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Adam Levine sang Lost Stars in one of his concerts. Photo: More music videos.

Full lyrics of Lost stars

Please don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies

Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see

Take my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrow

Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand

I'd be damned Cupid's demanding back his arrow

So let's get drunk on our tears and

God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young

It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run

Searching for meaning

But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?

Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?

Woe is me, if we're not careful turns into reality

Don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow

Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer

Turn the page maybe we'll find a brand new ending

Where we're dancing in our tears and

God, tell…

Adam Levine's Facts

Birth Name: Adam Noah Levine

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Attended Five Towns College, Dix Hills, New York, United States

Profession: Rock singer, Guitarist

Adam Levine's career

Saw his first concert when he was in the fifth grade—the glam-metal band Warrant.

Began making music with pals Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden while in junior high; their first gig was at a school dance.

Terribly shy as a child; he played with his back to the audience at his first performance.

With Carmichael, Madden and fellow classmate Ryan Dusick, formed Kara's Flowers, an alternative-rock group that signed with Reprise Records, released one album and then was dropped.

Exposed to hip-hop, gospel, R&B and soul while attending Five Towns College on Long Island with Carmichael; the music fueled the sound they found with Maroon 5, as reported by the tvguide.com.

Maroon 5's 2002 album Songs About Jane took two years to reach platinum status.

Father Fred Levine owns the M. Frederic boutique chain in L.A.


2005, Grammy — Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal: Winner

2015, People's Choice Awards — Favorite Group: Winner

2007, Grammy — Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal: Winner

Lost Stars' facts

On Feb. 22, Levine sang Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois' best original song Oscar nominee "Lost Stars," which was featured in John Carney's music-centric drama Begin Again in which Levine starred and sang it.

Speaking of his more extensive involvement in Begin Again — which happened to be my favourite film of 2014 — he still can't quite believe he was offered the opportunity. "It took a huge leap of faith in John Carney's part because I had never acted before. He reached out to me and asked me, pretty randomly, if I was interested in acting. I actually said to him [that I was] not, until he called." Levine said he quickly concluded, "If I only make one movie in my whole life, it seems like this one makes the most sense. I don't know where it will go from here, but that was my part. I really, truly believe that, and I'm really happy it came my way."

But even more important to him was the opportunity to sing songs co-written by Alexander. He gushed, "I've known Gregg Alexander forever, as far as following his career, and he's brilliant. I knew he could do amazing things." He continued, "I remember when I first heard the New Radicals album [the band released only one, in 1999]. It almost existed in a bubble." All of Alexander's songs, he said, have a rare quality: "They never sound 'decade-appropriate.' They always just sound timeless. To me, you can't tell if that New Radicals record is from the '80s or '90s or even the late-'70s or 2000s. His talent and his writing style are just incredibly timeless." He added, "People don't even really realize how many songs he's written. He's actually been a huge influence on so many songwriters and so many artists that have hit right now. Even our [Maroon 5's] song that we have out right now ["Sugar"] sounds like Gregg Alexander. He's underrated, in my opinion — until now." shared Adam with the hollywoodreporter.com

It was "Lost Stars," a metaphor-packed tune about people trying to find their way, which was to be sung by Levine and his co-star, Keira Knightley, at various pivotal points in the film. (This was the song that was requested to be the song that could save your life, Alexander has said.)

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