Love Horoscope in the New Week: Which Zodiac Signs Are Unlucky?
Love Horoscope in the New Week: Which Zodiac Signs Are Unlucky?

1. Aries - Unlucky in Love (June 27 - July 3, 2022)

As the new week's emotional unlucky zodiac sign, singles should have a definitive rejection of people you don't have feelings for, the longer you hang around, the more trouble it will cause. You may not want to hurt the other person, but your ambiguous attitude will also lead to misunderstandings that are difficult to remove.

Especially those who are involved with their ex-lovers should be decisive immediately and this week, that old book, even if you re-read it a hundred times, the end is still the same, don't hope anymore.

For married people, tolerance is the key to preserving your love. Therefore, the White Sheep should lower your ego so that you can keep the same feelings as the original. Verify the information you receive before condemning the person.

Jealousy does not make love sweeter at all, only makes two people more pressure. If the pressure is too much, the two should arrange a trip to the sea together.

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2. Scorpio - Unlucky in Love (June 27 - July 3, 2022)

This week's emotional unlucky zodiac sign is a little bit tangled up with your ex this week. You should clarify your feelings, don't let fleeting thoughts make you hurt again.

Some people are easily deceived by people they know through dating apps, they have half of it and still lie to you that they don't have it, thinking you're a deer?

If you have a couple, emotional caution makes you realize that the two's contradictions stem from their differences. You should learn to accept and reconcile the two personalities instead of suppressing the other person.

Scorpio is usually silent, does not speak or ask anyone to understand what this zodiac sign wants. The soon-to-be-married couples may argue loudly over trivial matters.

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3. Pisces - Unlucky in Love (June 27 - July 3, 2022)

Single people are temporarily satisfied with the current situation, actually because you do not expect too much. You still hope to find someone soon to accompany you, but you have not thought about taking further steps in the future.

Currently Pisces only focuses on making money, not interested in making love. You just want peace of mind to complete the goals you have set for the second half of 2022.

If you already have a couple, things may get heavier for you this week. You feel that you are always devoted, giving a lot of love to that person, but you do not receive a commensurate response. Not being understood by the other half, so it's quite sad.

Sometimes you feel a bit sorry for yourself because you don't get what you want from that person. Actually, the problem here is not a big deal, it's just that you think too much, astrology sees that your other half has no bad intentions.

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4. Leo - Unlucky in Love (June 27 - July 3, 2022)

If you are single, you may have to get into an awkward love story, too much peach blossom at this time is not necessarily good because it brings you troubles. Be more assertive in emotional matters.

Some people will have trouble with their friends because of love, friends prevent Leo from going to someone but this constellation won't listen, don't regret it later!

Couples in love are likely to have conflicts, if you give your opinion, it is very difficult to convince the other person to do what you want, and what the other person says also makes it difficult for you to accept.

Females should not trust him completely because we find that the risk of you being "cuckold" is quite high, even if you are married, you should keep an eye on your other half during the week (June 27 - July 3, 2022) this.

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