like most HBO shows such as The Undoing, Chernobyl, and Game of Thrones, Mare of Easttown will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Mare of Easttown will air weekly from Monday, April 19 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

If you are not a Sky customer but want to watch Mare of Easttown, you can subscribe to NOW TV for £7.99 after a seven-day free trial, Express cited.

What is Mare of Easttown about?

Photo: vulture
Photo: vulture

The highly-anticipated TV series tells the story of Mare Sheehan, a detective in a small Pennsylvania town who's reluctantly known as "Ladyhawk" after making an impossible basketball shot in her youth.

When she is assigned to investigate the murder of a young girl, the line between her personal life and professional duties soon begins to blur, and it’s not long before she finds herself struggling to stop her world from falling apart around her.

But as well as being a "whodunnit" the series is an intriguing character portrait of a woman struggling with the death of her son. An official HBO synopsis describes the show as "an exploration into the dark side of a close community and an authentic examination of how family and past tragedies can define our present", What To Watch wrote.

Mare of Easttown cast

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet (Titanic, Revolutionary Road) stars as the titular Mare Sheehan, while Watchmen’s Jean Smart plays her mother Helen and The Nice Guys’ Angourie Rice plays Mare’s teenage daughter Siobhan.

WandaVision‘s Evan Peters plays county detective Colin Zabel, The Hurt Locker’s Guy Pearce plays local creative writing professor Richard Ryan, Vice’s Cailee Spaeny plays Erin McMenamin, an isolated teen living with her volatile father, and The Office’s David Denman plays Mare’s ex-husband Frank, Radiotimes noted.

It also stars Julianne Nicholson (The Outsider) as Lori Ross, Mare’s best friend since childhood; Angourie Rice (Black Mirror) as Siobhan Sheehan, Mare’s teenaged daughter; David Denman (Outcast) as Frank Sheehan, Mare’s ex-husband; John Douglas Thompson (Let Them All Talk) as Chief Carter, Mare's boss at the Easttown Police Department; Patrick Murney (Seven Seconds) as Kenny McMenamin, Erin's father; James McArdle (Ammonite) as Deacon Mark Burton; Sosie Bacon (Here and Now) as Carrie Layden, Drew’s mother and Kevin’s ex-girlfriend; Joe Tippett (Rise) as John Ross, Lori's husband and high school sweetheart; and Neal Huff (The Wire) as Mare’s cousin, Father Dan Hastings.

Everyone Has Secrets In HBO’s Kate Winslet-Helmed ‘Mare Of Easttown’


Life in Easttown, Pennsylvania might appear peaceful on the surface but underneath its small-town topography lies a web of dangerous and very dark secrets. In HBO’s new whodunit, Mare of Easttown, everyone seems to have something to hide.

Kate Winslet (HBO’s Mildred Pierce) absolutely mesmerizes as traumatized, rough-around-the-edges detective, Mare Sheehan. Her life is upended when a local young woman is murdered and other women seem to vanish into thin air.

Ingelsby, who is also known for his recent film Our Friend, starring Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck, explained in a recent interview that this series is an exploration into the dark side of a close community and an authentic examination of how family and past tragedies can define our present.

“I had this idea about this character and she’s a cop in a small town. I was really interested in telling her story and I built this world around her,” explains Ingelsby. “What I was trying to do here is tell the story of this woman who hasn’t dealt with her grief. She’s just not been able to confront this trauma in her life, which is the death of her son. She’s haunted by what she considers to be her failure as a mother. She’s just not going to confront it and is instead going to completely throw herself into these cases with these missing girls.”

Ingelsby definitely doesn’t make things easy for Mare. “We wanted to make it hard for her because she has to confront this thing. She has to go through something really hard and she must confront what’s haunting her and go through this journey to come out the other side.”

When asked what he thinks makes a great crime drama, Ingelsby says there are certain things he looks for. “You have to have the whodunit element and keep your audience guessing but it has to pay off well. You cannot cheat viewers. You want them to really connect in a deeply emotional way so when the reveal occurs, they really do care about these people. It has to be a ripple effect that tears through the viewer and it has to be emotionally compelling and suspenseful.”

He definitely nailed it with this story and despite her many flaws, we want Mare to find peace and forgive herself. “She does some terrible things to those closest to her but we are always on her side because there’s a certain empathy to her. She’s so kind to those in her community and this kindness, this beating heart inside of her, makes us root for her even when she does bad things. Also, she’s resilient as hell and you have to admire someone who gets knocked down time and again and always gets back up. That’s a very admirable quality.” according to Forbes.

What's Kate Winslet said about Mare of Easttown?

In an interview with Indie Wire, Oscar winner Kate admitted she struggled with the Delaware County accent. "It was up there with the hardest accents I’ve ever done, in the top three for sure," she shares. "It’s one of only two dialects in my life that made me throw things - that and the dialogue that they made me do in the movie about Steve Jobs."

Kate also confessed the detective life probably isn't for her, explaining, "I’d be a f**king lousy detective. I’d be very good at the coffee and the after [work] beers… But I don’t think I have the mental stamina that is required.” Cosmopolitan reported.

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