Liverpool 2022/23 Full Fixtures: Difficult Matches and Key Dates
Liverpool soon met MU, October was fierce with the "big matches"

Difficult Matches for Liverpool in the 2022/23 Premier League

The schedule of the Premier League 2022/23 leaves Liverpool through a series of difficult matches right after playing in the Champions League.

Liverpool begin the 2022/23 Premier League campaign with a lunchtime trip to newly-promoted Fulham on Saturday August 6.

Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham will all play Champions League group stage matches on the following dates: September 6-7, September 13-14, October 4-5, October 11-12, 25-26 /10 and 1-2/11.

Arsenal and Man United will play in the Europa League in the same week, just one day later: 8/9, 15/9, 6/10, 13/10, 27/10 and 3/11.

At that time, coaches will be busy planning how to best use their squads these weeks, especially in light of a more packed schedule than usual due to the World Cup.

Coach Jurgen Klopp once complained about Liverpool's stressful schedule last season, causing him to make the most of the reserve force.

This season, on 6 weekends right after the matches in the Champions League group stage, Liverpool will face 4 opponents of the Big Six group, including: Chelsea (September 17), Arsenal (October 8), Man City (October 15) and Tottenham (November 5).

Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham all face two big rivals right after the European match. However, new coach Erik ten Hag's MU is easier to breathe. They don't have a match against the big six after playing in the Europa League. The team with the highest position from last season that the "Red Devils" will face after the continental arena is West Ham on October 29.

Liverpool only have to face the only ominous opponent, MU in August. Jurgen Klopp's team will face Chelsea in September. In October, Liverpool meet Arsenal (October 8) and Man City (October 15).

Liverpool's fixtures after the Champions League

Liverpool are challenged in a different way, that is, the matches against big rivals like Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham will all take place right after they kick the Champions League in midweek. That will include the match against Man City in the first leg on October 15, and the second leg will meet in April 2023.

It is noteworthy that Liverpool will immediately meet MU in the third round of this season, which means the English derby will be the first "Big Six" match of the season for both teams.

September 10: Wolverhampton (home)

September 17: Chelsea (away)

8/10: Arsenal (away)

October 15: Man City (home)

October 29: Leeds United (home)

5/11: Tottenham (away)

Liverpool Key Dates for the Premier League 2022/23 Season

The Premier League season will begin on the weekend of August 5-7 - one week earlier than the 2021/22 campaign started.

However, the Premier League will take a break in the middle of the season to accommodate the first ever winter World Cup. The league's final round before the break will be on the weekend of November 12/13 before resuming on Boxing Day with the World Cup final taking place on December 18.

The Premier League's final day will be Sunday, May 28.

Meanwhile, the Carabao Cup final will be held on Sunday, February 26 and the FA Cup final on Saturday, June 3.

The Europa League final will be played on May 31 in Budapest, the Europa Conference League final will be on June 7 in Prague and the Champions League final is scheduled for June 10 in Istanbul.

Liverpool Full Fixtures - Dates for All 38 Matches 2022-23 in the Premier League

Liverpool 2022/23 Full Fixtures: Difficult Matches and Key Dates
Liverpool Full Fixtures 2022-23

06/08/2022 — 12:30 Fulham v Liverpool

13/08/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace

20/08/2022 — 15:00 Manchester United v Liverpool

27/08/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v A.F.C. Bournemouth

31/08/2022 — 20:00 Liverpool v Newcastle United

03/09/2022 — 15:00 Everton v Liverpool

10/09/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Wolverhampton

17/09/2022 — 15:00 Chelsea v Liverpool

01/10/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Brighton

08/10/2022 — 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool

15/10/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Manchester City

19/10/2022 — 20:00 Liverpool v West Ham United

22/10/2022 — 15:00 Nottingham Forest v Liverpool

29/10/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Leeds United

05/11/2022 — 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

12/11/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Southampton

26/12/2022 — 15:00 Aston Villa v Liverpool

31/12/2022 — 15:00 Liverpool v Leicester City

02/01/2023 — 15:00 Brentford v Liverpool

14/01/2023 — 15:00 Brighton v Liverpool

21/01/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Chelsea

04/02/2023 — 15:00 Wolverhampton v Liverpool

11/02/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Everton

18/02/2023 — 15:00 Newcastle United v Liverpool

25/02/2023 — 15:00 Crystal Palace v Liverpool

04/03/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Manchester United

11/03/2023 — 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Liverpool

18/03/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Fulham

01/04/2023 — 15:00 Manchester City v Liverpool

08/04/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Arsenal

15/04/2023 — 15:00 Leeds United v Liverpool

22/04/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Nottingham Forest

25/04/2023 — 19:45 West Ham United v Liverpool

29/04/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

06/05/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Brentford

13/05/2023 — 15:00 Leicester City v Liverpool

20/05/2023 — 15:00 Liverpool v Aston Villa

28/05/2023 — 16:00 Southampton v Liverpool

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