LIBRA Horoscope February 2021 - Astrological Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health

FEBRUARY 2021 Horoscope for LIBRA - Astrological Predictions - An overview

Libra is the seventh constellation and as per the Natural Zodiac, it represents the seventh house. This Venus-ruled sign belongs to the air element, due to this the natives of this zodiac are imaginary and are attracted towards beauty. Also, they are alluring themselves, due to which surroundings get carried away by them.

Libra is the symbol of the scales, due to which these people try their best to bring balance in life, but sometimes they try too hard that they get away from the practicality of life, which eventually brings some troubles. There is a conjunction of four planets on your fourth house, furthermore, you will be running your Saturn’s Dhaiya, which indicates that this period will not be very favourable.

However, you will get mixed results during this month. You will need to put effort into attaining happiness and proving your metal to people surrounding you. This will help you to shine and develop a good public image, which will bring joy to you. Those who are planning to travel overseas will get success partially, since you may get a visa, however, you will not be able to pay a visit to your desired destination.

You will share a good bond with your friends this month and they will also help you in achieving favourable results in your endeavours. They will be your support system during this time.

February LIBRA's Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Love and Relationship

Libra compatibility for love relationships of Libra individuals will be full of romance and passion. With your charm, you can seduce anybody. Mars will provide you with the energy while Venus will give you the magnetism and feelings.

Married life will be expressive as well as sensual with chances of expanding the family. You will have the feelings and actions of a newly married couple. Communication is facilitated by Mercury. Single persons will have very good chances of meeting their partners. The relationships will be more passionate due to the influence of Mars.

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February LIBRA's Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Family

February 2021 monthly horoscope predictions for family affairs foretell a fabulous period for Libra individuals. Senior persons will get their respect and you will receive their blessings. There will be harmony and cheer in the family environment. Children will be positively affected. Family finances will be satisfactory.

Children will not have any problem with their academic careers. They will also stand out in extracurricular activities. If they are interested in fine arts, they will achieve greater heights. Relationship with elders and family members will be respectful, according to

February LIBRA's Horoscope for Career and Profession

2021 Libra horoscope for career professionals predicts good progress in their career. Whatever problems you may face during the latter part of the month are taken care of by the Sun. With the support of colleagues and the management, you will be able to achieve your targets easily.

You will have enough time to indulge in charitable and religious activities to improve your overall happiness.

February LIBRA's Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Finance

LIBRA Horoscope February 2021 - Astrological Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health
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Financially, the month of February will be full of ups and downs as Ketu will be posited in your second house. If you run after money, then your distance with your family can increase. You can get some significant benefits from government schemes, so by making efforts in this direction, you will be successful.

In the early days of the month, by using your intelligence, you will be able to earn good, and you will be able to make a profit in your business as well. In the middle of the month, your expenses will increase slightly, and in the last week of the month, you will have to spend a lot of money on either your health or your spouse's health. When Venus transits in your fifth house, you will get money from somewhere, which will strengthen your financial status.

February LIBRA's Horoscope - Astrological Prediction for Health

You usually give a lot of priority to your health, and this month you will need to do the same as you may have complaints like chest pain, chills, inflammation. When Mars will transit in your eighth house on 22nd February where Rahu is already positioned, then you will have to be careful.

You will be prone to accidents or injury during this time. So it is advisable to drive your vehicle very carefully. This month, you should not be negligent in the matter of your health because some small problem can turn out to be a big one, because of which you may have to spend a lot of your money on your illness later.

February LIBRA's Horoscope for Education

Those of you who are artistically inclined have a particularly beneficial period ahead of you during the coming month. Most of you would in any case, be quite successful in your efforts. You would be blessed with an absorbent mental state, and your mental faculties would remain quite sharp, making learning that much quicker and easier.

Those pursuing accountancy of any sort and studying hotel management, particular catering, would have a beneficial time. The artistically inclined could well go on to score some notable success. Those appearing for any competitive examination can also look forward to success, provided they put in at least the normal kind of effort with sincerity.

February LIBRA's Horoscope for Travel

A month during which you might have to undertake a lot of travel, since the augury from the stars is not very encouraging on this score. Most of you would be led by circumstances to travel by road or by train in the pursuit of business or official purposes. Those objectives, however, will not be realized.

Even the most favourable direction i.e. North would also not yield any dividends. Under the circumstances it would be best to scale down your travel plans to an absolute minimum. Some of you may take a holiday with your family members and this too would turn out to be a waste.

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February LIBRA's Horoscope for Children

A month during which the prospects for your children look quite promising, since the stars are favourably disposed on this score. Those pursuing the fine arts like music, dance, drama, sculpture and the like would have an inspired spell of creative activity in which many of them would go on to make some notable achievement.

Students of any branch of accountancy would also fare quite well. In fact, most of these people would fare well in their studies as well as extra-curricular activities. They would show proper respect for their elders.

Advice of Astrologer

The month of February will give mixed results to the people of Libra zodiac. To avoid the inauspicious effects of the planets, you will need to take some special measures that will give you good results, and you can prevent inauspicious effects.

First of all, you should wear a good quality opal gemstone on your ring finger in silver on Friday in the Shukla Paksha.

Chanting any mantra of Mata Mahalaxmi with sphatik mala will make you financially very strong.

You should feed chapati to a cow every Friday and offer red flowers in Goddess temple. This will help you in getting rid of the problems in your life, and you will feel very happy, cites astrosage.

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