January 1

New Years Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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New Year's Day is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls exactly one week after the Christmas Day of the previous year.

New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. This makes it the world's most widely observed public holiday, cites officeholidays.

National Bloody Mary Day

National Bloody Mary Day falls on January 1, which is convenient for everyone who may have partied a little too much the night before. Ring in the year by celebrating with the famous cocktail that consists of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, cayenne, and salt, according to nationaltoday.

National Hangover Day

New Year’s Eve is often a time to seriously party. If you’re like many, there’s a decent chance you’re greeting the new year with one or two (or six) cocktails. Unfortunately, drinking too much can bring some rather unpleasant results.

January 2

National Buffet Day

On January 2nd, National Buffet Day recognizes a popular dining destination for Americans. The buffet restaurant offers a variety of selections, making it possible for every member of the family to find what they want to eat, shows nationaldaycalendar.

National Cream Puff Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Enjoy a cream-filled pastry on National Cream Puff Day! Dessert and pastry lovers alike get to celebrate this delicious French creation on January 2.

Originating in France, cream puffs are also known as profiterole and choux a la creme. Cream puffs are a French dessert pastry filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, ice cream or custard.

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

With getting in shape as one of the biggest resolutions each new year, National Personal Trainer Awareness Day kick starts the year on January 2nd with a day to appreciate the professionals who help us to keep our resolutions, one step at a time.

National Science Fiction Day

National Science Fiction Day promotes the celebration of science fiction as a genre, its creators, history, and various media, too. On January 2nd annually, millions of science fiction fans across the United States read and watch their favorites in science fiction.

January 3

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Today, almost 90 years after they were made for the first time, Cella’s chocolate covered cherries are famous the world over for their liquid center and extra gooey taste, cites daysoftheyear.

National Drinking Straw Day

On January 3rd National Drinking Straw Day commemorates the date in 1888 that Marvin C. Stone received the patent for the paper drinking straw. Since then, a variety of drinking straws are used.

National Fruitcake Toss Day

Fruitcake Toss Day is your opportunity to finally throw away the old fruitcake. After the holidays are over, it's time to bring in the new, and toss out the old. Today is the day that the fruit cake goes....hooray!

January 4

National Missouri Day

On January 4th, National Missouri Day recognizes the 24th state to join the union. In 2017, National Day Calendar began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union, starting the week of Independence Day and ending with Hawaii.

National Spaghetti Day

National Spaghetti Day on January 4th offers an opportunity to pick your sauce and add it to that long, thin cylindrical pasta of Italian and Sicilian origin. Usually made from semolina flour, this pasta has been a worldwide favorite for ages and loved by millions.

National Trivia Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Each year, the holiday recognizes the collectors of unconnected, irrelevant data, facts, history, and quotes in the recesses of their brains. They are the ones who usually proffer these sometimes astounding bits of history when friends and family least expect it.

National Thank God It’s Monday Day – First Monday in January

National Thank God It's Monday Day encourages us to celebrate the first Monday of the new year with vigor and energy. Not only does the observance focus on the first Monday in January, but on every Monday throughout the year

January 5

National Bird Day

Birds have always held special place in our hearts, which is why we celebrate them on National Bird Day every January 5! While birds are amazing, they’re also a massive animal group under particular threat, according to nationaltoday.

National Keto Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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National Keto Day hits January 5th with an approach to transforming our health. Recent research suggests the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet offers a number of benefits.

National Screenwriters Day

On January 5, when the credits roll on your favorite show or movie, admire the writers on National Screenwriters Day!

National Whipped Cream Day

On January 5th, add a little extra something special to desserts to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day. Add whipped cream! Not only does it add creaminess and a bit of pizzaz, but it also makes the difference between the ho-hum or a celebration kind of beverage or dessert.

January 6

National Bean Day

Because National Bean Day on January 6 falls in the middle of winter, it’s the perfect excuse to cook a favorite comfort food.

National Cuddle Up Day

National Cuddle Up Day is observed annually on January 6. January is typically some of the coldest days of the year, so what better way to stay warm and reap the health benefits of cuddling on National Cuddle Up Day, cites farmlib.

National Shortbread Day

National Shortbread Day on January 6th recognizes a classic Scottish treat enjoyed around the world.

National Technology Day

National Technology Day on January 6th recognizes the way technology changes the world and looks to the future of technology. From the wheel to smartphones, each year the day honors technological achievements made that impact our daily lives.

January 7

National Bobblehead Day

Each year on January 7th, National Bobblehead Day recognizes a day of celebration for all spring-connected head bobbing figurines.

National Tempura Day

On January 7th, National Tempura Day encourages us to celebrate with a dish made with a tempura batter. This Japanese fare is made up of either seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried.

January 8

National Argyle Day

National Argyle Day on January 8th celebrates the pattern derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland.

National Bubble Bath Day

On a cold winters day, relaxing in a nice warm/hot bubble bath sounds like the perfect way to commemorate National Bubble Bath Day, which is celebrated annually on January 8th.

National English Toffee Day

On January 8th, National English Toffee Day celebrates a favored confection that's been enjoyed across the country for generations.

National JoyGerm Day

On January 8th, National JoyGerm Day annually reminds people across the country that by being positive and treating people with kindness.

National Winter Skin Relief Day

It reminds us of all the ways we can keep our skin from withering under the harshest of elements.

January 9

National Apricot Day

National Day Calendar continues to explore the source of this fresh and naturally delicious holiday which has been observed since at least 2003.

National Balloon Ascension Day

National Balloon Ascension Day on January 9th commemorates the first balloon flight in the United States in 1793.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Across the country on January 9th each year, citizens take the lead to show support on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

National Static Electricity Day

The observance explores static electricity and even how we may cause it. Static electricity is different from the electrical current carried by wires through a building or transmitted by the electric companies.

National Vision Board Day – Second Saturday in January

The day encourages us to set our goals in a visual way. Get out the sticky notes, markers, and inspiration and start plotting your goals for the new year!

January 10

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Chocolate lovers, it is time once again to celebrate as January 10th annually recognizes National Bittersweet Chocolate Day. (National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day is celebrated on November 7th.)

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day encourages consumers to explore their options and keep up with scheduled maintenance. Each year, on January 10th, the observance provides information designed to help homeowners and businesses to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

National Oysters Rockefeller Day

National Oysters Rockefeller Day on January 10th recognizes a dish so rich there was only one man's name this dish could bear at the time. At least, that's the story according to the chef who so masterfully created famous recipes in the French Quarter.

National Save The Eagles Day

Each year on January 10th, Save the Eagles Day reminds us of the majestic raptors that soar above the Earth – whether they're well populated or endangered.

National Sunday Supper Day – Second Sunday in January

National Sunday Supper Day encourages families to gather around the table, enjoy a meal and a conversation together each year on the second Sunday in January. These days families are busy with after-school activities, jobs, and homework.

January 11

National Arkansas Day

On January 11, National Arkansas Day recognizes the Natural State and the 25th state to join the union.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed every year on January 11. This observances was started in 2011 by Presidential Proclamation of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, according to awarenessdays.

National Milk Day

January 11th has to be one of our favourite days of the year – it’s National Milk Day! We’ll admit that every day is pretty much National Milk Day for us, but it’s a great excuse to celebrate our favourite product. So why does this dairy drink need celebrating?

National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

January 11th marks the unofficial holiday of National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. On this day, friends jump in puddles and get each other wet—all in the name of friendship and good, (not-so) clean fun.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Second Monday in January

The second Monday of January each year recognizes National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This day is an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized workspace.

January 12

National Curried Chicken Day

Each year on January 12th, curried chicken lovers enthusiastically celebrate National Curried Chicken Day by making a dish full of a variety of flavorful spices.

National Kiss A Ginger Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Red hair has always been unique and striking to all of us. While many redheads are unfortunately subject to jokes and mockery, we all love their fiery tresses. January 12 is Kiss A Ginger Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to show them our love.

National Marzipan Day

Join millions of people across the nation on January 12th as they participate in the annual National Marzipan Day. Delve into a sweet confection on National Marzipan Day. On January 12th, the celebration kicks off with creatively formed confections that delight the eyes and mouth!

National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day, celebrated annually on January 12, honors pharmacists across different specialties and in every setting by recognizing the impact they have in health care, cites Pharmacytimes.

Shop for Travel Day – Second Tuesday in January

As the holiday season fades away, our minds turn to our next opportunity for a vacation. While that may seem far off, National Shop for Travel Day on the second Tuesday in January reminds us to start planning now!

January 13

Korean American Day

Korean American Day on January 13 commemorates the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States in 1903. The day also honors the Korean American’s immense contributions to every aspect of society.

National Peach Melba Day

Another dessert brought to us by an internationally famous chef, National Peach Melba Day offers a refreshing celebration on January 13th each year.

National Rubber Ducky Day

According to a 1973 Sesame Street calendar, Rubber Duckie's Birthday is January 13th so around the country it's National Rubber Ducky Day! A friend of Ernie and Big Bird, Duckie made his debut in a February 1970 episode.

Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Stephen Foster Memorial Day on January 13th commemorates the music of the man who composed hundreds of America’s first popular songs. Born in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania on July 4, 1826, Stephen Foster became known as America’s First Composer. His catchy tunes based on minstrel songs are still known today.

National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day on January 13th recognizes all the ways stickers brighten up a page or send a special message.

January 14

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th provides a special day to celebrate with your pet and show of their fashion style.

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Pastrami lovers across the country look forward to their favorite sandwich on January 14th as they recognize National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.

Ratification Day

Ratification Day on January 14th annually recognizes the act the officially ended the American Revolution. This day is in commemoration of the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784, at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland by the Confederation Congress and established the United States as a sovereign entity.

January 15

National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day is January 15. Bagels have a history that is richer than your favorite cream cheese spread!

National Booch Day

On January 15, National Booch Day (also known as National Kombucha Day) kicks off a delicious way to celebrate with kombucha fans.Jan 15, 201

National Hat Day

Hang on to your hats and celebrate in style on National Hat Day. Celebrated each year on January 15th, don your favorite fedora, cap, cloche, derby or sunhat. Dig out your ceremonial best and tell the story behind it.

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Each year, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day on January 15th celebrates one of the choicest flavors of ice cream. All flavors of ice cream are recognized on July 1st.

January 16

National Fig Newton Day

National Fig Newton Day on January 16th annually recognizes a tasty pastry enjoyed across the country. A Nabisco’s trademarked version of the fig roll, Newtons are a pastry filled with fig paste.

National Nothing Day

All we know about this day, is that it was created in 1973 by newspaperman Harold Pullman Coffin. Other than that, we understandably found nothing about this day. There is no evidence to suggest that Nothing Day is truly a "national" day, which requires an act of congress. Even if it had been proposed to congress, they would have done.... nothing, reports holidayinsights.

National Religious Freedom Day

National Religious Freedom Day each year commemorates the day the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was signed on January 16, 1786. Each year, by Presidential Proclamation, January 16th is declared Religious Freedom Day.

National Without a Scalpel Day

National Without a Scalpel Day is celebrated on January 16th each year, recognizes the opportunities to treat disease without a scalpel. On this day in 1964, pioneering physician Charles Dotter performed the first angioplasty, cites guerbet.

National Use Your Gift Card Day – Third Saturday in January

National Use Your Gift Card Day is an American shopping holiday held the third Saturday each January and reminds consumers to use their unused gift cards before they are forgotten.

January 17

National Bootlegger’s Day

National Bootlegger's Day on January 17th recognizes an era when bootleggers became legendary. January 17 is the birthday of Templeton Rye Whiskey, bootlegger Al Capone and the son of another bootlegger, Meryl Kerkhoff.

National Hot Buttered Rum Day

On January 17th, National Hot Buttered Rum Day warms us up during mid-January. Depending on where you are on this January day, it may be warm, chilly, cold or frigid. Enjoying a hot buttered rum drink would sure be a good way to warm up if you are in one of the latter three.

January 18

National Michigan Day

National Peking Duck Day

National Thesaurus Day

National Winnie The Pooh Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Third Monday in January

January 19

World Quark Day

On January 19th, World Quark Day officially celebrates quark and its many benefits. Quark is a European superfood staking its claim on supermarket shelves around the world.

National Popcorn Day

On January 19th, National Popcorn Day pops onto the scene with a crunch we all love to enjoy! The annual celebration recognizes a treat that satisfies munchies, day or night. This time-honored snack can be sweet or savory, caramelized, buttered or plain, molded into a candied ball, or tossed with nuts and chocolate.

January 20

National Buttercrunch Day

National Buttercrunch Day on January 20th recognizes the flavorful toffee candy that comes in several varieties. Buttercrunch is a combination of toffee, covered with chocolate. It has a crunchy texture and a caramel flavor. Variations on the recipe include toasted almond sprinkles.

National Cheese Lover’s Day

On National Cheese Lover’s Day, don’t feel bleu, throw a feta or act capricious. January 20th is a gouda day to kummin over and have some cheddar or asiago or fontina!

National Disc Jockey Day.

Each year National Disc Jockey Day recognizes the DJs playing the music and spinning the records. The observance takes place annually on January 20th. A disc jockey, or DJ for short, is a person who plays recorded music either on the radio or at a club or event.

January 21

National Granola Bar Day

Each year on January 21st, National Granola Bar Day recognizes the considerable nutrition and energy found in one wholesome granola bar. A basic granola bar includes whole grain (usually oats, though quinoa and barley can be used as well), fruit or nuts and honey, molasses, agave nectar or syrup.

National Hugging Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Open up your heart … and your arms, this January 21 for National Hugging Day! As you might guess, this day is an annual event dedicated to the underrated art form of the hug. We love all types of hugs, from the one-armed bro hug to full bear hugs. So let’s get hugging!

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Originally a creation by Christy Hargrove, National Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21 is a day to learn about and celebrate the world’s cutest rodents. Here’s the thing about squirrels: some people hate them and say that they’re “invasive species.” But can those people leap across a space ten times the length of their body? Didn’t think so.

Get to Know Your Customers Day – Third Thursday of Each Quarter

Get to Know Your Customers Day reminds businesses to reach out to patrons and get to know them better. When businesses get to know your customers, you also get to know more about what you need to grow.

January 22

National Blonde Brownie Day

National Blonde Brownie Day on January 22nd recognizes a treat often referred to as blondies. Blonde brownies are similar to the traditional brownies known almost everyone. In place of cocoa, brown sugar is used, giving it a sweet-tooth-satisfying molasses flavor!

Celebration of Life Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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Though Celebration of Life Day, which lands on January 22, was originally instituted to celebrate the children in our lives, it has come to signify all that’s good about being alive. It’s easy to forget sometimes, but we are all fortunate to be here.

National Sanctity of Life Day

On January 22nd each year, National Sanctity of Human Life Day recognizes the value of every human life. The day celebrates human life from the moment of conception and is set on the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court Decision.

January 23

National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day on January 23rd encourages us to put pen to paper and write out our thoughts. According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, it is a chance for all to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting.

National Pie Day

Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, gorge on all your favorite flavors of America’s favorite dessert on National Pie Day on January 23. Traditional fruit pies, savory pies, or creams pies used for comedy, no pie is left behind on this holiday!

January 24

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day recognizes the great day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans. Credit for the first beverage can goes to the Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia.

National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day on January 24th offers a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day or to give credit for a job well done! Give an extra compliment annually on January 24th and any time one is deserved.

National Peanut Butter Day

National Peanut Butter Day on January 24th recognizes an American staple in our pantries. Whether creamy or chunky, with chocolate or with jelly, peanut butter gets the recognition it deserves each year on this day.

January 25

National Florida Day

National Florida Day on January 25 recognizes the 27th state to join the United States.

National Irish Coffee Day

National Irish Coffee Day kicks off January 25th each year with a mug of strong coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with a layer of cream.

National Opposite Day

The strange and wacky Opposite Day is celebrated on January 25. For those who are into the concept of different timelines, Opposite Day is the closest we can get, giving us a tiny glimpse of what the world will be like if the opposite of everything happened!

National Bubble Wrap Day

Show your bubble love on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day January 25 — which America proudly celebrates on the last Monday in January.

January 26

National Green Juice Day

The holidays may be over, but the New Year celebration and commitments to our resolutions persevere with National Green Juice Day on January 26th. The celebration was established in 2016 as a way to encourage people to stick to their health and wellness resolutions by drinking a green juice.

National Peanut Brittle Day

National Peanut Brittle Day is observed on January 26th. A hard, flat candy confection, peanut brittle is enjoyed throughout the United States.

National Spouses Day

National Spouses Day on January 26th each year celebrates the bond between two people and sets aside time for couples to show each other gratitude.

January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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National Chocolate Cake Day celebrates the cake more people favor. And more often than not, we celebrate our special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings with cake.

Library Shelfie Day – Fourth Wednesday in January

Held on the fourth Wednesday of January since 2014, Library Shelfie Day was created by the New York Public Library. On the day, book lovers share selfies of themselves in front of library shelves and in front of shelves of their personal book collections.

January 28

National Blueberry Pancake Day

On January 28th, National Blueberry Pancake Day brinks the sweetness of blueberries to your pancake, flapjack or hotcake.

Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day on January 28th reminds us each year to review how our data is used. It’s an excellent opportunity to take stock and evaluate our personal cybersecurity.

National Have Fun At Work Day

Fight the workday doldrums during National Fun At Work Day on January 28th! National Day Calendar makes it so easy to do when everyone around the workplace has a birthday for one example.

National Kazoo Day

National Kazoo Day on January 28th recognizes nearly 200 years of kazoo music in the United States. Alabama Vest of Macon Georgia made the first Kazoo in the 1840s.

January 29

National Corn Chip Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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On January 29th, grab the queso or salsa and celebrate National Corn Chip Day. Recognized each year across the country, the day encourages corn chip lovers to whip up their favorite dips and toppings.

National Puzzle Day

January 29 is National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to do a little brain exercise. Whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, or Sudoku, puzzles engage our brain in more ways than one.

National Big Wig Day – Last Friday in January

Putting the “fun” in fundraising while bringing awareness to a cause close to many hearts, National Big Wig Day! on the last Friday in January gives everyone an opportunity to play an important role, the role of the Big Wig.

January 30

National Croissant Day

January 30 is National Croissant Day, so celebrate it with a tasty warm croissant and a generous helping of butter. Although croissants are considered as French speciality, they have got Austrian origin.

National Seed Swap Day – Last Saturday in January

National Seed Swap Day on the last Saturday in January serves as a reminder to gardeners that spring is on its way. It’s also an ideal time for gardeners to gather and swap seeds in preparation starting seeds indoor.

January 31

National Backward Day

List of remarkable holidays in January 2021
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January 31st honors everything backward with National Backward Day. The day provides an opportunity to reverse our ways, our direction or simply our shirt.

National Hot Chocolate Day

Each year on January 31, National Hot Chocolate Day warms up people across the country by celebrating the timeless cold-weather beverage. Hot chocolate is a warm beverage made with ground chocolate, heated milk or water, and sugar.

National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Always observed on January 31st, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons.

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